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Approach Vector
one minute to five, in the pre-dawn light
the city looks like a circuit board
from up here approaching from the west
trying to sleep trying not to sleep
looking for something to distract
me, glass pressed to my face.
i try to rest try to write
try to record
above houses rowed and stacked
like memory while I keep
a pointer to one byte
one allocation of address-space
where my daughter’s still asleep.
:icontalkymeat:TalkyMeat 1 0
The only human at the robot poetry slam
I don’t get robot poetry.
Humans aren’t equipped
For recursonnets in Objective C
Or skaldic Python script.
Today I saw a poster
For an open API night,
Now I’m listening to a toaster
Who was listed as the highlight;
I thought that I could follow-
I can read both code and verse,
Dionysus and Apollo,
The verbose and the terse.
Robot verses scan exactly,
And must both compile and rhyme,
And express each thought compactly
In, at most, quadratic time.
It’s lyrical and sinuous
And wilfully abstruse,
Full of deftly woven images
And skilful code reuse.
I can’t follow at first hearing
The elegance and grace;
But with care, verse engineering
Brings some pieces into place.
Sometimes it seems like English,
Sometimes Common LISP or Scheme
Other times I can’t distinguish
Or it Neckers in between.
The complexity and denseness
I knew would be a strain;
But I have several fewer senses
And I cannot root my brain.
I must therefore be
A different sort of mind.
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The Trouble with Time
Today my nose was eaten by a duck,
And my eyes were pecked to pieces by a jay;
Then, I got run over by a truck.
All told, it could have been a better day.
Yesterday I found a diamond up my nose,
And in my bin I found two billion Yen,
And the meaning of it all between my toes,
I wish it could be yesterday again.
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Eleventh Birthday Card by TalkyMeat Eleventh Birthday Card :icontalkymeat:TalkyMeat 3 0 The Squidpod Logo by TalkyMeat The Squidpod Logo :icontalkymeat:TalkyMeat 6 2 Squiddo by TalkyMeat Squiddo :icontalkymeat:TalkyMeat 6 12
Morta Felix Sample, from *Chapter 1, The Accident*
Morta Felix
by Dave Cochran
From Chapter 1 - The Accident

The accident happened one month and thirteen days after Morta's eleventh birthday.
Morta Schrödinger Random Felix had been traveling from Hovacks Kappa to Algol 8 with her dad, who was due to give a paper at the 3rd Orion Spur Ad Hoc Architecture Conference. They had one last interstellar connection to catch, then a short planet hop, an orbit-to-surface shuttle, and a vacline straight to the conference hotel. Simple.
She and her dad sat in one of the viewing decks of Betelgeuse 15 L4 station, with a milkshake and a beer respectively, waiting for their flight to Algol 6, watching spaceships from hundreds of worlds docking and undocking in the vacuum. It was beautiful, but she had seen it more than enough times to no longer be impressed; for the last four years, Morta and her dad had lived in a state of near-constant travel. Dad was an architect and an acade
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Dave Cochran
United Kingdom
Recovering postgraduate, proud father of cloudzee, tutor at Edinburgh University's School of Informatics, aspiring science fiction writer & podcaster ( ) & co-founder of Robot Squid Publications.

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thank you for the watch good sir! :)
NyrusNightcore Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
TalkyMeat Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
The entomologist August Magnan did once remark, in the 1930's, that the honeybee's flight ought to be impossible; and this has stuck in the public imagination ever since. But the fact is, scientists have since figured out that Magnan was making a number of faulty assumptions - in particular, he didn't have access to high-speed photography good enough to show the actual motion-path of a bee's wingbeat, and so assumed that the bee's wingbeats were up-and-down, rather than back-and-forwards. The aerodynamics of honeybee flight are now mostly figured out, and certainly no longer an enigma - much less a cute story about the limitations of science.…

And while it is the case that the bees themselves do not care what humans think impossible, natural selection most definitely cares about what is in fact possible. 
NyrusNightcore Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yo that was beautiful and logical, wasn't expecting that kind of response. I did that out of boredom.
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