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….and I’ve brought some footage from my trip to the Tarsin Desert! Got to meet Jacind and everything. ;P

All right, so it was more like the badlands of southern Alberta, specifically Drumheller, but close enough. Tim was wild and crazy enough to pack a couple of costumes along on holiday because, again, we’re both really, really bad at taking breaks, and we took a four hour jaunt across the monotonous prairie landscape to where things get interesting and dinosaur bones are a’plenty. There are more shots of his Jacind cosplay and his Three-Toe Huadiv (minor character from Horizon Zero Dawn) that’ll be appearing over on his Instagram and Facebook (and his DeviantArt - TimmCosplay !) but for now, check these out and go give 'em some love: 

The Last Night as Kantreksa by TimmCosplay Stop This At Once! by TimmCosplay The Spring Festival by TimmCosplay

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I've been getting a bunch of NSFW commissions in the last batch, and it's leading to some changes (for the better - more content for less cost) on my Patreon. If you've got feedback, I'm open to it - www.patreon.com/posts/tier-cha…
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GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Commission slots are now full and ever so slightly overflowing! Thanks again to everyone who retweeted and pitched in with filling a slot! I was a little freaked out last night but you came through. 💙 My appreciation is great! If you're still wanting one, I do still have a waiting list and I'll happily add you to it. There'd be no charge until a slot opens up and then I'd check if you're still interested. This year's been mean and I'll definitely be doing round two to get ahead once these are done. There's also still Ko-fi, which is just going to stay open because they're 10 minute sketches that I can squeeze in anywhere, and if you retweet that post to get into the draw, I'm not picking someone until May 11th - there's time! But thanks again! Thanks so much! There isn't a big enough word for thank you!
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I absolutely hate being a beggar of any kind, but I just got slammed with a second three-digit financial set-back during an already tight time, financially, so just a reminder that my commissions still have three open slots, plus there's always eternally Ko-fi for cheap doodles, and there is still a rather low number of retweets to get the word out - retweets are entered into a draw for a free bust sketch, so there's even a chance it could pay you back for your efforts. I could reeaaalllly use the help - I'm looking to save my own bacon as well as my cat's at the moment. Even if it's just spreading the word, honestly, you have no idea how much that could help.
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Suggestasketch by talonserena

If you watch my scraps, you've probably seen (most of) these already. I started integrating a bit of community interaction with my Patreon starting back in January. It's been a busy year with trying to get all of my creative endeavours to balance out, but I'm getting the hang of it enough that I wanted to mention the whole thing here. Essentially every month I have a post in the $5 tier called a Suggest-A-Sketch post. If you're pledging at least $5 a month, you can suggest what I should draw during the next month for those times when I have an urge to doodle but I'm not sure what to doodle (and I have a lot of those moments!). In general, there's no guarantee that I can do all of the ideas suggested, but I certainly try my hardest to. :) So far with the awesome handful of people I've had giving me ideas, I've been getting 100% completion.

With any luck, this'll slowly get my acclimatized to the idea of doing commissions in the future. I'm still pretty nervous about those, but this helps to build my confidence under controlled circumstances. :)
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