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Greetings and welcome to :icontalesoftabira:! Please read this journal to get an idea of what this group is about and to become acquainted with the rules. Feel free to ask questions in the comments too!

GROUP STUFF - General overview of what this group is, and some basic rules.

MECHANICS - An explanation on group information, like what the Guilds are, what Reputation is, and so on.

GETTING STARTED - Things to know when filling out your application.

WORLD BUILDING - Information about the world of Tabira.

CHARACTER DESIGN - What is and isn’t allowed when it comes to creating characters.


Q: What is this?

A: Pokémon: Tales of Tabira is a story group where members create art/writing/etc following prompts, while taking part in the overarching plot. Participating will earn you tools, special moves and abilities, Guild Reputation, and so on. We welcome artists and writers of any skill level.

Q: Is this one of those PMD groups?

A: Kind of! The setup of PToT takes inspiration from previous PMD groups. A main difference is that this group is NOT directly based on the Mystery Dungeon games. While there’s focus on Chapters and tasks, it’s not on dungeons specifically. Like PMD and their groups, this world is entirely populated by Pokémon; there are no humans or regular animals, and never have been.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Joining is automatic and doesn’t require admin approval. You can also join whenever you’d like; there will never be a time when new membership is closed.

In order to participate, you must create either a writing or art application, using the provided templates, and filling out whichever one will suit your skills best. Once it’s submitted, you may go ahead and create your stories.

While applications don’t require approval, an admin or mod may comment on your submission if something is wrong with it. If corrections are not made after a week, the application will be removed from the group, and you’ll need to resubmit it after the changes are made.

Q: What is needed to participate?

A: A way to produce art and/or writing, and uploading them to deviantART. Traditional art is fine too, you just need to figure out a way to put the art on the application. Be sure that any scan or photo of traditional art is legible.

Q: Will I ever be kicked out for inactivity?

A: Nope! You can go months without creating content for the group, and then pick up whenever you feel like it. Members will never be removed for inactivity.

The only time a member is removed is if they cause trouble for other members, like trolling, stalking, harassment, etc. A member found to be causing trouble will be warned first, and then removed if they keep up the disruptive behavior.

Q: Am I required to do older Chapters when I join?

A: Not at all, you are welcome to begin participating wherever the main plot is at. If you’d like to do older prompts, this is perfectly fine too.

You can earn a single reward from completing a past Chapter’s task: your choice of any applicable Reputation (plus accompanying favor), a tool, another item, etc. Some tasks only offer a single prize (like just Rep), so completing said task earns you that reward.

Q: How do I leave the group?

A: Simply unjoin via the group’s front page. No notification is required, though you will have to manually remove your submissions from the group if you no longer desire they be there.

If you’re willing, feel free to tell us why you are leaving if it involves the group itself, the staff, or its members. We are happy to discuss a member’s concerns with their experiences, good or bad.

Q: Are there any places where I can socialize with the group’s community?

A: Yes there is! Aside from deviantART itself, we have a Discord server. Accessing the server is rather simple: follow this link to access the server. Registration on Discord is completely optional, so you can come and go as you please.

Please note that PToT does not host and will not endorse official roleplay or NSFW channels. These activities will not be tolerated within group chat spaces and it is recommended that they be taken to other places, such as Skype, dA notes, your own server, etc. Engaging in these activities will result in a warning; repeat offenses will result in kicks from the server up to a temporary (or permanent) ban.

Q: What should I do if someone is harassing, stalking, or otherwise making me uncomfortable?

A: We urge you to come forward to us, always. Have proof ready whether it be links to the offending comments and pastes or screenshots of chat logs and messages. You may send a group note, or contact one of our admins in a note. We are also fairly active in the #tabira IRC channel. Even if the offending party’s actions seem minor, it’s important to come to the admins if another member is troubling you in any way. Our staff can be contacted directly on dA, or in the following places:

:iconrain-dare: (Discord: raindare#9566)

:iconmillybat: (Discord: Milly#2401)

:iconpsychictype: (Discord: func_door#0064)

:iconvoyagerwitch: (Discord: ghosty#4096)

:icon1apple-fox1: (Discord: Certified Joker Main (Apple)

No matter who is contacted, a staff member will consult the rest of the staff if it’s needed. If the offending party is found to be in the wrong, they will receive a warning. If they keep the behavior up, a ban will follow. We value the safety of our members.


