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I'm doing holiday cards again this year. Let me know if you want one.
Thanks to my buddy MJBedi, I've been inspired start posting art here again. It's been years. I'm browsing through my old entries and cringing. Not that I've improved significantly, but you know how old art can look like a retarded train wreck. I don't have much to update with, at least not right now. I'm focused more on my written projects. And I'm still getting used to working from a walk-in closet (long story).

In the meantime, my website is still up and running:

And I post some of my writing on Tumblr:

If anyone is still paying attention to this account, I appreciate it.

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I moved. I'm in Washington state now, in Olympia. It took a while to get settled in, but now I've got a house in a hidden backroad neighborhood. But it's good. I like the giant trees and the grey sky. I like the rain. But I miss my friends and family in Colorado... I've been talking to them online, but it isn't the same, of course. But otherwise all is fine. Heck, I already have a role-playing group up here that meets every weekend, and I've been loitering around the all-you-can-eat sushi joints here in town. My work up here consists of studing marine diatoms. Absolutely beautiful things. I hope to have some photos posted soon of some samples.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure if I'll be updating here again. DA is all right, but I've been focusing more on my own web site, All of my journals and artwork are located there, and of course my comics. Take a look.

Thanks to my watchers and friends here. If you want to be updated on my artwork, drop me an e-mail and I'll add you to the update list.

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God, I had just about forgotten about updating this thing. To be honest, my overall Internet activity has been pretty low the last few months. I've needed a lot of time to recover, a lot of visits to the doctor, and a change of pace.

After spending last week in Washington State, I've stumbled upon great work opportunities in my field as well as some great graduate-school programs. I'll be moving to the Olympia area in about six months.

Meanwhile, assuming I have the time and the energy, I'll be posting some Freak-Lynx doodles and the art that I owe to some folks. Yes, I haven't forgot about it. Trust me, the guilt at not having it done six months ago is terrible. Before I can color 'em (again), I need to reformat my desktop computer's hard drive and get the damn thing working like a decent computer again.

Anyway, I don't know how often often I'll be dropping in on DA, so don't be offended if I don't comment on everything on my list. I try to see and read everything when I have the time and the Internet access.

Anyways, to the few folks that have still been keeping up with my comics, thank you. That someone takes the time to look at my work and follow it means worlds to me.

Was in the hospital last week. Went back to school yesterday, so I have a lot of make-up work that needs to be done. I've browsed through the art on my watch list, but don't hate me if I didn't leave any comments. Things are shit.



Wed Feb 1, 2006, 3:07 PM
Sagittarius -- "You are blessed with great luck to live in a society that feels obligated to save your incompetent, drunk ass from its own failings."

I have a little bit of extra time to kill today. My 2:30 class was cancelled for the day, which is just fine with me. That class in particular is about as dull as they come, but it's required. Well, good... that means the paper I have due in that class is postponed until next Wednesday. Gives me more time to procrastinate on it, lol.

Last Saturday was pretty cool. I went to the Fairmount orientation and signed up for the monument restoration work. What a cool place to work, by the way. There's so much history and art there. I even expressed a little interest in becoming a tour guide at both Fairmount *and* Riverside. We'll see how that turns out, eh?

To the folks that talk to me on messengers-- I'm really sorry. I've been in a pretty pissy mood this week. Headaches, bad traffic, and a bitter ex-roommate who thinks he's trying to "prove a point" will do that to me. Remind me never to do anything nice for people again. Almost every time I do, it bites me in the ass. Favors to Mr. Stennes excluded, of course ;).

On days like this, my best remedy is a good plundering of the buffalo wings place right down the street from my house, and then sitting on my back porch with a lot of good lambic and cigars. Damn it, where is Max? He usually brings the *really good* cigars, and I have his finished gift, in return for those nifty new Chevron Cars that he bought for me (I love those silly things, and they aren't sold in Colorado).

If the weather around Vail Pass settles down, I may flee to the mountains this weekend and spend some much-needed time up in Glenwood Springs. A weekend of caving and then loafing about in hot springs usually puts me in a decent mood.

