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Warm-up Drawing: Toph and Aang

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My favorite characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph and Aang. 8D

I love how Aang is both this very wise Christ figure and a goofy kid. It's hard to believe that the show created a cohesive character out of those qualities, but I think they did an incredibly good job of it, and that is why Aang is the best~ <3 <3 <3 <3 I have two younger brothers, and I get big-sis-protective towards Aang <3 <3 <3 <3

Toph is the biggest bamf on the show (or EVERRRR). And she is very fun to draw. The Blind Bandit is my favorite episode!!! My favorite sequence in the entire show is where she swings her hand down and stops it suddenly, sending 3 dirt spikes up: [link]

Line art available here: [link] This is just a warm-up drawing; maybe someday I will make proper fan art. Sorry for the ill-referenced costumes.

Bristol board, Pentel pocket brush pen, Photoshop CS 4
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This made me smile!
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This is very cute! And Aang And Toph are so both in character.
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beegee12 Artist
I colored the lineart of Toph which I got from your blog. And I was wondering may I post it? I will give
you credit and a link to the original.
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Absolutely! Thank you for asking, but I don't mind at all. :)
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beegee12 Artist
[link] Here, you can see my results.
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Lovely! This is excellent! :D
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Very well done. You captured Aang's personality perfectly. As for Toph... with that smile Ican't help but be reminded of Kimbly from Fullmetal Alchemist... though it suites both charicters well.
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Sweet! I used to love watching that show... XDXDXD

Anyway, I really love Toph's smile- It suits her character extremely well. And Aang's face is just Epic win haha XD
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EddiePerkinsProfessional General Artist
Awesome. Just like the show.
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ratfinkleStudent Digital Artist
yay! avatar fan art! really cool :D :D
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