Tabira: Brief Premise and History
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I figured it's a good idea to make an informal, bare-bones journal with some information about Tabira, since it's stuff that people may need to know when making their team's backstories.

Please refer to the map, its wiki link (with locations) being here:…

Tabira by iveechan-art

Tabira: a Primer

Tabira is a good-sized civilization founded 1,000 years ago, located on the west side of the continent, not far from the ocean. Abundant woodland surrounds Tabira. The canal connecting Tabira and its sister settlement, Mosswood, was artificially created. Aquatic Pokemon work as a transportation service for faster travel between the two towns, though transportation is also provided by Flying and terrestrial Pokemon.

The Great Tree is Tabira's focal point, with the Keepers Guild headquarters is located high up in the tree. Not many Pokemon make their homes in the tree itself, though some businesses are run on it. In the past, Keepers have "trained" how parts of the tree grow to create paths. This is a process that takes many years, and plenty of supervision is needed to make sure that the tree remains healthy and unharmed.

Tabira is a melting pot of cultures, with many Pokemon attracted to the Great Tree itself, and the established four guilds. The "Pokemon head" buildings from PMD games don't exist in this universe. Architecture is naturalistic, with many dwellings blending into their environments. Tree houses, sod houses, "Hobbit holes", tents, and structures resembling old European architecture are common building styles found in Tabira (feel free to use influence from other countries and cultures, this is just an example).

As a visual reference, the non-Pokemon head buildings in "Super Mystery Dungeon" and the interiors of Verdanturf Town from "Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire" is the kind of aesthetic to aim for. The roads in Tabira can be dirt or cobblestone; there is no pavement.

While Tabira is a peaceful place, dangers still abound outside of the city's borders. Bandits are a known threat, as are witches, though the latter are less common. Some areas, like the Dark Circle, Everspring Road, and Whirlock Woods, are believed to either be witch territories, or the remnants of them. These areas are just a few examples of the twisted effects that unnatural magic cause to the environment.

Tabira Founding: Abridged

1,000 years ago, the land was in chaos. Powerful beasts roamed the countryside, spreading terror and destruction. Four Pokemon banded together to take on one of the beasts, a draconic serpent of death and shadows. The heroes were a Tropius, an Emolga, a Feraligatr, and a Volcarona. The beast was defeated, but the Tropius, considered the leader of the group, also perished. Somehow, her body formed into a tree, which quickly grew to massive size. The tree, as one would guess, became the Great Tree of Tabira.

Some say that the Tropius hero's love and devotion to her people, and the world they live in, is what made the tree grow. Honored by this fallen guardian warrior, the Keepers Guild was formed to be stewards of the land and archivists of history, with a leaf emblem to honor the Tropius martyr.

The three other heroes continued to bring peace to the land. The Feraligatr especially worked hard, patrolling the land and using paths and waterways that he discovered. The Trackers Guild was formed to continue the hero's work, their emblem resembling teeth or claws to honor the Feraligatr hero.

The Emolga was not satisfied merely bringing peace to the land. She sought to seek answers, to uncover the unknown, to figure out how the world worked and to discover ways to improve the lives of the people of the land. The Scholars Guild was formed to continue her teachings, their emblem resembling an Emolga's face.

In the heroes' effort to bring peace, destruction of homes and towns resulted from the wild beasts' chaos. The Volcarona put an effort in helping to rebuild lives, bringing a sense of hope and community. The Artisans Guild was formed, the fiery symbol of passion and potential reflected in their emblem resembling Volcarona wings.

In the present day, the four guilds continue to work together to uphold the four heroes' values and keep Tabira running. Rivalry between the guilds is practically non-existant, and it's not unheard of for members to work for multiple guilds.
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springheelHobbyist Digital Artist
O really like the odea of cooperation between guilds, something I always did in my fanfics.
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Vanilla-FlowersHobbyist Digital Artist
Could I make a character from the Alola region or does it not exist in this world? (Beautiful story, by the way! I very much enjoyed and appreciated it.)
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
The canon regions don't exist, no. The term Alolan can be used for those forms though (it might just mean something different in this universe).
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Vanilla-FlowersHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, okay. Thanks! Because the team I'm creating will be entirely Alolan Pokemon, even when I've unlocked all 4 slots, and I thought I would say which island they were from, but I guess not! (I'm so excited to start! Just making some finishing touches on my team)
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RelativeEquinoxHobbyist Writer
What a beautifully crafted lore. If I but had the time for a new group or an idea for another compatible team, I would certainly have given this thought.
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Gosh I appreciate how concise and helpful this is! 
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Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a quiet refreshing version of a PMD story.
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WrennekinHobbyist Digital Artist
I really enjoyed reading this! I dig the idea of the hero becoming (quite literally) the heart of the city, the Great Tree. uvu

It's also neat to find out the reason for the Volcarona imagery within the Artisan NPCs!
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
One of our goals when we were originally discussing this group was to put emphasis on "common" Pokemon and not just have legendaries influencing everything.
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