Q: What are the Guilds?

A: The four Guilds of Tabira consist of the Keepers, the Trackers, the Scholars, and the Artisans. These Guilds work hard to keep Tabira running.

  • The Keepers, lead by Sela, are the guardians and archivists. They value altruism and community service. They also protect and take care of the Great Tree. The Keepers document historical events and preserve tradition.

  • The Trackers, lead by Vander, are the explorers and fighters. They patrol the land surrounding Tabira, protecting it from bandits, invaders, and other troublemakers. They are also cartographers and guides. Rescue and escort missions are primarily done by Trackers.

  • The Scholars, lead by Chandra, are the scientists and technicians. They study the biological potential of Pokémon, and discover ways to unlock techniques a mon couldn’t possibly learn on its own. Many of the technical advances of Tabira are thanks to the Scholars.

  • The Artisans, lead by Topaz, are the artists and merchants. Painting, dancing, sculpting, and architecture are just a few of the many specialties of the Artisans. The Artisans are seen as the most “down to earth” guild, due to how directly they work with the public.

Q: How do I join a Guild?

A: You don’t! Unlike other groups of this nature, your team is not locked into a guild. Therefore, you are allowed to participate in any given prompt, earning Reputation and Favor, not to mention prizes like tools. You are free to do as many or as few prompts as you want, hosted by whatever guild you’d like.

Q: What is Reputation?

A: Reputation is what you earn by participating in prompts. You can do as few or as many as you’d like. For example, participating in both the Trackers and Scholars prompts will earn you Reputation for both of those Guilds.

Q: What is Guild Reputation for?

A: Guild Reputation gives special perks for each Guild and earning enough will be needed in order to Mega Evolve. Some perks are exclusive to one guild while others, like Mega Evolution, are universal. More information will be available soon.

Unlike Favor, Reputation is treated like status, and your rep level will never decrease or be spent.

Q: What is Favor, and how is it earned?

A: Whenever Reputation is earned, an equal amount of Favor is also given to the team. Favor is not mutually exclusive with Reputation; once Favor is spent, it cannot be recovered. Favor can also be gained through other means, such as part of other tasks that do not award guild reputation.

Favor is used to purchase things like tools, tutor moves, and such. As favor is limited, it’s important that members keep track of how much they earn and how much they spend.

Q: What are Badges and Ranks?

A: When you earn certain amounts of reputation, you earn a badge that will give certain perks. The badge must be shown on your app, drawn or written, and they can be added whenever you reach the required rep. Each guild has 3 ranks. A detailed guide to the badges and their perks is available here.

Q: What is a Move Tool?

A: If you'd like to, you have the option to represent your Pokémon's moves with a tool, similar to how Cubone uses a bone and Oshawott a shell. When designing a tool, try to keep it rustic and simple-looking. A computer or machine gun isn't allowed, but something like a blade that's used to inflict Cut or a bell that casts Heal Bell is fine. Also, try to avoid having your Pokémon's entire move set represented with a single tool.

Please note that move tools are purely cosmetic, and can only be used to use the move that they are assigned to. They may have no additional effects.

Q: What goes into the inventory?

A: Any tools and prizes you earn, either by completing prompts or purchasing with Favor. Any of your active team members can hold inventory and can freely swap between them during a story. Keep in mind that some inventory items are consumable, meaning they are one-use only. Nearly all of the tools have unlimited use, though some may be one-use per mission, or need to be “re-charged” in some way.

Each team member can hold up to three items each. There is a sheet found *here* for storing extra items. Any stored tools or weapons cannot be used during a Chapter task, so plan accordingly before you begin a new story. Abstract items like Spirit of Technique, Token of Favor, etc, may be freely used any time, stored or not.


Q: What Pokémon are allowed for a starting team?

A: For a starting team, only baby and basic Pokémon, and unhatched eggs, are allowed. Legendary Pokémon, including Phione, are not allowed. Unown, Rotom, Zorua, and Spiritomb are allowed, as they are not Legendary. You can’t have a team consisting of only an egg, as funny as that would be. You may also have your team members be the same species.