Art updates!

:iconobsidiansun: ~ Coloring this. Damn the feather detail! It gets me every time!

:iconbal-burd: ~ Tweaking with the sketch I have, making sure everything looks fine so I can mar it with my terrible inking. ;)

Check back within a week and I should have new arts posted. And hey, I've been doing plenty of art, but it's mostly in my school notebooks. Maybe I'll post them in scraps someday.

Anyways, that's the news from my neck of the woods, anyways. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly.


I have somehow managed to acquire wingsibs! Huzzah!
:icondragryphon: :icontnhawke:
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Wed Jan 18, 2006, 3:52 PM
Sagittarius -- "You are blessed with great luck to live in a society that feels obligated to save your incompetent, drunk ass from its own failings."

Started school again yesterday. At present I am sitting in the library on my new laptop and enjoying my two hours off before trekking to my lit class at 7:00. After attending three of my six classes for the week so far, this is what can be determined: I'm going to be busy as hell. Last semester, yeah it was busy. But not quite like this. My MesoAmerican history class alone will give me plenty of work to stay busy with.

All that combined with my work at Fairmount Cemetery ought to be really freakin' interesting. Oh well... *I* was the sucker that wanted to do volunteer work. :p

That being said, I do have a few blocks of time between campus that I usually spend in the library- that should give me enough time to work on art and writing.

As for completely random news: the other day I was taken out for lunch at a sushi joint, and decided to try sashimi just for the hell of it. Raw salmon is... well, it tastes a lot like smoked salmon, but it's just... slippery. ;) It was surprisingly good, and now I kinda have a bit of a jonesy for it. Great... something else that I'm craving. Might as well add it to my giant list that includes Wing Hut and Chipotle. God I hate being broke and hungry at the same time.

Sounds like I'm going to Las Vegas sometime this summer with my in-laws. Not that I mind, I've enjoyed Vegas every time I've gone before... as long as I don't gamble anyway.

If the Gryphon Guild is getting together in Atlanta for Dragon Con next semptember, I'll be all right to go as long as it *is* over Labor Day weekend. Sounds like it could even be *gasp!* fun. That, and come on... I can't be the only person who's curious as hell about the people I talk to on the Internet.

Trades that I need to do:

:iconobsidiansun: -  I haven't had a good opportunity yet to color this one, but mark my words, I will finish this soon!

:iconbal-burd: - Just some prelim sketches, but I'm getting some ideas. At least it's in progress, anyway.

Anyways, wish me luck- this semester is going to be rough. Let's see if I can keep my 4.00 GPA intact again.


I have somehow managed to acquire wingsibs! Huzzah!
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Some Announcements and Such...

Tue Jan 10, 2006, 9:25 PM
Many thanks to :icondragryphon: for buying me a subscription. I suppose now is a good time to figure out how all of this stuff works.

A chest cold has been kicking my ass since before Christmas, and it hasn't been getting any better. My voice is now mostly gone, and I'm sure this comes as fantastic news to the people who have the misfortune of knowing me on a personal basis. I'm sure by the weekend I'll be able to talk normally again and annoy them with my blathering.

Anyways-- On with important news and such.

:iconobsidiansun: -- I have this picture inked and in the process of being colored. Damn the feather detail! But I hope to hell I have the character drawn right.

I owe a trade to someone else, too... who do I owe art to?

I have a few pics in progress as well. I'll finish them whenever I have some decent time to myself. I've been butting heads with a roommate all last month, which has taken my artistic mojo down a few pegs (especially when he decided to give my art and writing an in-depth BS psych-analysis and totally shred my confidence). Now that he's been booted, I figured I would have some time to catch up on everything I intended to do at the start of winter break. But, because my family situation is still chaotic, I have to baby-sit my three-year-old niece for the rest of the week, so I'm pretty sure nothing productive will be accomplished during that time. For the record, I'm pissed off. Because the moment I'm free of my crack-addict roommate and I have the opportunity to catch up with my own life, I have to spend the last bit of free time I have watching someone else's kid because *they* certainly can't be bothered to do it.

