Charming Fortunes
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Some of you may remember me. A little while ago, I asked for help taking care of my daughter, Chili. Thank you all who helped me with that, it even seems like she’s made a few new friends! Right now, I would be happy to offer my services to guild members and volunteers for a very special discount.

For those who might have forgotten, I am a fortuneteller by trade. This means I can commune with the mystical plane of dreams and Spirits, and examine the veins of fate which carry each of us through time and space, branching and twisting.

...well, my services will continue to be offered, regardless of our fates, so there is no need to rush. But I do enjoy seeing your smiling faces and adorably small ears which are nevertheless so keen to listen when I speak.

A word of caution: fortunetelling is not for the faint of heart. Knowing the future alone can change your fate, if such is the path that you choose. Even with my services, the burden of choice remains upon each Pokémon to decide their own future.

With that in mind, the services I offer are divination of skill, divination of form, and divination of relationships.

For 2 favour, I will tell you the time and nature of the next move you will learn.
For 5 favour, I will tell you when you will evolve, if indeed you will evolve.
For 10 favour, I will tell you the name of the next Pokémon whose fate will be entwined with your own.

I might have gotten a little bit serious there, but that’s only because I take my job very seriously. Please stop by! I promise I won’t kick!

Visit Curry to have your fortune told and receive a Spirit of Technique, a Spirit of Evolution, or a Spirit of Fellowship. Of course, the choice of whether or not to use it is in your hands.

Spirit of Technique - 2 favour

A consumable item that can be used to replace one move or ability that you know with another that you could normally obtain.
Includes level-up, egg, tm/hm, ingame tutor moves, event moves, and moves from a previous evolution. Regular and Hidden abilities are included, too, if changing an ability.

Spirit of Evolution - 5 favour

Allows a single Pokémon to evolve once. Evolution can grant a moveset change and a change of ability, including changing a regular ability to hidden, or vice versa. The Spirit can be used even if it’s in Honeycomb Storage. Once a Pokémon on the team has evolved, the Spirit is consumed.

Spirit of Fellowship - 10 favour

Allows a single Pokémon that's basic, baby, or an egg, to be recruited onto a team. The spirit can be used even if it’s in Honeycomb Storage. Once a new member is recruited, the Spirit is consumed.

A team may recruit an evolved (Stage 1 or Stage 2) Pokémon by using a Spirit of Fellowship and a Spirit of Evolution (or Spirits of Evolution) together. The Spirits are then consumed.

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InkedEspeonStudent Artist
Uhh tell Natalie a future on when she evolved?
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InkedEspeonStudent Artist
I'll Have Spirit of Evolution plz
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Numbuh1234Hobbyist Writer
OH, this is where we learn new moves, evolve, and gain new members? That's really clever!
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MidnightRose1918Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, Can I Have Curry Tell Andrea's Future On When She'll Evolve? (Aka I'm Buying The Spirit Of Evolution X3)
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Zassa2Hobbyist General Artist
I think that's how it's used, if you want to include the actual fortune-telling.
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chicoARTSProfessional Digital Artist
Rabbits are adorable, and Curry is no exception :)
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Plan A for my next story is back on track thanks to this.
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