Baby Pokémon are ones who evolve, but cannot breed. This includes Cleffa, Tyrogue, Chingling, Riolu, and so on.

Basic Pokémon are ones who are unevolved, like Charmander, Onix, Sneasel, etc. This also includes Pokémon who evolved from a baby, such as Snorlax, Lucario, Magmar, Togetic, etc. Also included are Pokémon not part of an evolutionary line, like Lapras, Spinda, Audino, Hawlucha, etc.

An egg may hatch at any time into any Pokémon who is able to hatch from an egg, except Phione. So, although Pikachu is available as a starting member, it can only ever hatch as a Pichu. For the sake of this universe, Ditto can be born from an egg.

A full list of usable starting Pokémon can be found here.

UPDATE: YOU MAY START WITH A SINGLE FIRST STAGE POKEMON OR A THIRD TEAM MEMBER, AS MENTIONED HERE. This means that your team may start with a Charmeleon, an Archeops or a Shaymin, for example. The FAQ will be updated in the future to fully reflect this.

Q: How many team members am I allowed to start with?

A: You may start with one or two members. If you start as a solo team, you can recruit a second team member at any time, as long as they meet the baby/basic/egg requirements.

More members can be recruited to your team through participation. A team can have a maximum of 4 members.

UPDATE: YOU MAY START WITH A SINGLE FIRST STAGE POKEMON OR A THIRD TEAM MEMBER, AS MENTIONED HERE. This means that your team may start with a Charmeleon, an Archeops or a Shaymin, for example. The FAQ will be updated in the future to fully reflect this.

Q: How can my Pokémon evolve?

A: Evolution needs to be earned in the form of a one-use prize item, a Spirit of Evolution. This is only shown as something in your inventory, and you are free to interpret your character’s evolution however you’d like. You can also hold onto the item to evolve later, or reserve it for a future team member.

Starting with Chapter 2, evolution will be a common prize, though it can also be purchased if you have enough Favor and don’t want to wait. Once you choose to evolve your character, the item will be consumed.

Q: Can my Pokémon Mega Evolve?

A: At the moment, Mega Evolution isn’t available to members, but it will be later on. Mega Stones are incredibly rare, so it's unlikely your character would already have one. As mentioned earlier, guild reputation will be required to earn the right to Mega Evolve.

Q: Will I be able to recruit an evolved Pokémon?

A: The only way to recruit an evolved Pokémon is to save up one or more Spirit of Evolutions. Say, for example, you wanted to recruit a Charizard. You would need to have atleast 2 of the Spirits in your inventory or in storage. So if you wanted, you could show your team recruiting the Charizard and skip its previous stages, and just have the Spirits leave your inventory.

Q: Can my Pokémon wear accessories and clothing?

A: Yes, they can! There is no hard limit on the accessories you may start with, and they do not have to be displayed in your inventory, which is reserved for tools.

While there is no hard limit on what you may start out with, your accessories should at least be setting-appropriate. The following guidelines are applied to accessories:

  • On the whole, the amount of accessories you may have is not limited, nor are their looks, besides not making clothing too modern-looking. You may dress your characters in hats, glasses, bandanas, jackets, gauntlets, and other clothing-based items to your heart’s content. Clothing can’t have the likeness of a legendary or have real-world logos.

  • We do ask you try not to cover too much of a Pokémon's body, or have too cluttered of a design. The species the Pokémon is must not be obscured by its attire. Clothing must also not have the likeness of a legendary or real-world logos.

  • Besides clothing, your characters are allowed to carry bags and personal items, and they may wear jewelry. The personal items can be things like a keepsake. It must not be a weapon or magical tool, except as discussed in the next question.

  • Body paint and additional markings are covered by these guidelines and are considered accessories. However, it is recommended that they be kept to a minimum. Outlandish markings that cover over 30% of the body are not allowed; however, simpler markings or designs are allowed.

  • Your characters may also wear and use items that assist them in some ways. As previously mentioned, glasses are allowed. Also allowed are eyepatches, simple prosthetics (no mechanical parts, please), and walking canes. While it’s possible that a cane be used as a weapon, their intended purpose is to help injured, older, or disabled characters get around.

Q: Can my Pokémon carry and use a weapon?