I apologize to folks- my desktop computer has been running slow and has issues with the Internet here and there, so I haven't been online as often as normal. Rest assured to those on my watch-list-- I do look at all your artwork, though I may not always comment on everything.

Next Tuesday I head back to school, and I'm taking 17 credits, plus I have work at Fairmount to busy myself with. So I'll mostly be available only after 9:00 or 10:00 PM on weekdays to check out art here and keep on eye on the DJ on the Guild. I'll get a new comic done, hopefully by this weekend. I've actually received some fan mail, which gives me an incentive to update... now that I know folks actually read it and like it. Imagine that.


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Aside from the bad chest cold that I seem to have acquired, this weekend has been brilliant.

First of- gotta tell everyone "Merry Christmas!". Hope it was good for everyone else.

On Friday morning, I was able to look up my grades for the semester, and was incredibly happy to find that I have straight-A's and my GPA is 4.0. I worked my butt off for those good grades,and I'm happy with the results.

Also on Friday, I went to my mom's work for her company potluck, where I get the *best* eggrolls from her co-worker.

Saturday was good, though busy at first. Yes-- we were some of those poor suckers that had to do our shopping on Christmas Eve, but everything turned out well enough. Went to my folks' house and happily crashed after taking suitable amounts of Nyquil.

And of course, today was splendid. Heck, I can't think of a Christmas that *wasn't* (even the year I had surgery a few days before Christmas and was in pain... the holiday still turned out peachy). However, I got a very nice surprise from my folks. See, I wasn't expecting many gifts because I know that they have a lot of other people to worry about during the holiday, and that's fine and all. The last gift I opened, however, was a LAPTOP!! Holy crap, my folks bought me a laptop! Partly as a Christmas gift, but mostly for my school work. I love it.

---- As a side note, however, I'm a bit angry that Microsoft expects me to buy a new copy of Office for each computer that I own. Rawr.

As far as art goes, I haven't done much in the way of *new* or *impressive*. Truthfully, I haven't had much artistic drive lately, though I'm hoping that will change soon enough. I owe people art and I feel bad for not having it done yet. Sorry folks- I'll have it done soon enough.

Speaking of art, I hope by now that everyone received my Christmas cards. I've been getting a few in return, and I love them, and they gave me something to be excited about this month. Usually I dread the things that lie in wait in the mailbox. ;)

Hope everyone's holiday was merry and joyous and such. Mine certainly was. :) And things'll be even better once my cold goes away.

If I can keep my head properly attached for the next two weeks, I'll be home free... for a month. Three more finals to go, two of which will be a breeze.

I begin my new job on the 13th. I'll be helping on restoration projects in Fairmount Cemetary... it'll keep me extra busy, but it's *something*, and despite how hard I've been working at school and with my arts, some people still see fit to remind me that I don't have a "real job"... just because I'm no longer sitting in an office and fighting with people over the phone.

For other news, Yu Stennes is now our roommate. I don't know how long this arrangement is going to last, and neither does he. Fortunately, unlike the other roommates I've had, he knows how to mind his own business, and he's been helping us fix things around the house. So I suppose this is a good thing.

My birthday tuned out just fine, after I had a chance to chill out after getting lost on my way home (I hate driving in Denver... I really do). I got a little Zen Nano Mp3 player, all three Coldplay CDs, a Delerium CD (from Mike Bedi), a scarf, a stein, and an MSCD mug from a friend at school. And a chocolate pie instead of a cake. I was happy. :)

Christmas cards will be sent out by Tuesday, for everyone on my list. So expect them soon.

:puke:... I received a stomach flu. I am overjoyed, lemme tell you :sarcasticclap:.  This is a particularly nasty one, too. My niece was sick when we dropped by my folks' house on Monday, and we must have caught it from her. Last night my wife came home early, feeling sick, and I followed suit a few hours later. Our roommate, I think, has fled the household for a day to keep from catching it himself. Thursday is my birthday, but if the sickness doesn't let up, I won't be able to go to class for my big test review for my history final. And worse yet, I'll have to put Wing Hut on hold until my stomach decides that it no longer hates me.

