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-Face toward the sea, with spring blossoming-

From tomorrow on I will be a happy person
Grooming, chopping, and traveling all over the world
From tomorrow on, I will care about foodstuffs and vegetables
Living in a house towards the sea, with spring blossoming
From tomorrow on I will write to each of my dear friends
Telling them of my happiness
What the lightning of blessedness has told me
I will spread it to everyone
And give a warm name for every river and every mountain
Strangers, I will also give you my well-wishing
Wish you have a brilliant future
Wish your lover becomes spouse eventually
Wish you enjoy this happiness in this earthly world
I wish only to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming


Ah, Chinese melancholy. I memorized this poem to recite on the last day of my AP English class. I'm glad it's now summonable in my mind. I've been figuring out a possible class schedule for next year and it's looking like Art History and East Asian studies are catching my heart the most. Imagine, traveling east Asia looking at architecture and Buddhist symbolism! Paradise...

Next year will be interesting.... the family diaspora is growing more real... I wonder if I'll be able to feel homesick, knowing what was 'home' has scattered across the world? Who knows. No use worrying, right?


Sorry for the long, unnecessary journal... but darn it is that Sherlock Holmes face down there not one of the cutest things to exist?!
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June 4, 2009


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