A: Potentially! If your Pokémon uses a weapon (or other tool, such as a wand) as part of a move they know, then they may freely carry and wield that weapon (or tool). Each character can only have one such weapon or tool, however! Two NPC examples are Gnarl and Sloan, using leaves with Leaf Blade and crude claws with Fighting-type moves, respectively.

Q: Is there any sort of limit on how many shinies we can have?

A: While it’s generally a good idea to think of shininess as a rare trait, we won’t police anyone who choose to create a lot of shiny characters (several of the NPC’s are shiny, so it’d be pretty hypocritical of us!). The southern desert city of Rubias, for example, has an unusually high number of native shinies, and this trait is highly regarded. While shinies are less common elsewhere, they’re generally not regarded as unusual.

Q: What moves and abilities are allowed?

A: Any move a Pokémon could have learned in the main games is allowed (not the cards or anime or anything). This includes moves from events, games like Colosseum, old TMs from Gen 1 and 2, old move tutors, and so on. Bulbapedia is an excellent resource on a Pokémon’s move roster; you can check the move list by generation, and it will even show event moves.

Your Pokémon is allowed to have a mix of moves from over the generations. For example, an Electabuzz’s moveset could be Teleport (a gen 1 TM), Pursuit (an event move from Gen 2), Barrier (an egg move), and Rock Climb (an HM from Gen 4). This same Electabuzz could also have Vital Spirit as its ability, even though this ability was only possible since Gen 5. The same Electabuzz can also retain these moves as an Electivire.

For this universe, Hidden Power Fairy is allowed, even though it doesn’t exist in the games. Hidden Power Normal does not exist, however.


  • Smeargle cannot have any move unique to a legendary, mythical, or Ultra Beast Pokémon in its moveset. The following moves are NOT available to Smeargle: Psystrike, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Mist Ball, Luster Purge, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent, Psycho Boost, Doom Desire, Roar of Time, Spatial Rend, Magma Storm, Crush Grip, Shadow Force, Judgment, Heart Swap, Lunar Dance, Dark Void, Fusion Flare, Blue Flare, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike, Glaciate, Ice Burn, Freeze Shock, Secret Sword, Searing Shot, V-create, Relic Song, Techno Blast, Geomancy, Oblivion Wing, Land’s Wrath, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Diamond Storm, Steam Eruption, Light of Ruin, Hyperspace Hole, Hyperspace Fury, Core Enforcer, Nature's Madness, Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam, Prismatic Laser, Fleur Cannon, Spectral Thief, Photon Geyser, Mind Blown, Plasma Fists, and Double Iron Bash. The sole exception to this rule is Multi-Attack. Unlike in the games, it may sketch Chatter.

  • Smeargle may only know one instance of Sketch at a time. After a Smeargle has Sketched a move, they may add Sketch to their moveset again in any slot using a Spirit of Technique or similar.

  • Rotom can only have one form-specific move in its moveset. These moves are Overheat, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Air Slash, and Leaf Storm. Although it is recommended that you do so, Rotom does not need to assume its respective form to have the move.

  • Pikachu cannot learn Meteor Mash, Icicle Crash, Draining Kiss, Electric Terrain, or Flying Press. This extends to Pikachus designed like the Cosplay Pikachu. Surf and Fly may be learned by Pikachu, and by extension, Raichu.

  • Floette cannot learn Light of Ruin. This extends to Floettes designed like AZ’s Floette.

  • Greninja cannot have Battle Bond under any circumstances.

  • Gengar cannot have Levitate, as it lost this ability in Generation 7.

  • Some Pokémon are capable of having moves or hidden abilities that aren't legitimately available to the player in-game. These are not allowed on these Pokémon in Tales of Tabira. For a list of such illegal moves and abilities and explanations, see here (subject to change).

Q: Can I interpret this move as…?

A: You are free to be creative when showing or writing your Pokémon using a move or ability. Move combinations are also allowed; this includes two or more team members combining their attacks. Creativity is encouraged!

As an aside, moves like Attract and Captivate don’t have to follow the opposite gender rule.

Q: How can I change my moves?

A: Once a Pokémon’s moveset is chosen and you begin participating, the moves are set. However, there are a few ways to change your moves:

  • Evolution allows a Pokémon to completely change its moveset.

