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ATG Day 19: Pony Burning Out

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Look! A shooting star!
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Rocket mare, burning out her fuse up here alone.
can't she teleport? shield?! anything?!!
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did he fucking dieded
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Very nice lighting design!
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Thanks you! trying to work on it with these latest ATGs.
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And that's how the Fury came to exist in Equestria :3
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It's really well drawn though and being a space enthusiast, looking at this I get a bit teary.
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it's one of the things that amazes me the most about astro/cosmonauts. All that training with the very real possibility of it all going awry. Space is just that amazing, I suppose.
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Yeah, and I hope to one day step foot on Mars.... Gonna be a long journey myself before even moving to the US and start working my way to NASA/SpaceX :V
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:D Oh I get it now, she will die... oh :o now I feel sad :(
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*Salutes in silent reverence* °^°(\
"Return once more to the ether that sired you, brave soul."
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"And to the ether we shall all return!"
Ah remember when ah came in too hot. Me and mah wife ended up in da hospital for a few days. Also, we were banned from the water park.....
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I can certainly say I didn't expect anything like this from this prompt. Good work- it certainly hit an emotional note. 
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Yeah, I didn't mean to either, but alas it is so! Thanks!
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Haha, yeah, it's kinda' funny how different the artist's intention and viewer's reaction can differ sometimes. 

You're welcome!
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Isnt she dying?
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