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Fem Shep Hair G3F DOWNLOAD

Here is default Fem Shep's hair prop for Daz Genesis 3 Female. It can easily be fitted to other figures, but it is made to fit to my free Genesis 3 Fem Shep character which can be found here:…
BTW, I made a small update to the character.

This is a hair prop for Fem Shep. I have updated it with new textures and even added some rigging. The hair now has 3 bones for subtle movements. Click the hair itself in the scene to access these bones. Don't expect a lot, but you can move the bottom of the hair around a bit.
This is a whole new hair prop. If you downloaded this previously, you may want to delete the old hair prop first. This new one will not replace it, because the new one is located in Genesis 3 Female Hairs.
I included several extra textures which you can play with if you want to be adventurous.

Copy or paste the 3 subfolders of this file into your Daz folder location: data, people, runtime. Paste or move these 3 folders over your library, where you have these same folders (By default: Studio>My Library> .)

This hair prop is free for you to use as you like. If you want to credit me, ok, but it is not required.

Please let me know if this is working correctly or not!

UPDATE 1/24/18: to add missing data folder!
UPDATE 3/2/18: Complete overhaul!
© 2018 - 2021 TaliDesade
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Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing!

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Pretty cool, i don't have to use photoshop for alpha mapping  with the xnalara hair props :D (Big Grin) 
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I just used the brightness and contrast dials in GIMP. It would probably be easier in PS.

I had to upload yet another update, lol, so if you downloaded it you should download again.
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I think that the same techqiue i used for daz studio with xnalara hair props.   If your looking for  daz studio femshep like hair i get the Aviva Hair prop.:happybounce: That what i use for some of my femshep renders:   New Years with Commander Shepard by CAHunk100   Commander Shepard by CAHunk100
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Dang!  You're making hair!  I'm so jealous!!

I personally will never have any use for anything related to Mass Effect, ever, but despite that please know that I totally 300% salute your skills!  
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Oh no, I'm not making hair! This is more of a prop than actual hair.
Honestly I didn't do much since it is not rigged. I just imported the obj, moved it around and scaled it and added the subD.
Most of what I did was textures, trying to get it to look ok with Iray. I had to make opacity and bump maps, and I edited the main texture some. And then playing with the Iray surface settings. Working with the top coat weight map settings made the biggest difference in getting this to look passable. I think I am finally starting to get a grasp on top coat settings.
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OK, that is still a LOT of work that you did!  And it looks great :la:
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Thank you! :)

BTW, if you downloaded when you made that comment, please download again. The file was missing the 'data' folder. I corrected that just now.
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Hi TaliDesade! I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon your FemShep/Hair downloads!! I've been wanting FemShep to use in DAZ for a long time.  :)   I'll be doing a render with her very soon. I'll be sure to credit you.  This is incredible!!!

Hair issue: After extracting the .zip file, there are only two folders: "People" and "Runtime". I think it's missing the "Data" folder.

When I do try and load the hair onto FemShep I get the following error: The following files could not be found: "data/talidesade/fem she hair/femshep/fem shep hair.dsf"  and then a basic cube is placed over Shep's face. 

P.S. Can you do a Samantha Traynor?????  :)
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You're right, I forgot the data folder! I'm sorry.

Ok, its up now. Let me know if it works ok.

And yeah, its been driving me nuts that nobody has really done ME characters for Daz. That's what brought this about. I'm still learning how to do things. Keep in mind this hair is more a prop than hair and has no posing options. But thankfully her hair is short.

I adore Traynor:) She's totally on my list if I can make it work.
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I ran into the same issue with the hair. Did I miss a step?
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I just downloaded to be sure. It has all the files, and I was able to use this in a clean install of Daz I have on a junker laptop.

Did you download this recently? If not, download it again. I completely changed the files, and made a whole new Fem Shep Hair duf in Genesis 3 Female>Hair>Fem Shep Hair. The old one was not in its own folder in the Hairs. You can delete the old one if you happened to download it before.
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I downloaded it yesterday.
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I don't understand then, I have had a couple confirm it works now. Did you copy the 3 sub folders, data, runtime, people to your library? Don't copy the top folder.
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Oops, that's what I did. 
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Ah, ok. I should update my instructions to be more clear.
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check out  they have TONS of Mass Effect characters. Just not the ones I want.

if you can get Traynor PLEASE let me know!! If I can help out, I will.
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Yeah, I've been there. Mostly aliens. Most of their models are basically extracted from the game and rigged for Daz. Some work alright, some don't work so well with very bad bending at joints. And yeah, no Shepard.

My method involves FaceGen. What I do is take the XNA model and take the best face pics I can, which I use in FaceGen. Sometimes that involves importing the model into Daz and converting it to Iray. I do that because the lighting in XNA is too harsh and XNA isn't the best way to render. I have a Traynor model, I just need to to get her imported to Daz so I can get some pics.
FaceGen can be amazing, and it gives me a nice head start. I can alter the shape and textures from there, but sometimes FG does so well that I don't have to do much. Facegen is terrible at eyes, though, I have to make my own. That's when things get tricky because I can't just use somebody else's eye texture and give it away. It has to be something that can be distributed free. I managed to use GIMP to make something out of Shepard's eye texture in the game.
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FoRender. That's a good site. I've picked up a few things from there. Wish they had Bioshock Infinite's Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth though. But that's just wishful thinking.
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