  • Learning a Scholars tutor move will allow one move to be replaced with that tutored move.

  • Using a Spirit of Technique allows a single move to be replaced with any other move the Pokémon could obtain legally.

Q: How can I change my Ability?

A: Like with moves, a Spirit of Technique may also change a Pokemon’s ability to any of its legal ones. So, an Inkay with Contrary may use the item to change its ability to Suction Cups or Infiltrator. Evolution has the same effect, so it is possible for a Bulbasaur with Overgrow to become an Ivysaur with Chlorophyll.

Q: Can I make more than one team?

A: You can create as many teams as you’d like.

Q: Can I collaborate with another artist or writer on the same team? Can I submit both art and writing entries for the same team?

A: Yes, collaborations and hybrid art/writing teams are perfectly permissible! If you're collaborating with someone, either of you can choose to submit the team's application to the group (as long as the description mentions the fact that it is a collaboration, and between which people), or both of you can. If you're submitting both art and writing entries, feel free to complete the art app, the writing app, OR both of them as you see fit.

Q: Can I used commissioned art for the application?

A: Absolutely not. While collaborations are perfectly fine, using someone else’s art otherwise is not allowed. You may not use pre-made sprites or models either (though if you create your own, this is fine).

If you do not feel comfortable creating art, it’s encouraged that you do writing instead.


Q: Do humans and trainers exist?

A: Humans and trainers have never existed in this universe. Your character cannot be a human who was turned into a Pokémon. There are also no real-world animals.

Q: Do feral Pokémon exist?

A: Completely non-sentient or feral Pokémon don’t exist. Though there are populations of Pokémon who live more like wild animals, they are still fully sapient and capable of speaking.

Q: Do predatory Pokémon hunt and eat meat?

A: In Tabira and its sister settlements (Fableton and Mosswood), as well as the major cities on the eastern trade route, eating meat is strictly prohibited, and predatory species are expected to eat infertile eggs and meat substitutes. Other, less “civilized” areas have predatory species who hunt. Karuka Jungle and Thundrun Plains are especially known to have Pokémon who live a more wild lifestyle.

Q: If a Pokémon’s parents are different species, can the child take after the father?

A: Unlike the games, a child may take after the father’s species. Also unlike the games, Nidorina and Nidoqueen may produce young.

Keep in mind that, if a Pokémon has parents of different species, they may have a few traits of the parent they didn’t take after. Hybrids and fusions are not allowed, so try and keep the characteristics subtle. An in-world example is Prier, an Absol who has a few physical traits from his Furfrou father, but still looks like a regular Absol.

Q: Do egg groups exist in this setting?

A: Egg groups do not exist in PToT. Pokémon are able to breed with any species regardless of what egg group they are in in the Pokémon games.

For more information on PToT's breeding rules, check out the wiki page!

Q: If our characters are from outside Tabira, are we limited to the canon locations?

A: Not at all! You are free to create your own locations within the world, including towns and buildings. The little islands off the coast of the main continent are also free for members to use. Depictions of member created locations go into the Personal Art and Stories folder.

You may even create your own location that’s overseas, though keep in mind that long-distance sea travel is difficult due to the Algaetide natives putting an embargo on traversing the open sea. Although sea vessels are often boarded or outright attacked by the natives, some do get through, and seafaring Pokemon can still cross the western ocean quite easily. Elsewhere, such as on the eastern side of the continent, sea travel is more common, to the point that piracy is a noted problem.

It is also possible to have characters or a team hail from space, although note that Pokemon from space are no more advanced than in the rest of the setting: space ships for example do not exist, so a Pokemon from space likely arrived via a meteorite impact or something similar (and is thus unlikely to ever return to space).

Feel free to be creative with your team’s backstories!

Q: Where do teams or team members usually live?

A: Dwellings differ from place to place, but in Tabira, treehouses, burrows and compact "apartments" are most common. Fully-fledged houses and even mansions do exist, though.

The guilds do not usually provide lodging to their members, although they can, but generally speaking they pay enough that anyone working for them can afford a place to live. Failing that, many other employers offer room and board.

Q: Can a team or member NPC own a business?

