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PPCOMM: Tallon90 1/2
I Just Can't Say Goodbye

Chapter I
Choice and Consequence
Twenty years have passed since Haku and Tallon began dating and the two moved in with Angel, Willow and Tess. The five of were like a family, always supporting one another...and when Haku and Tallon had a daughter named Monica, the three girls were excited to have a new "little sister." Monica was able to grow up in a lively environment, learning many things from her parents as well as her self-proclaimed older sisters.
Today begins like any other in their happy household. . .

As usual, Monica was hanging out with Angel in her office, bringing her tools to work on her newest, greatest invention yet--a time machine. "Angel, is it really going to be a time machine?" Monica's gray eyes were wide as she watched the technical genius work her magic on the massive contraption. To Monica, it looked like a huge heater with a door ins
:iconmerieth:Merieth 1 0
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United States
Sometimes known as batman love cat
I am not an artist, I can't draw but I do love to cosplay and comission so feel free to send me a note if you do comissions or if you just feel like talking.

My profile picture is of my oc Tallon with his love interest Haku Yowane. Haku chibi by Kukunia92 This was made by the wonderful :iconkukunia92:
You can also read a story about them here White LightWhite Light 1
Secret Admirer
The world is full of hopes and dreams; every person is constantly pursuing his or her own goals, whether it be for fame, fortune or satisfaction. Some people shoot for the stars and find their place among them, while others come crashing down to reality in flames.

This is the tale of two very different dreamers, but their destinies will become intertwined in their own pursuit of happiness.
Tallon is a fit, hardworking man with short white hair and deep blue eyes who spends most of his time working tirelessly at his job -- the hours are long and the work is devastating, but the pay is all right. It's tough to live alone in these times, so he does what he can to support himself and live decently.
He has a difficult time expressing his emotions, but deep down all he wishes for is to make women smile. Lately, Tallon has been reflecting on his life and feeling rather empty and
by :iconmerieth:
and an ongoing story with all of my ocs
PCOMM: Tallon90 1/2The Three Sisters (1)

Reclusive Genius

...Sitting here like this is really boring, This house is too big for just me, maybe I should have gotten a smaller house... I sighed as I stared blankly at my computer monitor, mindlessly scrolling through various websites. How long have I been like this, anyway? I rested my head on my hand and yawned. I guess it's better than being at home with those silly brothers of mine...
I chuckled quietly as I glanced over at the family photo in the corner of my desk; when I picked it up and glanced at it, it was like taking a step back into the past... Oh, the memories...

It was really weird growing up in a family of athletic, outdoorsy folk when you're a person who loves to sit indoors reading and tinkering with the latest tech. It didn't matter though, no matter how much I tried to explain it to them! 'Come on Angel, it'll be soooo fun! Let's go
PCOMM: Tallon90 2/2The Three Sisters (2)

The Sisters I Never Had
Seven days passed quickly, and I managed to pick several possible tenants to interview - 3:00 PM was still many hours away, yet I couldn't help feeling anxious. Would there be two girls to 'fit the bill' or would I be sending them all away? I found myself constantly glancing at the clock on my computer, sighing endlessly as the awaited time approached...
Until finally, it was 3:00 PM; I let the eleven young women into the house and told them to wait in the lobby for me to call them in for an interview. The first girl I called into my office was in her mid-twenties, and when she sat down she propped her feet up on my desk - to think that someone in need of a place to live would be so rude!
I sent her away after a few words, she admitted to having a boyfriend and pleaded to bring him over on the weekends, but as I stated in the rules: ABSOLUTELY NO MEN ALLOWED.
Sigh. This will be an interesting day indee
PPCOMM: Tallon90 (P3) Silver★Star♪ (3)

Like a Family
After spending a little more time at the festival, Tallon and Haku returned home. Before going to sleep, they spent some time together eating a pizza they had ordered, but Haku had been shyly avoiding much conversation until it was time to say good night.
She stayed awake after Tallon had fallen asleep, watching over him with a soft, warm smile for quite some time before leaving to pack some things. By the time she went to sleep, it was nearly 2 in the morning. Haku fell asleep smiling though, because she wanted to make sure Tallon wouldn't be worried about packing for the move.
Haku wanted to help him as much as possible--for now, she felt this was the best way to show her love.

A Few Days Later...
Today was the day for the young couple to make their move to Angel's home. Much to Tallon's dismay, Haku had completed most of the packing on her own while he was at work.
"Haku, I'm really grateful to

sadly my writer is no longer able to continue this I am looking for another great writer to keep it going note me if you are interested
I've lost my premium so I can't post as well anymore but here is the latest addition to guess my character
rules are the same as always first one to guess this character and win a waist up comission from the same artist


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