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Magic Portal Device

Going off of Xelioth's idea of making Magic The Gathering cards (witch btw, i've been wanting to do until now he showed me a kool program to do that) (His card is found here [link] )

anyway, i like it! i'll probably make more soon

image done by Apach3 (found here [link] )


I added 5 more any-color mana to its casting cost because only one of each seemed like nothing. but the main reason i didnt do that b4 is because when i would print it the extra 5 icon would cover up part of its name... but its all fixed! yeay ^_^

**Edit 2**
I Took off the extra 5 mana... yeah... anywho, i did that because my friend pointed out to me that there are cards that do stuff like that but dont cost That much. and i figured he was right
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just... bad... why is it five colors? why does it have a hybrid background instead of the gold for multicolored cards? Why does it suck? Why would you ever make this? Why would you waste all of our times?
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Sorry to say, but that text doesn't mean anything. :/

What was your idea?
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I think it's more like this:

"Equip (2) - Equipped creature gains 'Tap: Place a Blue Portal counter on target land you control.

Tap: Place a Yellow Portal counter on target land an opponent controls.

Tap, remove a Blue Portal counter from target land you control: Choose a target opponent who controls a land with a Yellow Portal counter and look at his or her hand. Remove the Yellow Portal counter from the targeted land.'"

It's a really convoluted way to look at an opponent's hand, trying to fit in with the Portal idea.
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Must have multiple copies of this card in my deck
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if you're using Magic Set Editor, there's a lot of things on there to make it look like a more authentic card. artifacts are colored like normal cards and they have the tap symbol and everything.
just saying ^_^'
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OH yea, thats what I used, but I couldnt help myself make it rainbow (its so colorful! ^_^' )
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darn... rainbow trumps me... you win lol colorful always wins
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You're welcome ^_~
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Dude. Look up the card telepathy, this card isn't too great since, telepathy, plus some cool health damagin cards, can do the job for 3 mana, or less..
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how new is telepathy. cuz i made this and havent played MTG for at least a year now. but yea, i should increase the damage it can do. besides, this card is meant to reflect on the game Portal, and has abilities as such.
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I also just realized that I left a few words out... like "Cards" lol
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i would have changed the effect to.

Mark one creature with a blue portal counter, and one of your opponents creatures with an orange portal counter.
choose one- exchange your creature with your opponents creature or sacrifice your creature with the blue counter, and put the creature with the orange counter out of play.

The first effect can be done over by switching the blue and orange tokens to different creatures by paying this cards cost again.

the flavor text would be:
Now youre thinking with portals
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thats a good idea too.

i've received different feedback on how to change them, but i think it would be more interesting if others made their own. because you people can come up with some good effects, and it only seems fair that you get the credit for coming up with it

(not to mention, i dont have the original file for the cards anymore... so i cant go back and edit it)
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i would love to make some if i knew where to go
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In google type in "Magic set editor" and you should find it

its free to download, and loads of fun!
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"Do not touch the operational end of the device." I'll bet if Black Mesa had made the device they would have turned it into a weapon like the EGON or Gluon Guns.
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