A: Yes; even if an establishment already exists in the group's canon, like the General Store, members can create their own stores or any other service for story purposes.

While a member-created character may run their own business, any such establishment is strictly for story purposes. Members can't have a shop where they buy and trade items or exchange Favor with another team.

Q: Are our characters allowed to use magic, the way NPC witches do?

A: Yes. But keep in mind that magic is something slightly more specific than throwing fire or teleporting around in Tabira. If you'd like to make a witch character, it's recommended you read the wiki entry on witches and the group stories which feature them.

Note also that any magic your characters use in prompts must be based on their moves or other capabilities. Any magic your characters use should be at least distantly recognizable as such. Magic doesn't allow a Water-type character with no Fire moves or items to throw around fireballs, for example.

Q: How do Pokémon in this universe age?

A: That will be left to member interpretation. Some Pokémon, like Ninetales and Wartortle, can live for thousands of years, according to some of the dexes.

In many parts of this world, including Tabira itself, children are expected to have more responsibilities, and it’s common for a teenage/adolescent character to live on their own.

Q: Can we use legendaries in our characters’ backstories?

A: We ask that you refrain from using legendaries in backstories, mainly because they are reserved for the group’s lore. As time goes on, it will be revealed that some legendaries had perished in the past, and some haven’t ever existed (this includes Arceus, so don’t have your characters say things like “Oh my Arceus!”).

An exception is Shaymin. You're free to use Shaymin, and they can even be recruited the same way as a Stage 1 (singly evolved) Pokemon. They have their own culture, based on life in the continent of Montsechia, but are otherwise normal Pokemon.

Q: Can we have a character based off a single sex species portrayed as the other sex, like a male Miltank or a female Sawk?

A: This is perfectly acceptable! The character can be portrayed as trans, nonbinary, or cis. Unlike the games, single-sex species do not exist. We do ask that members use discretion when designing such characters, and to keep the species recognizable as always.

Q: Can a Pokémon identify as a different gender than they were assigned with?

A: A character may have any gender identity. This also goes for Pokémon without a known sex, like Magnemite, who may identify as male or female (or other identities) if they wish. Your character may also change their gender identity at any time.

For the time being, sex reassignment isn’t yet available, but it will be in the future.

Q: Can we create our own characters that are not affiliated with the guilds?

A: You may create personal characters (also known as an NPC or “non-playable character”) who are affiliated with/related to your team members, but they cannot partake in any guild prompts or claim rewards. They may assist your team a little, but try not to show them doing too much work; there’s a reason starting teams have a max of two members.

Unlike with starting teams, you may have your NPC be evolved. As mentioned earlier, if you want to recruit an evolved NPC, you need to have the necessary amount of Spirits of Evolution) in your inventory or storage.

Q: Do alcohol, drugs, narcotics, etc. exist?

A: Alcohol exists as beer and wine and such. Smoking also exists, usually via pipes, though it’s advised that smokers keep it to the privacy of their homes or in non-crowded areas.

Drugs, both legal and illegal, exist, though we don’t have anything specific in mind at the moment. There exist black markets that sell various potions with dubious side effects, particularly at the marketplace just outside of Whirlock Woods.

Q: What sort of content can we expect from canon stories?

A: In general, stories pertaining to the canon will be quite tame! In general, if a piece of art or writing would fall under one of dA's mature content filters, viewing it will not be necessary to understand parts of Tabira, or the ongoing story, for example.

However, several stories, some important, will feature violence. This'll range from cartoon to just short of realistic, and much of the violence will typically be found in writing rather than art. Please keep this in mind if that's not to your preference, and comment to let us know if the violence in the stories is negatively affecting your enjoyment of the group!


Q: Can a quadrupedal Pokémon stand and walk on two legs?

A: Quadrupedal (four-legged) Pokémon may walk on two legs, but be careful not to interpret them as too anthro or humanoid.

If you’re not sure how to interpret this, use cartoon examples (such as illustrators like Beatrix Potter). This is also good for figuring out how to make a quadruped’s front paws not look too much like human hands. Feel free to ask the staff if you’re unsure if your design follows the group’s rules.

Q: Can a fish Pokémon be shown to be floating to get around?

