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ATG Day 21: Pony at the Beach

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"rubs suntan lotion on her back down to her flank"
O_o...... dontcha have fur though?.... wouldn't it just harden and get pasty?..... what?....
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(o_o)...... this is gonna be a weird Facebook post.....
*moves closer*
CollinMagney's avatar
I'd be willing to rub some of that lotion onto you, Twilight.
TallaFerroXIV's avatar
Do it.
Rub moar.
AplReach's avatar
Helloo, pretty. Need help with that ? :)
TallaFerroXIV's avatar
This si the correct way to proceed.
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Cute! I really like the shading too
TallaFerroXIV's avatar
Thank you! Painting is always fun!
MemoryNumber's avatar
need more twilight less wings .c.

btw i really like how you shade it and the idea is nice but i just somehow can't accept the mouth , it somehow look odd to me , but this only mi opinion ^^'
Kachu-AppleKiwi's avatar
Nah, I think the giant wings are legit.
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