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Hi! Sorry for my absence and such; I've been busy in my lab lately working on projects, but I've found time to come out and show you all one of the things I've been working on!

See, my sister Holly is a bit of an alchemy nerd. She's been gone for a while, but in her absence I've been picking up her trade a little and working on tying up a couple of her projects. One of those projects just so happens to be potions!

I've cooked up a small selection of cool potions with a variety of effects. They might be useful, or they might not be, but no worries! I regularly add new potions to my stock, so the list of cool things you can try out will only continue to grow! And, for our Protégé-rank Scholars -- that’s the first rank -- you can have one on me!

Let's see what I've got here... ah, here we are!

This first potion can turn you invisible in an instant! Something like that should help you sneak around and avoid bandits and baddies and such. Don't think about being mischievous with this, though.
It won't be winning you any points… although, it does cost 3 favour.
It might make you itch, though, so be wary of that.

Mmh, and this one should be good too. One swig of this will give you the ability to climb walls! If you've ever wanted to scale a wall or get into one of those hard to reach places, this one's for you! I mean... I don't necessarily need it! But it can be yours, for just 3 favour. Just look out, you might get stuck to a wall if you take too long!

As for this last one... oof. This one looks like a mess. I think I didn't do the recipe right on this one... oh well. Mistake potions like this tend to blow up when you throw them, so I guess that's good for something. I’m not about to charge too much for something like this, so this one’s just 2 favour. Just… make sure it doesn’t blow up in your bag, alright? It’s very volatile!

... anyway! As I mentioned earlier, if you’re one of our Protégé-rank Scholars, you can have one for free as long as you’re working to help cover the cost, so make sure you've got that badge on you! And if you can’t decide on what potion you want, feel free to come back later, too!

And… I guess, if you really want to, you can try brewing one of these yourself! Just ask me for the recipes first.

Although anyone can purchase potions, when you reach
Scholars Rank 1, Protégé, you may choose one free potion per Chapter from the list of potions currently and previously available.
You must do at least one prompt in a given Chapter to receive a free potion, however.

Potions are counted as inventory items, and may be indefinitely stored in Honeycomb Storage. All potions are one-use each.

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Just out of curiosity, what happens if a pokemon drinks a mistake potion?
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MillybatHobbyist Writer
Assuming it doesn't immediately explode when opened, any variety of awful effects could occur, which can be up to you!
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Be afraid, Xavier/Morgan/whoever I decide to victimize. Be very afraid. :evillaugh:
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
For the curious, the bolded portion about "brewing potions yourself" simply means that your free Scholars potion (or any purchased potions) can be brewed by your team in-universe, if you'd like!