In much better news, as the semester winds down, I've been getting grade progress reports. Monday we were handed back our most recent calc tests and I got 100% on it (Okay, I technically got a 95, but the teacher gave us 5 bonus points). My lastest book review in histroy came back as well, and that was a 50 out of 50. In my last grammar class for the semester (which was actually an individual exit conference), I recieved an A for my final essay and an A for the entire course. My teacher told me that since I hadn't taken philosophy yet, I should take *his* philosophy class next semester. He told me he would rejoice to have me in his class again. That made me feel particularly happy. And... my environmental science grade, as a whole, is 99 percent. Assuming that my finals go swell, I should leave this semester with straight-A's. It's nice to see that all that work has paid off.

And now I am going to retreat back upstairs and lay on the bathroom floor.

I'm sending out my art on Christmas cards again this year. If you want one sent to you, send me an e-mail with your name and mailing address. Rest assured, for you paranoid types, that's the only thing I will use your address for.

I have this entire week off of school... which is most helpful for my sanity. Last week was shit. My teachers decided to conveniently make everything due last week before we headed off to break, so sorry if I haven't been keeping up with stuff on the 'Net. All I have to do over break is work on my final essay and study for my history final. Oh... yeah, and waste time on the online mathlab for those bloody required hours that I never use. *grumblegrumble*

The good news is, the grammar tyrant gave me an "A" on my most recent essay. Interesting, considering how obscene it turned out.

Things in the family still suck, which in turn promotes this already-shitty attitude that I've been having lately. Warm f@&king holiday season, my ass- when half the family is legally barred from seeing the other half. Stupid f@%king lies. Getting together with the family is the only reason I even *care* about the holiday season. It's frustrating, knowing that one lie can tear the family apart... and I can't do ANYTHING to help. I would flee to the other family this year if they weren't all the way in f@%king Washington.

The depression continues at home. I don't mean to pollute the web with more drama, seriously... but I *really* need to vent somewhere.

I've been talked into volunteering at the Fairmount historic cemetary... just as a groundskeeper. I figured, egh... why not? I won't get paid but at least I'll be doing *something* aside from schoolwork. God I need a life.

I owe these people art- hound me so I don't forget: Sirius & ObsidianSun. If I managed to forget someone, let me know. If you want Tallon arts, tell me and I'll work something out.

And I wish NaNo wasn't in November. I'm ridiculously busy every November, and my chances to write are slim. I've given up for the third year in a row now.

I was tagged by Blizz.

15 random things about me... ? Well, okay then.

1. I'm broke and STARVING!
2. I've never taken an art class in my life (it shows, doesn't it?)
3. My favorite kind of beer is expensive Belgian lambic (the raspberry kind). Barring access to that, Rogue Dead Guy Ale.
4. I'm an environmental science major at Metro State College of Denver, specializing in environmental chemistry.
5. I was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, and I've lived in this state my entire life. I currently live in Aurora, which is in the Denver metro area.
6. I support the legalization of drugs. I think people should be able to choose their vices as long as they take responsibility for themselves.
7. I drive a white 1990 Plymouth Laser that I call the "Albino Rhino".
8. I love my car, but I hate driving in the city. Other drivers in Denver scare the crap out of me.
9. Astronomy fascinates me, and stargazing is an obsession of mine. I often take my telescope up the mountains on clear nights. I am particularly fascinated by comets.
10. For some reason, I kinda like camels. *shrug* I have no idea why.
11. My method of unwinding is sitting on my back porch at night with a friend and some cigars.
12. I own four very large koi, two mutts, two milk snakes, and a grizzled old cat. I also capture spiders in my basement study and keep them as pets. My current one is a big wolf spider.
13. I have a very large and noteworthy collection of flourite.
14. Music is my major muse. I put on my headphones and I can just sit and listen to music for hours without doing anything else.
15. I hate talking on the telephone, and I usually don't even answer the damn thing.