A: Aquatic Pokémon may be shown hovering, like in the 3D games, or you can have them helpless on land and using clever move manipulation or help from their partner to get around. Either way is fine.

Q: Can a Pokémon be a different color than normal?

A: A Pokémon can be of a similar color to their canon (normal or shiny) design. For example, a Vulpix could be a brighter or darker red, or more orange-ish than red. Major color deviations are not currently allowed otherwise, beyond a very tiny amount of a single color dye (like a dab of war paint or a small tattoo).

A Pokémon may have any eye color, including heterochromia (differently colored eyes).

Q: Can I mix the colors of a Pokémon's shiny and non-shiny forms together?</p

A: Yes, you may! A Pokémon can be depicted with a mix of its shiny and non-shiny colors, as long as one color remains dominant over the other (i.e. there's more blue in Vaporeon than pink, and vice versa). There cannot be a 50/50 split in color.

Q: Could a Pokémon have colors and design elements from older games?

A: Things like brown Sneasel (gen 2 colors) and Vaporeon with leg fins (gen 1 sprite design) are allowed. This also applies to older shinies, like a shiny Charizard that is dark purple instead of black. This does not apply to evolutions of older Pokémon that were introduced later; while brown Sneasel is allowed, a brown Weavile is not, since such a coloring has never existed for it.

Q: Can a Pokémon with the Protean Ability change color?

A: The only Pokémon that can freely change color is Kecleon (who must still retain the red or blue stripe around its waist) or a user of Camouflage. The Froakie family must remain their canon colors, even if they have Protean. A ninja would conceal its type change, right?

Q: Could a Charmander or other non-furred Pokémon be shown with hair?

A: A reptile or other non-furred/feathered Pokémon may be shown with  little tufts of hair. Nothing too excessive, like it resembling a wig. If any Pokémon has extra hair, it can’t be a different color than what’s normally on its body.

Q: Can a Pokémon be smaller or larger than average?

A: They can be, to a point. A younger form of a large Pokémon, like Druddigon or Lapras, may be shown smaller. This also goes for evolved Pokémon who aren’t adults yet. An example is Marble, a Machoke who is shorter than average, partly due to being an adolescent.

A Pokémon may also be taller or larger than average, but try not to go overboard, like a six foot tall Ralts or something.

Q: Can a Pokémon be shown to have different markings than what’s canon?

A: Any deviation from a Pokémon’s markings are fine as long as the species is kept recognizable, like a Growlithe who lacks the light yellow on the face. Things like lighter/darker colored limbs and such are also fine as long as they’re variations of the same shade. For example, an Eevee can have beige paws but not bright blue.

Q: Could we make up our own Furfrou trim?

A: Furfrou may have any canon fur trim. Custom is also allowed, but it must be within reason, and it can only use a single color, plus white (or black if shiny). You can also mix it up, like have the look of the Kabuki trim, but blue instead of red.

Q: Are albino Pokémon allowed?

A: The only color variations allowed are of a Pokémon’s normal or shiny colors. Albino or melanistic Pokémon, for example, aren’t allowed.

Q: What about non-shiny variations of Pokémon?

A: Special event variations of Pokémon (specifically the Spiky-eared Pichu, Cosplay Pikachu, and AZ’s “Eternal Flower” Floette) are allowed, but must be treated as though they are regular members of their species. As a result, any special moves or abilities they have access to are forbidden. The aesthetics of these forms can be used on previous and future evolutions (allowing things like Eternal Flower Flabébé, etc.).

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cookieswithsoupHobbyist Digital Artist
so since I missed basically all chapters do i just submit the chapters i create to the late chapter submissions?  (I just want to be sure on this...) 
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Pfaccioxx General Artist
So what are the rules regarding Z-moves (in general) or non-gild affiliated NPC's who can use Z-moves/Mega Evolution?
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MillybatHobbyist Writer
Good afternoon! I updated the FAQ somewhat today.
- Contact details for the staff members have been brought up-to-date.
- The lists of illegal Sketch moves and general illegal moves and abilities have been updated to reflect Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee!.
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Lu-Le-MaStudent Filmographer
Quick question: if i want to make a three pokemon team does that mean i have to start at a certain chapter or can i begin at chapter one anyways?
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
You can start with Chapter 1!
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Lu-Le-MaStudent Filmographer
Thank you!
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StarlaSketchHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I have a question and have been looking around the group for an answer but can't find it anywhere, maybe I'm not looking hard enough. But anyway, my question is, would it be alright to use the Group's NPCs in tasks when normally they wouldn't be there? I mean like, for the Keeper's Charity task, would it be alright if a team of mine were to help the Shiny Zorua Alice with something? Or if a team member got injured somewhere in Tabira and managed to bumb into Chris by chance and she treats their injuries? Is something along those lines alright or not? ;v;
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rain-dareHobbyist Writer
Yes, that's definitely fine!
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Moonstruck-MistHobbyist General Artist
Alright. More questions that bug me but I can't think of a clear answer to them.

