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Flummoxed over what to do with all your earnings? Pal, you've come to the right place! I've struck a deal with the Guilds and have some exclusive wares you may be interested in! In exchange for Favor, you may purchase whatever catches your fancy. Ah, but some things may require you to show some proof of Reputation. Vendor to customer relations are built on trust, you know!

Ever seen a most stupendous move pulled off, and thought to yourself “Gee willikers, wish I could do that!”? Well now you can! Angling this mysterious Mirror Move Mirror just right, you can reflect on what your friend -- or foe -- just did and, somehow, you have full knowledge of performing that exact technique! However, try the same move twice, and you may have difficulty recollecting what you just did, until you utilize the mirror once more. How does it work? It’s certainly not magic, no siree...

This completely non-magical Mirror Move Mirror
costs a whopping 5 Favor.

It might only be fall, but I’m sure some of you have noticed how chilly it’s getting! That means it’s a great time to pick up a Polar Fleece to wear. This outfit comes in all shapes and sizes, so any Pokemon can benefit from one… and the Ice-type resistance it provides! It’s about half as effective as resisting Ice normally, but that can still help in battle. And of course, it’ll protect you from cold weather as well.

Get your Polar Fleece before they’re all gone, for just 4 Favor!

Yet another tool frequently used by bandits, though this one is defensive. You don’t need real, ultimate power to utilize these Smoke Bombs, just chuck one to the ground and you’ll be surrounded by a protective, smoky veil, similar to Smokescreen. I’m sure one can think of many clever ways to utilize this tricky tool.

There’s but one catch though; the bombs come in a pack of five, and each disappears completely when used. So be sure to stop on by to purchase another pack of these Smoke Bombs for 2 Favor.

Fans of Flam will enjoy this one! An exclusive subscription to Fae Fables magazine, a collection of stories by various authors, ensures that these monthly serials arrive a week before public release! Feast your eyes on the gripping tales, relish in your knowledge of the juicy spoilers, and tell your friends (or foes) all about it! It will surely Astonish them!

This offer is available to those who have 3 Artisans rep, and a one-time fee of 2 Favor.

Ah, here’s a nasty weapon some of those infamous bandits use, a Crimson Kunai! Small and easy to conceal, this poison-tipped kunai can be thrown or plunged into a foe, acting like Poison Jab. Yikes!

Toxins leak from the sharp point on contact, so you’ll need to find a way to reapply it after use. Perhaps your own venom or Poison abilities, if you got them? Still, even without poison, this kunai is a pretty handy tool.

Prove your trustworthiness by showing 3 Trackers rep, and this insidious weapon is yours for 3 Favor.

A bagful of Invasive Seeds, which grow into some fairly pretty flowers… but, they also take over all the plant life around them!
It’s bad enough that it’s just like using Grass Knot!

We don’t normally use these here, because they are quite the
aggressive brand of plant, but I’ve been allowed to sell them
only if you show 3 Keepers Rep and pay 2 Favor.

And finally… a batch of these strange hammers that just turned up in the back, and I don’t remember ordering these. They’ve got rings on the grips, and they disappear when thrown, only to Teleport above the head of whoever you throw them at. Because of that, I’ve opted to call them “Spatial Hammers”. They're made of a soft material, so it's unlikely the target will get hurt, though the sudden squeak these hammers make on impact may startle the foe into flinching!

These hammers are a cute novelty, but I don’t have very many of them, so they cost a premium 3 Favor!


*Slurp* We also serve some seriously sweet snacks! I sample any food we get here for safety, but don't worry, I never get a stomachache ever! Though I may use Gastro Acid if I catch ya stealing...

Prepare your tastebuds for an explosion of extreme flavor when you jam this Gogoagurt into your facehole! This totally bodacious and snacktacular treat will make your moves wicked sick enough to wake up your grandma!

Ahem... consuming a stick of Gogoagurt allows you to use Endeavor. One totally untamed serving costs 1 Favor.

The Choice Smoothie, made from a variety of fresh wild berries.
It works wonders on concentration, and if you drink it,
it’ll enhance the power of the next move you use!

However, once you start coming down, you won’t be able to focus on any other moves in your moveset for awhile, and the move you did use will return to its normal strength. Moves used outside of your four basic moves, like ones used from inventory tools, are unaffected.

It’s a tricky little thing, but this one-use beverage only costs 1 Favor.

Thanks to :icondrakonekoshi: for making item images!

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MidnightRose1918Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ill Buy A Polar Fleece For team Celestial Moon =3 *Puts 4 Favor At The Check out*
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Zassa2Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a time limit on when you can buy the Polar Fleece? It says get them before they're gone, but none of the other items ever seem to expire...
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
It's possible, but unlikely. The Spatial Hammers will be expired soon, however.
Zassa2's avatar
Zassa2Hobbyist General Artist
Ok. I was just wondering if there was any rush to get the Polar Fleece. Thanks!
CatBun-YT's avatar
CatBun-YTProfessional Digital Artist
I have a question regarding the Polar Fleece.
Could a character wear it as much as they want and it'd still have it's ice-type resistance?
Or is it 'single use' then turns into a normal accessory?

Sorry if this was answered somewhere, I can't find anything and I'm just curious.
Also sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.
rain-dare's avatar
rain-dareHobbyist Writer
Unless stated otherwise (like with the Smoke Bombs or food), items can be used indefinitely!
CatBun-YT's avatar
CatBun-YTProfessional Digital Artist
Ok, thank you~
Ken-the-Eagle's avatar
Ken-the-EagleHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the mirror design? Need to get it for one of my teams. But for whom I wonder?
Also that Polar Fleece looks nice
rain-dare's avatar
rain-dareHobbyist Writer
As a footnote, the Spatial Hammers are likely to be expired sometime soon. Get 'em if you want 'em!
FaelaArts's avatar
FaelaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Planning on getting one, just working on my R1 stuff now.
Yakalentos's avatar
I'm liking these new items!
Now, who could wear that Polar Fleece? Hmm...
wedward45's avatar
I was wondering when the store and things would be updated! And I'm already seeing a couple of interesting things here.
HadasamuiHikari's avatar
I was wondering if there will ever be a seed item that will let you use Seed Bomb, since there are Invasive Seeds.

I also have a question about the Crimson Kunai. After you use it once and the poison goes away, can you use it as a normal kunai or can you only use it when you reapply the poison?
iveechan-art's avatar
iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Seed Bomb may or may not be a thing in the future. We also have to take the studied moves in consideration.

Yeah, the kunai can be used as a regular stabby weapon when the poison seeps out. It can also be used to pick your teeth or something, haha.
wedward45's avatar
Maybe wait until the poison's gone before you pick your teeth.
Lord-Siver's avatar
Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
except you are a poison type
SirPyryn's avatar
Is the stock going to update soon now that chapter 2 has started? If we purchase something, do we need to comment here saying we're purchasing it?
rain-dare's avatar
rain-dareHobbyist Writer
Yes, probably; we have a lot of ground to cover with multiple journals, since teams can hypothetically achieve their Rank 1 bonuses, so it may be a little while. But should be new stock!
As for commenting here, that's not necessary, although you can if you'd really like to. The base requirement is just noting in the description of your submission that you've bought something.
chicoARTS's avatar
chicoARTSProfessional Digital Artist
I wonder if we'll have to fight a plant-type witch at some point...

Btw, Spatial Hammers rock!!!
wedward45's avatar
Ah, I was wondering when this would turn up.
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