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I have a new blog post up here with all the info you could ever want on my life ^^
I'm very excited to announce that I will be a guest next weekend at the Rendez-Vous de la Bande Dessinée in Amiens, France (about 30 minutes north of Paris).  I believe the festival is free to attend, and there are 95 invited authors (a festival record), including...

Nicolas Bannister
Damien Cuvillier
Flora Grimaldi
Nicolas Hitori de
Joe Sacco
Craig Thompson

(See the full list here:…)

I will have copies of A Boy & A Girl and these limited edition bookplates:… and I'll be free to chat (English, broken French, or REALLY broken Japanese, as you prefer ;) ) and sketch!

More info on the official website:
And Facebook page:…
France friends: I have my first ever dedicace in France next weekend!  I'm a guest at the Bulles de Neige show in Valberg February 8+9.  Here is a link to more info:

I will have copies of my new book, A BOY AND A GIRL, from Oni Press and I can take commissions as well.  Hope to see you there! :D
My studio is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a series of art books.  I REALLY want an art book collecting my work, so please visit and consider donating!!  There are TWO CHANCES LEFT to pledge at the 'Natalie Nourigat' level and choose a movie for me to review! :D…

And did you know that you can pledge at the 'Ben Dewey' level and be drawn into Tragedy Series?!  Holy cow I want that!!
I can't wait to go down to San Diego for Comic-Con later this week!  Here's info in case you're interested in seeing me:

San Diego Comic-Con

July 18-21

I am not tabling at SDCC, but I will be on 2 panels!
1) The Oni Press RevolutiONIze Comics Panel Friday, July 19 11:00 AM 12:00 PM in room 32AB
2) You've Broken into Comics, Now What? How to be a Pro Saturday July 20 10:00 AM 11:00 AM in room 28DE

BONUS: If you recognize me walking around the show, flag me down and say "GIMME DAT SWAG" and I'll give you a prize in the form of a minicomic, quick sketch, or comics. :)

I am now open to take con sketches for Emerald City Comicon!  That means if you are attending the show and you want me to draw something for you, you can request it now to make sure that you get on my list before I run out of slots (which doesn't always happen, but can, so if you're dead set on getting something, send it to me early!).  I don't take commissions outside of conventions anymore, so be aware that this is one of the few ways to get custom artwork from me.

What I need from you is an email (to with your NAME, which days you will be at ECCC, which CHARACTER you want, and whether you want BLACK AND WHITE or COLOR.  I will send you back a confirmation e-mail and put you on my list.

   First come, first served
   Commissions are 9"x12" on 300 series Bristol paper
   Color commissions will be done in Copic marker this year (you're gonna love it!)
   Price: $50 for black-and-white, $100 for color (and up--it costs more if you want more than one character or you have any special requests)
   Payment: Pay me at Emerald City when you pick up your piece.  I'm going to have a smart phone and a card reader, but no guarantees that I will be able to take card, so please bring a check or cash just in case
   I will try to have pre-ordered commissions done by the beginning of ECCC so you can pick them up any day.  But please let me know if you will only be at the show for certain days, so I can make sure to have it done for you.  Any sketches not done on time will be shipped to you, my treat, for my poor time management :P
   ***I am no longer drawing likenesses ("draw my girlfriend", "draw my son as Magneto"); I will only draw well-known characters (characters I can Google and find images of).  So, for example, I will happily draw Ron Swanson, but I will not draw you pretending to be Ron Swanson.  I won't draw your pets.  Does that make sense?  I love you all, but likenesses stress me out and I don't want to do them this year

Yay!  Let's do this!
Hey all,

I am pleased to announce that a bunch of comics I worked on are coming out in the next few months!  Check 'em out!

1.  A Boy and a Girl… This is a big one for me, because it is my first book with Oni Press, it took me all of 2011 to draw, and I was working with prolific writer Jamie S. Rich.  Plus, it ties into a BIG new site overhaul for Oni Press.  You'll be able to read this book for free in January when they start uploading chapters to their website!
2.  A story in the Husbands: the Comic trade… Contains some of the silliest and best things I have ever drawn. EVER. And the script is by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell! <3
3.  Meet Your Mind… A scientific comic tie-in to a series by To the Best of Our Knowledge on consciousness and the human brain, written by the talented Jim Ottaviani.
4.  A story in the Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel anthology…
5.  A variant cover for Marceline and the Scream Queens #4…

And I don't think I posted about this when it was released, but Dan Jolley and my graphic novel for the My Boyfriend is a Monster series is also now out!…

It's funny to have all of these things being announced and released around the same time, because it isn't like I worked on them all at once (although many of them did overlap).  My work on these projects was spread out over the last two years.  It feels a bit like a present--a big karmic reward for a lot of months spent drawing and not being able to talk about what I was working on.  It was also a really busy summer...I took on a TON of work, moved houses, and did 4 conventions in September, and only spent one day out of the city for this pay-off is really nice.
I took my Etsy shop off of vacation mode, so once more my minicomics and the ocassional piece of original artwork are available for purchase!…
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Click below for a new video interview, an art show announcement, beginning to sell originals, and 2 previews from the book! :D…
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Image Comics will publish Between Gears as a trade paperback on February 22!!  

Check out the Previews feature online here:…

I am very, very excited.  This is my first graphic novel, and to have it published by Image is an honor.
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I put chapters 1 and 2 of my comic Over the Surface online:…
I have joined Periscope Studio, an awesome comic creator collective here in Portland!
I've just posted 9 new originals for sale over at Comic Art Fans!…
Check them out, won't you?

And I am still taking addresses for holiday cards here:…
Hey all!  I'm collecting addresses for people who would like a holiday card from me this year!  If you would like one, please email me your mailing address before Dec 10!  Thanks~!

(original post here:…)
I am currently taking reservations for 5 discount commissions.  Details on my blog:…
I created one of those Formspring thingers, so you can ask me questions if you like! :-D I will probably only answer them if I think that they will be funny or they deal with art, though... :-P
I am putting out FOUR new minicomics this spring!  You can buy them online now at my Etsy shop!

(I am now SOLD OUT of Between Gears and Over the Surface, but will relist them after the Stumptown Comics Fest!  Come by my table to see me, Emi Lenox, and Angie Wang if you are in Portland April 24 and 25!)
Don't forget to check my art blog for sketches, works in progress, and news about my art!

Also!  I brought my Etsy store back from the dead to list a new item: the original lineart for my Monsters & Dames piece!

And there's always Between Gears if you want an autobio comic fix!
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The Lara Sydney Gallery in Portland is hosting a show during October to promote Wonder Woman Day (…), taking place on October 25th.  The gallery will display pieces donated for an auction to aid domestic violence awareness, shelters, and hotlines in Portland.  My piece is on the bottom left on the promo card (if I linked it properly and you can see it!!  If not, you can see it here:…).
Just updated my new comic diary with 3 pages--check them out! (

The plan is to update consistently throughout my senior year of college, and have a visual diary of what it was like to be at this place in life.
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