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Lil Kalecgos Size

I'm exhausted, and very late sharing this here, so I'm just going to copy-pasta what I wrote for him on FB/IG/Tumblr. Forgive me.


I finally got Kalecgos photos taken, both solo and with the rest of the group, so you can finally see more of his details, size and coloring 😄

I was a bit surprised, when I got to line up the 5 dragons, and noticed how "small" Kalec looks next to the others, when he's actually the same size when measured... And I realized why - his head horns are so differently designed compared to Ysera, or even Nozdormu, and while most of the dragons have their horns going up or out, Kalecs horns go BACK and are smaller by design than the others, giving an illusion to a size difference for his entire body. So weird how that works haha.

(Nozdormu and Tarecgosa are infact the largest of the 5, so far, but that is entirely to do with the thickness of the yarn. All 5 dragons use the same base Whelpling pattern.)

Anyway! Kalec measures 14in tall and with the same 10in wingspan as his Warcraft companions, and is the 5th dragon to be made - just one more to go!

More photos:
WoW - Lil Kalecgos Amigurumi by TallGrassArt  Lil Kalecgos Details by TallGrassArt  Lil Kalecgos Amigurumi by TallGrassArt   And then there were 5... by TallGrassArt 

Who's your favorite so far? Remember, all 6 will be available as ready to ship once the 6th and final dragon is completed and i will give plenty of time and warning before they're listed 😊🐲

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