Trained Abilities
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Marble: Moves change, tools get swapped, but an ability is forever… at least, that’s what a lot of people think. Most live their entire lives with the ability they were born with and, for some, only one such ability is available to them. However, with dedicated training, you can push past those boundaries and find yourself possessing power you didn’t even think you were capable of!

Vander: Hey, Marble. Getting a bit ahead of yourself, eh?

Marble: I’m not! I want everyone to get how big this is. I’m amazed we didn’t make this kind of discovery before, honestly.

Vander: Haha, that’s the part you’re skipping. Honesty time, guys: we’ve known about Trained Abilities for a little while. We just didn’t have enough members to make it count. Marble’s got a handy-dandy list of what different Pokemon are really capable of, but it’s got… what, four species on it now?


Vander: But I figured, since Gnarl figured out his, it’s only fair that we tell the rest of the guild. Heck, it might even save your life – just try not to let it! Nearly losing that much makes us look bad.

Alright, sprout, tell them all about it!

Gnarl: Me?

Marble: What, him?

Gnarl: Well…

…when it happened, we were fighting bandits at the easternmost bridge. They don’t usually attack there, but it seemed like they were travelling towards Mosswood. The group got larger as the battle went on. But everyone handled it well, the way they usually do… Vander froze the first one solid, and Marble hit the second one with a punch that knocked them out instantly…

Vander: Hey, now. This story’s about trained abilities, not you dragging your petals. You’ve gotta stop that, by the way. Makes the weirdest rustling sound.

Gnarl: …err, sorry.

Anyway, so, um… there were a few Ice-types, so I created some sunlight for Vander… aside from that, Marble threw someone through the top of a lake, and Percy… um, wait.

Marble: Alright, just let me tell the story! So, we kicked their asses. That’s nothing new! What was new was what happened when Flowerhead here and Sibyl got together near his Sunny Day. Maybe it was some kind of resonance thing or whatever, with the snow flowers. Maybe they get along better than I thought. Point is, the light started reflecting off of him, then off the rest of us, the flowers started blooming, that kind of sappy Keepers-ish thing. And that was his trained ability: Flower Gift!

Vander: Which I’m pretty sure any Bellossom can learn, if they train the right way. I wasn’t around, but Marble says she beat Sheer Force into another Machoke a while back. Gnarl here’s been fighting in groups, learning new tactics… his life’s sure changed, so it makes sense his ability’d change, right?

Marble: Who knows? I’m just glad this gives me an excuse to get it all out there. So, if you’ve reached Scout rank with the Trackers, you should be able to manage it. And lemme know if you do! I want to complete this list one of these days.

When you reach Trackers Rank 1, Scout, you can learn a Trained Ability. You may do this the same way you’d change any other Ability: by evolving or using a Spirit of Technique. This is an additional Ability available to each species of Pokemon, beyond the standard and Hidden Abilities that anyone can normally have.

New members added to your team cannot start with Trained Abilities, and must obtain them by evolving or using a Spirit of Technique.

The list of species and their abilities can be found here!

Sibyl: Hold on.

Marble: Oh, guess Sibyl’s got something to say.

Sibyl: Of course I do. Anyone who’s reached the first rank with the Trackers gets something else too. We’ve got enough Bags of Holding like mine to give one to each team. They’re light and they’re handy. If you need them refitted for your size, or in a different colour for wherever you’re going, we can do that too.

If you put stuff in the bag, it’ll act like a normal bag until you empty it out. But if the bag is empty, you'll be able to use its ability to pull out an item you want every once in a while. Don’t use it unless you have to, though: nothing will come out if you use it too often. Not a situation you want to be in.

Marble: Ugh. Well, I guess we can’t expect too much from weird stuff we recovered out on the field.

Vander: Anyway, thanks.

The Bag of Holding is optional, but does not take up an inventory space, and lets you retrieve any one item from Honeycomb Storage to be used in each Chapter. It won't function this way if other items are currently stored in it, or if it's already been used recently.

The bag can be a different colour or size, but cannot be customized via the Artisans Rank 1 perk.

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LunapokStudent Digital Artist
By addition ability does that mean that the mon can have two abilities at the same time or does he or she just switch it and cant change it  later?
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
They're changing their ability, not adding a new one. However, if you have a trained ability, you can still change it later if you have a spirit of technique.

Additional just refers to in addition to their normally obtained regular and hidden abilities (if applicable).
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LunapokStudent Digital Artist
Kk Thank you!~
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Hydration for my combat medic? This has possibilities.
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Snowbound-BeccaHobbyist Digital Artist
Houndour can learn Intimidate? Yes, please! :dummy:
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And Guts for Pangoro.
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Snowbound-BeccaHobbyist Digital Artist
That's also pretty good, since Lin tends to get into a lot of scraps and suffers from status ailments occasionally. If she had Guts while she got burned by Morgan, that burn's attack de-buff wouldn't matter. That witch would probably be sent flying. :P
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish the mega had that ability...
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Snowbound-BeccaHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too, that'd be cool. :XD:
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RivenorHobbyist General Artist
Well well now. This is mighty interesting. I wish ingame bonsly/sudowoodo could learn water absorb :crying: rvmp 

Oooh and magic guard for Carbink. Neato!
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