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An Urban Landscape...

By TallJohn my inspiration.

Submitted as this week's assignment for :iconhdr-club:.
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There are several layers to look at in this piece of art. The foreground is quite catchy for the eye. The small verandas from an old desolate-like building facing (on the far right) a newly unrbznized building with at least 20 stories is well-composed. Then a huge gap in "society" (at least how I see it) with just a small hill and few cars here and there... this all overlooks a wonderfully captured horizon showing a busy downtown with skyscrapers and just full of activity and life. For me, it is like a shot from a suburb that overlooks the downtown.
The only thing I am not keen about in this photo is the sky. Although the cloud dispersal is quite amazing, I feel it is more like it has been "Drawn" rather than captured. Indeed, this may add a nice mood but it also depends how the viewers perceives it.
One interesting subject in this photo is the tunnel/bridge right in the middle. I wish you showed a little bit more of it which could have added a nicer feel of what is next.
Also, the furthest horizon on the right shows the sea. Which could be 100's of meters away and hidden by all the city landscape, yet we can still feel and see it is there.
I think the composition and vision of this piece indeed deserves a 5/5. I just love all the elements.
The best part of your HDR, I feel, is the hill right in te middle. The most significant element would be the small verandas facing the skyscrapers.
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I very much appreciate you taking the time to add a critique to my piece. I'm unfortunately limited to small steps when it comes to learning the technique, so any advice is very much appreciated.

It was a good sky on that day. My personal issue with it happens to be the halo around the balcony (left side). I see what you mean about the sky looking almost drawn in. The blues were saturated in this shot, and perhaps a +/- 1/2 EV would have complimented and added a little the the hard contrast of the clouds.

As for the 'sea' in the far background: they are actually sunlit hills (Gatineau Hills). In reality, both the city skyline and hills appear much closer to our balcony here. I'm thinking perhaps a full-frame cam would be better-suited to capture a more representative distance between the cam and the far background? Any thoughts?
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My pleasure. I am still in the learning phase myself and can not answer all your quetinos. Indeed, however, trying to change the exposure and tyring different increments will help in showing off different details as well (how many different(s) did I saw in my last sentence)..*clears throat* :D
Well I really think you did a good job on this one. Perfecting a photo is I think almost impossible. No matter how perfect a piece is, there is always something that a viewer might not like and feel it lies with criticism.
well done again.
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in full view is lovely :) !!!

great job! :hug:
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Thank you very much.
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This one really pops, lots of color mixed in with the hdr makes a good photo. I normally dislike how many hdr photos tend to look washed out. The clouds look really neat as well, almost look like 3d :P
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It's called a circular pano, pal. And thanks.
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Great HDR, the clouds are the point of an i. :wave:
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Sorry. The point of an i?
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It's an expression for the finishing touch... And I agree...
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Gotcha. Thank you!
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I love the saturation and how my eye get's pulled from the left to the right! Good work :D
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THank you very much.
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