1. Chapter 1 has been finished for me, but I have only two basic Pokémon. What I'm conflicted about is the third basic/baby/egg Pokémon thing. Is a Spirit of Fellowship still required to bring another Pokémon on the team? Or is it still a free throw?
2. The idea of witches is confusing still, considering I have plans and am working one out in the process of my next chapter. I've ready Apple's sheet on them, but their magic is still an idea I need to work on. Can it spontaneously "burst" at a random interval? Or is it purely based on an education in the mystical arts?

I'll probably have more one day, but this is all so far. Sorry for the multi-post.
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Technically speaking, Shaymin's a mythical pokemon, but since mythical pokemon used to be classified as legendaries, I'll let it slide. By the way, are we allowed to use Mythical pokemon in our stories?
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RobertSalgadoHobbyist Digital Artist
Question: What if I wanted to like do art for the group, like be a admin/ helper? 
I would love to help out with world building or characters.  How does one become 
a admin or helper for the group?? 
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist
unfortunately those roles arent currently open but thank you for the interest!

if we need help we'll usually make a journal stating so so look for that in the future!
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RobertSalgadoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh okay.

Will do! Thank you :D 
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Moonstruck-MistHobbyist General Artist
Alright. This has been bugging me for a moment, and I can't stop thinking of it when I'm in my story-writing space.
Is Poké, the currency used in the games, a thing in this universe? I just need to know this, in case Favor is really the only type of currency. It'd be weird if I put Poké but it wasn't a thing, so I just need to know.
Edit: Another question that's been bothering me and I just recalled.
Eggs. Do they hatch in any chapter, or by using a Spirit of Evolution (don't know why I think this)? I just have doubts, and when I do, I begin to panic and lose concentration. It's nice to have a bit of clarity.
This is also kind of because I have an egg on my starting team, and I don't want to make a stupid decision of hatching it without knowing what's needed.
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist
- they dont really have a currency its mostly built on trading though some do use gold coins as a form of currency

- eggs can hatch whenever you want them to in your story, you only need a spirit of evolution to evolve them
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Noa-ritroxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well darn now I'm even more confused, really epic but I can't read an answer without getting more questions
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Noa-ritroxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay so uuuuhhhmm I want to be a part of this and create a team.........but weren't the Pokemon teams closed? And really I have a lot of story ideas, but where am I supposed to start, end, screw up, is Canon non-canon
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Noa-ritroxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nah y'know what there's so many teams already I'm not gonna try XD
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So, with the release of the "Let's Go: Pikachu/Eevee", are partner moves valid, or does that fall under the non-shiny variations category (if so, you may want to add one of them as an example)?
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist
partner moves will not be implemented into ToT as their super exclusive moves for two out of 800+ pokemon- we will update this when we can but thank you for asking
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is a Pokémon allowed to have vitiligo??
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist
For plot purposes absolutely
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Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
can a fire pokemon with visible flames (Like Charmander or Cyndaquil) have different colored flames? like blue flames instead of their common red/yellowish?
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1Apple-Fox1Student Digital Artist
Nothing outlandish like blue sorry- however we are allowing older shinies and some of them do have colored flames ex: cyndaquills old shiny had green flames and even purple flames at one point- if they ever had these colors at any point in time then yes! you are allowed to use colors like that! ex: 155 Cyndaquil by 1Apple-Fox1 all of these were canon at one point- not included is cyndaquils shiny fro gold/silver/crystal where it was purple and white flames!
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