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Hello, and how do you do? I’m Graham, a teacher here in Tabira! Before I lived here, I spent a lot of time as a professor in Fableton, and before that, I laboured hard to keep the people of Thundrun safe… ah, but never mind that! I should tell you what I’m here for!

You see, most Pokemon only know three or four moves: it’s what comes naturally to us, wouldn’t you say so? Certainly, I remember a time long, long ago, where I picked up my first four moves—the same as any Kricketot, as we’re not terribly spoiled for options.

I was just a little bit inquisitive at that age—certainly not so much as now—and tried to learn more moves. But not only was it difficult to keep the intricacies of five or six moves in mind at once, it was difficult to learn anything that my friends and family didn’t know!

Quite a sad story, don’t you think? Dohohoho! But that’s where you might be wrong. Given years of study—not just the kind of study where you lean over books day and night, but the exciting kind as well—I was able to learn quite a few moves, and they’ve stuck with me to this day! And with some creative substitutions—antennae for ears when using Boomburst, for example—the moves themselves might surprise you!

You see, although you may forget a move, your familiarity with it won’t vanish so easily! Come to understand spores as Grass-types do, and you’ll be able to spread them about yourself! Not only that, but you needn’t be constrained by the instincts and innards—pardon my vernacular—that your species provides. It’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice!

For those of you who’ve reached the first rank in the Scholars, I welcome you to my classroom! Or, if you’d like, you can make use of our laboratories to practice moves by yourself. Whatever the case, as long as your mind is sharp and your move-using appendage sharper, you’ll always be able to learn new things—even at my age!

Wood Hammer is one of the first moves I learned! We’ve all seen wood, haven’t we? There certainly is enough of it, here in Tabira! Crude though it may be, my experiments started with the crafting of a hammer itself—a move tool, you might say. It was simply smashing, I told myself—I’d really nailed it!

But a year later, I absolutely outdid myself by forming faux wood out of energy. It just goes to show that you can teach an old move new tricks. In any case, between its type, its viscerality, and the cautionary tales about splinters it will have you telling, this is a rather good move to learn!

Learning Wood Hammer costs 3 Favour.

Bounce is one that I took to rather well in my younger days, as round as I am. However, you don’t have to be as plump as a fresh eggplant to learn this one! You simply need to imagine that your legs are as springy as fresh grass... or whatever you plan to bounce on! Ho ho ho. For me, it was my rumpus, if you’ll pardon the expression.

This move can be quite useful for the tactically inclined as well as the generally silly. Bouncing so high in the air, unpredictably, can be quite disorienting to unsuspecting attackers! Or perhaps if you want to reach the top of the Great Tree alone without flying? If I said I hadn’t tried it, I’d be lying!

Learning Bounce costs 3 Favour.

Fire Spin is a truly terrifying technique to encounter as well as to master. Creating the fire itself was hard enough; I had to use one of my colleagues’ fancy machines for a long time just to make enough of it to really burn some keister! But then, you have to make it whirl. Flying or running really fast might work for that!

Of course, once you’ve been doing fire attacks for a decade, you might just be able to do it without any of those tricks. But be ready to get a few nasty burns on the way, if so!

Learning Fire Spin costs 4 Favour.

Tri Attack... now that is a doozy. When it comes to hitting hard, the fire, ice, and lightning will cancel each other out, so it won’t affect who this works best on. But, it can leave all the after-effects of any of those! Great for slowing foes down, or even stopping them in their tracks.

It’s tough to learn, though. If you want my advice, try and make sure you’ve got at least one of the types covered. The other two you can jury rig how you like, but three would’ve just been way too much for me.

Learning Tri Attack costs 4 Favour.

Volt Switch isn’t the most powerful move, but it is incredibly useful, and the process of learning it – that’s what’s most impressive! Once you’ve mastered basic electricity – usually static, I’m told this is even easier if you have fur – then you have to figure out the “switch” part of Volt Switch! These days, I rarely ever use it: it requires zapping around in both the electrical and spatial senses. When you’re as old as I am, and wear something heavy like a cloak to boot… it’s quite a-tiring!

Learning Volt Switch costs 4 Favour.

Brick Break, on the other hand, is a wonderfully simple move to learn! Anyone can throw a punch, or break a brick as it were, if they’re strong enough. But actually breaking bricks to train a move would be a waste of perfectly good building materials! It’s better honed against Light Screen or Reflect, which it’s just as strong against. It’s a good thing that we have those in great quantity!

Learning Brick Break costs 3 Favour.

Moonblast is a strange one! Fairy-type moves feel rather fun to use, but they can be difficult to control if you don't have the practice. They're all about emotion, glamour, and doing what feels right! Don't expect learning this move to be a neat, easy process, but if you can get it down pat enough to channel the power of the moon at your opponents, you won't regret it! They might, however! Dohohohoh!

Learning Moonblast costs 4 Favour.


Hey there! I know I'm officially a part of the Trackers, but I've got kids in school, you know? Plus, I've had a little more free time as of late. If I'm free, I might be able to help you learn a couple of these moves myself... at least, the ones I know. But if I'm not around, no big deal! I'm sure you'll figure it out anyway.

Fire Punch is pretty simple! Everyone has body heat, so it's just a matter of channelling it into your fists... or whatever you happen to have! I hear it can be pretty tough if you can't actually punch, but I wouldn't know about that!

Learning Fire Punch costs 4 Favour.

Ice Punch is like doing Fire Punch, but in reverse. Well, alright, that's not EXACTLY true... cooling yourself off can be tough, especially if you're hairless like I am! What you really gotta do is cool off your fist without freezing the rest of your body. That's all you need, but it can be tricky, kind of like juggling!

Learning Ice Punch costs 4 Favour.

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Icyangel12Hobbyist Writer
Can these moves be used to add moves to the moveset of a pokemon with only a single move like Unown 
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
Yup. After all, Kricketune's moveset is very limited normally.
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OH. I know a certain Buneary wouldn't mind others learning Fire Punch.
Loving the new moves!
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i was wondering would leach life be added at some point? if it does get added i have a little story idea to go with it ^^ 
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Zassa2Hobbyist General Artist
I kinda wish we could learn Draco Meteor XD
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i wonder if healing moves like heal bell or wish will be added?
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
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FoxesrainHobbyist Writer
I do wonder if a Ditto can actually learn these moves besides it's only Transform (Which is besides double, triple and horde battles almost useless thanks to Imposter...)
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
rain-dare's avatar
rain-dareHobbyist Writer
Two new moves have been added: Brick Break and Volt Switch!
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JKSketchyHobbyist General Artist
Will there be new moves added periodically, or will it only be these, or will moves by cycled so these go away and new ones come in?
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
New moves will be added periodically, and, to my knowledge, they won't be cycled out.
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JKSketchyHobbyist General Artist
Awesome :meow: Can I ask what kind of thought goes into picking moves? Like I assume you guys try to pick moves that could be useful to a lot of people and useable by a lot of people. Or does it correlate to events going on in the overarching story?
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
It varies. One of the initial ideas was to make moves that Scholars have learned through this type of training (like Magnet Rise for Chandra or Aqua Ring for Cris) available earlier.

What we generally do, then, is pick moves that are interesting, exclusive but not too exclusive, and so far, we've tried to diversify in terms of types and effects!
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You know I really like this, I came up with something similar calling it Move Manipulation by combining moves together to create new effects or taking advantage of the property of one move and spreading it to another. If more then one person is thinking along those lines chances are I'm doing SOMETHING right.

Keep up the good work sir
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Samara's fighting style is all about trickery and misdirection, which makes fire spin really tempting...
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