I can't think of anyone to tag, 'cept for RollingEye and Diego. So... consider yourselves tagged.

Well, Halloween seemed to be exciting... for everyone else. I got to sit in a grammar class in the evening, joy of joys. Didn't stop me from dressing up and acting like a fool, though. I wore my lynx suit to school, and was rather appalled to see so few people wearing costumes. I made my wife deal with the trick-or-treaters while I was gone. She's so much better at fawning over the little kids' costumes, anyway.

Serious issues are plaguing my family. I personally have nothing to do with the whole mess (thank God). But what's happening is like a living, breathing soap opera, and it gets under my skin a bit. I wish I could offer some kind of support to my folks. They need it. For the last few years, I've been thinking- man, my parents need some time to themselves. They work like dogs all week, they both have serious health conditions, and now because of these new issues, they're taking care of three young grandchildren when they *should* be able to relax and just be themselves. I won't hand out the gritty details here- it's not my business to do so. All I'll say about this is- it all started with a terrible bullshit lie and now my family is in serious trouble. I am concerned for my folks' sanity and health, and I'm concerned for my sister as she fights to get her own children back. But what can I do, 'cept sit and just let them vent? Feeling helpless when your family is in a mess is a horrible thing.

My attitude is still in the shitter. It might be the seasonal-affective disorder crap, you know how it is. If it's not "I hate everything and this world can go to Hell" kind of moodiness, it's terrible bouts of ennui. It's all accompanied by the feeling that I can't possibly eat enough. I always feel hungry, even if I just ate. Meds refuse to make things better. I need some f@#king cheer, already. Really. I'm getting just as sick of my attitude right now as everyone else. Rawr.

Given this warm and fuzzy emotional state of mine, it shouldn't be a surprise that my artwork isn't going anywhere at the moment. Most of it is sitting un-inked or uncolored in my study, and I often come home and lack the energy to finish it. Be patient with me, though. This foul mood will pass and I'll get my butt in gear again.

I'm surprised people didn't take me up on my offer to do request pics.

I was sick for a few days- bad fever but I didn't end up with the other nasty cold symptoms that were going around. I still dragged myself to all my classes except one, but I still find that impressive considering how crappy I felt.

The last few days have been spent binging on pricey Belgian lambic, watching Law & Order SVU on DVD, and generally being a grouch-puss. I seem to be losing contact with my friends more and more. I realize that I don't exactly live down the friggin' street, but... god things have been slow and strange lately. Aside from school, I don't get out and about anymore. Maybe it's that seasonal-affective depression crap. I don't know. But I've had no ambition lately. My writing projects are collecting dust, I have art that's due for the Guild and for Maroon Peak Artistry and I've hardly done anything on my projects. The only thing I manage to do is study, and on that note I'm doing swell in school. Just not in much else.

Blegh. Bad week. I need to cheer the hell up. I hate being mopey.

This weekend I was camping at the Great Sand Dunes National Park with the Cotherian project, so I have brought back photos that will be placed on Yu Stennes' Cotherian site, whenever he remembers that he actually has a web site to maintain. I never grow tired of playing at the Sand Dunes, though this time I had to exercise a little more restraint than usual to ensure that I didn't get sand in the camera and ruin it. Next weekend, I'm promised a trip to Corona Pass before the nights get way too cold to camp up there. So if anyone follows Cotherian or would like to, we'll have some good photos up fairly soon.

I realized that on the 16th of this month, Freak-Lynx was two years old. Last year, I celebrated with friends and a big fondue party. This year, I think everyone just forgot. I've been horrible about updating my comics, and I seriously want to get back on track with them. It's not apathy that keeps me from getting my work done. By the time I think of doing something for my comics, I'm always too tired or pre-occupied with rather important matters. I'm still trying to get my friend Mike to do a comic or two for me just to add some content and let him play around with some ideas. He's helped me with some of my character ideas before, and he's wanted to make a contribution. But he recently got a second job, which is good for him... but his free time just went out the window, so I don't think that plan is going to work.

