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Got nothing to do with art but it's my NEW KITCHEN!!! :excited::dance:

Designed it myself. I know it's probably quite boring but I feel like a proud father showing pictures of his newborn :)
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Would you mind if I used this as a reference in a drawing?
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No, that's ok. So long as it is a drawing and not a photomanipulation that's fine.
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I love looking at beautiful women, but this sure is a nice kitchen!
The Enterprise's mess hall? :P
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Beam me up Scotty :)
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That looks sexy! Right now I am about to install my new kitchen, but it is not nearly as stylish as this beauty, Neil!
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great design! that's really something to be proud of!
And it's cool to see that you've decided for the wooden floor in the kitchen-area.
I have almost the same in mine.
Is that oak too in yours?
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Yes it is oak. It's an open plan kitchen/living/dining room. I was going to tile the kitchen area but then decided it would break up the floor area too much. I asked around and it seems there are just as many people who think a wooden floor in the kitchen is fine as think it's a terrible idea. I guess you just have to wipe up any spills immediately although it has been treated. How long has your floor been down for and does it still look ok?
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I have the floor for a little more than 3 years and it is still looking great. And like yours it is one floor for an open kitchen, dining and living room. Its graining is a little more "rustically" and the wood is only oiled and not varnished. So it takes a lot until you see marks in it. Up to now there are non that I would see without having my nose on the ground and searching for them.(I guess I'm going to make a picture of it, even though my kitchen isn't that spectacular :) )
I talked with a friend of mine before I ordered the floor. He's a joiner and is also laying wooden floors and he said with a wood solid like oak I wouldn't make any mistake; not even in a kitchen.
And aside from the great look and feel I am amazed how easy it is to clean :) Vacuum once a week and just wiping with a slightly humid cloth. That's it. And twice a year it gets a treatment with a maintenance-product made for wooden floors.
I'm sure you'll have a lot of joy with that floor :)
I do.
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I have the same finish, oiled rather than varnished. I'm sure it will be just fine in the kitchen :)
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Super sleek and clean lines :thumbsup: You have reason to be proud :nod:
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That is an AWESOME kitchen!!

Outstanding job on the design!!!!
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Thank you so much :wave:
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..... :omg: I would love to have this kitchen....
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Looks like a cgi-rendering :-) .....oh wait....beside the fingerprints on the exhaust hood ;-)
...just kidding....I like the kitchen, a nice workplace!
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Couldn't quite reach up there with the cloth, guess I'll have to get the steps out :)
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Shit lol, im jealous, good work.
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Now that is what I call a kitchen :) Adorable .. I would show it off too.
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