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November 29, 2009
Monsters And Dames 2010: "The beauty of this is that no words needed to explain ~Tallychyck's piece. It is a simple, yet elegant story that shows that some friendships really do last a lifetime."
Featured by Majnouna
Suggested by greenglassesgirl
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Monsters And Dames 2010

Preview of my contribution to Emerald City Comicon's Monsters & Dames fund-raising book. Prints available via Cadence Comic Art!:…

Thank you SO MUCH for making this a Daily Deviation. I am beyond grateful for the faves and all of your feedback. <3

Inked with a G-pen nib, colored digitally.

My submissions for the 2011 and 2012 books:…
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Brilliantly well drawn and sweet without being cloying. Thank you for sharing it.

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You have more than enough material here to support a GREAT GRAPHIC NOVEL. This is so touching!

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SO GLAD TO SEE A NESSIE X HUMAN GIRL PIECE! As Nessie has been my whole life.

I hate seeing all these artworks and books and films, centered around boys befriending her.

There was that one film the Loch! I LOVED IT! I know all Nessie media! And own it. Just it seems more little boy befriending her plots corner the am glad to see Human girl x Nessie friendship art piece again..

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that ... Is a truly beautiful story! :)

cool friendship

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That has to be a water horse reference

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That is so cute!
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😢 what a beautiful friendship...
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Absolutely love this one.  Shows true friendship and devotion, in my opinion.
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This is really sad..
。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。
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This is really sweet
This is just beautiful... the first pic is cute beyond measure.
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I was not expecting these feels Oshawott cry plz ( side note. try looking at this while listening to ups cold opening music, you'll cry your eyes out)
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I love this! It's really sweet!
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i love stuff like this
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This is the light side of devianart, good job bro
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This reminds me of the film The Water Horse, very lovely movie just like this artwork!
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That just warmed my heart.
A lovely tale told without words.
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This reminds me about the good dinosaur though. What a lovely friendship.
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