By the way, if anyone *does* have any ideas for Freak-Lynx or its characters, by all means, let me know. I would like to hear suggestions and might be a little more inspired if I knew that people were really interested in seeing the comic continue. I know maybe... three loyal non-family people that keep up with the comic. I'm looking to improve and advice would be helpful. Any ideas for certain characters? I'm all ears. At this point, I could use a good nudge.

On that note, if anyone has any art requests and doesn't mind waiting a few months for a finished picture, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I've already been asked for one request pic so I figure I'd offer a few more pics to keep my ass occupied between classes. I cannot draw people, but fantasy critters and anthros I'm decently mediocre at.

School is goin' fine. I'm really pissed off that my philosophy class was cancelled this semester, though. Otherwise, school-wise, things are swell.

I have some inked drawings that are being colored... very slowly. Between school, my craft work, and letting my friends know that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet completely, I have little time for regular ol' artstuffs. Not like I'm not trying, though. I have a lot of time to kill between my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I get a bit of drawing and even (gasp!) inking done. But the coloring I have to do those few hours that I'm actually at home.

Anyways, my AIM is working properly once more, so people can send me messages again. Trust me, I don't mind the company.

In my previous entry I mentioned that I haven't exactly been feeling my best. I won't lie. I know why I feel the way I do and I need some time. I'll probably be on "lurker" status for the most part. I'll still be on messengers if anyone wants to chat (not likely), and I'll check up on e-mail. But don't expect much in the art department any time soon. I have some personal matters I need to sort out before my artistic mojo comes back.

Take care.

Artistic apathy strikes again.

The only good thing is that during this time of the year, craft shows are fairly sparse, so there's no immediate demand for any new stock... which is good. I should *start* catching up with my Christmas season stock, but I haven't had a whole lot of creative energy this past week. I hardly felt like finishing "Vega", and I'm surprised that I did. I need some of my artistic mojo back, because... god I'm bored. And for some god-awful reason, I haven't been in the happiest of spirits, either. Usually when I feel this way, I sit on my back porch at night and just chill out with cigars and white russians. "Porch therapy" doesn't seem to be working, though, and I'm getting to the point again where I feel like I want shrug everything off and just sleep all the damn time. Not a good attitude to have. If things continue like this for the next week or so, I'll probably go crawling back to my therapist. Sometimes, she helps more than the meds do. I probably just need to find out why I'm feeling so crappy, but at the moment, the reason eludes me.

The only good news is that my interest in my comic has perked a tiny bit, mostly because my friend Mike has been laying down some decent ideas. It always thrills me when a friend is interested enough to get involved with my projects. Kinda gives me a renewed interest just to know that someone out there knows my comic characters by name, finds them amusing, and even offers ideas for where the characters are going. Now... I just need to conquer my hatred of the inking process and things should be fine.

Anyways, since I have blabbed more than should be allowed, I'll go upstairs to my workbench and at least pretend that I'm doing something productive...

I've returned from Montrose without injury this time, and am glad to report that I had a great time with family. On Saturday, my cousin and I drove up to a small town called Ouray, and while I was there I was able to pick up quite a few unique little trinkets, beads and stones to use on the crafts that I make.

I've kinda wanted to move over to Montrose because I like the setting there, and most my childhood memories reside there, but more than one person here in the Denver area would rip me a new one if I considered leaving. That, and I really do like my house here. Still... the idea is appealing.

The only thing that truly upset me during my visit was the fact that one of cousins has become a rather mean-spirited alcoholic and has made life difficult for everyone else in the house. On Sunday, I actually felt ballsy enough to try to have a serious talk with the guy about his problem, and thankfully I didn't get my ass kicked. Still, I don't believe that anything I said actually sunk in. I tried to remind him about how much our alcoholic grandfather hurt the family, and I tried to bring his attention to the way he treated his parents and his siblings (who, by the way, are some of the sweetest people on the planet). Of course, nothing I said made a difference, and I walked away from that conversation feeling a bit helpless.

I'm almost done with the feather detail on "Vega". I should start drawing more animals that don't have lots and lots of feathers. That would drive me less insane during the coloring process, I think.