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I am merely a hobbyist who believes the female shape is one of the most beautiful sights to behold, in all manner of shapes and styles they may come in. With that said, I do tend to favor more petite and less endowed women. Part of that is simply because you can find examples of larger ones so very easily. Another is because I find it most sensual when a woman can find her sexuality regardless of any perceived "flaws" society may place on her.

So most of my works will reflect this.

I have been messing around with software like Daz Studio since about 2016. Its still a learning process.

I am also very shy. So please do not take offense if I do not comment or respond to all comments. I do try to respond to comments. I do not even have a single social media account. Maybe it is a phobia, I don't know. I've always been this way.

My favorite character to model is Marie Rose. I have been trying to capture her likeness for a long time. My progression with her mirrors my progression with 3D as a whole. As a gamer I also make other characters, and I have several creations of my own.

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Tools of the Trade
Daz Studio 4.12 beta

The Total Eclipse is Coming

The Total Eclipse is Coming

Sadly this is not about turning around bright eyes in one of the most random 80's videos ever. Though I do think deviantart is kind of falling apart, and not just every now and then, but like actually real soon...like May 20 soon. This video has everything. Ninjas! Fencers! Dudes in American football pads? Dudes in just black undies! And indeed, dudes with bright eyes! Yeah, lots of dudes, who apparently get their clothes blown open when Bonnie walks by. Some are them are pretty hot, too. And flipping, and dancing...not in any particular rhythm. How can you not love that? How damn the 80s were so windy! How did you people deal with constant t

Watch this Tifa dance and smile

Watch this Tifa dance and smile

Ririchiyo is just adorable. She is hypnotic and her smile just brightens my day. :) And those legs. :D I think we all could use that happiness about now. Some of you might point out that she is not as...curvy...as Tifa. I am sure she is padding and she still cannot quite fill out this costume, LOL. But that's fine, she's exactly the kind of woman I try to base many of my characters on. She has been doing these dancing videos for years and has bilibili and weibo pages with a lot more stuff than her youtube. You can find those links from the video description. And FYI, she is over 18. Oh, and here she is eating fried chicken for some random

Reposting my works and the future

Reposting my works and the future

With what's going on right now, I just wanted to clear up how I view people posting my works elsewhere. I don't mind at all! Just don't try to pass it off as yours or try selling them. You can also use my images in your own creations as long as you aren't breaking laws or turning it into a rape scene. If it is sexual, make it consensual. One thing, don't upload them unaltered to a site I am active on. For now that means pixiv and deviantart. The exception being if am banned from deviantart, then you may go hog wild here with them, LOL. Also, you can share my Daz freebies as well. You do not need to credit me in renders you make with them.

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As I see you have a more interesting render´s than on Pixiv

I plan on uploading them there when I finally finish the stories. Most of my stuff is on pixiv except for these comics.
Wonderful, sorry i have no other words for your Gallery.
Thank you, I appreciate that very much. :)
Wonderful work ! love the petite women, keep up the great work !