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‘I can’t move!’
‘Where are we?’
‘There are grey stones outside, and they’re all moving really, really fast.’
‘Oh no! We’re in a rock fall!’

‘Oh, look there are weird looking tractors out there.’
‘Those aren’t tractors, they’re weird looking utes.’
‘We’ve stopped, the stones have too!’
‘We’re saved.’

‘It’s started again.’
‘How’d it start again?’
‘I don’t know?’
‘But you can see outside.’
‘That doesn’t mean we can see what’s making the rock fall.’
‘I think the tractor-utes are stuck in the rock fall too.’

‘Ow! I hit my head… Oh no, I must be dead!’
‘Oh no, how does the shouty man bring us back to life.’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Where’s shouty man?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘When the last time we saw him?’

‘Wait, I’m alive, yay!’
‘Thank goodness that was close.’
‘Ooh ooh, maybe he put us in here.’
‘Shouty man.’
‘Don’t be silly, he puts us in utes.’
‘And it’s never together.’
‘Hey, there’s weird looking utes out there.’
‘Those aren’t utes, there weird looking tractors.’

‘I can’t move!’
‘Where are we?’
I heard stories from mum about how she would help great uncle David herd the sheep.
This has coloured my opinion on sheep.
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