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WatG - for HarperGrey

Just for you, my dear cousin! :hug:

Second attempt at her characters...The original (yet quite quickly done and crappy) can be seen here, in my scraps - [link]

As you can see, Joce, major pose-editing had to happen...The characters were too far apart, and Devon looked too nice to erase and re-draw! Still, I think it's an improvement. ^^
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Hooray! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :love: *dances with joy* My characters love to see themselves drawn (not to mention that I love it too!). They look so cute! And I love the way you've done Devon's hair.

The poses are definitely better -- I think having David at the lowest point is perfect, being as he's the least assertive member of the group, so he'd be going for the least attention. And Sienna so looks like she's the boss! (Which, even if she isn't, she certainly thinks she is. LOL!)

You rule! Go you!! :headbang:
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Yay! Thanks and you're welcome, I love drawing your characters! (And it was really fun to draw them cute! xD)
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:aww: that's cute.
. a definite improvement over the other version... ^^ the cheekbones were too pronounced or something.. *shrug*
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Heh. Yeah, I'm not perfect with cheekbones (and pressures) yet, but I'm getting better! :D Hooray!