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So, those tools sitting in your inventory... they could use a little pizazz, don’t you think? If you’ve reached Apprentice Artisans rank, you are cordially invited to our workshop to put your creativity and craftsmanship to good use!

That’s right, with the mentioned credentials, you may customize an item in your inventory, stored or not!


Not just any item, mind you. Don’t bother trying to customize things like Tokens of Reputation or Spirit of Evolution. I mean, I don’t know why you’d want to, anyway.


Ha ha, right! But yes, prizes you have earned from guild work and items purchased from the General Store are allowed to have their color and shape changed, but their function must remain the same. As examples, the Knit Shawl would still remain as clothing, the Symbol of Charity must still invoke Heal Pulse, food and drink must still be edible items, and so on. These are cosmetic changes, after all!


Before you go changing things all nilly-willy, there’s a few procedures you gotta go through. First, make sure your team application shows the Apprentice rank badge. After that, make sure you’ve noted that your item’s customized. It’s a demographic thing, so just do it.

For writers, append the item on your application with an asterisk (*) and provide a description of it. For writers and artists, specify what the original item was either in the description or on the app, preferably the app.


Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot to say… the service is like any other guild service. Just make sure we know, and you can go ahead with it... but it’s there for everyone! Or at least, everyone who’s got the know-how and the invitation. So if you don’t mind, try to get some other work done between customizing items! Ideas are forever, but some things have deadlines! Meet ‘em, and the guild’ll always have more to give you!

When you reach Artisans Rank 1, Apprentice, you may customize an item in your inventory for 3 Favor. This is a cosmetic change, and the item must have the same function as the original item. Customized items can be submitted to the Item Customization folder. This is optional, and it can be art or writing.


Greetings, guildmates! As you may know, while my General Store works closely with all four guilds, I’m especially tight-knit with the Artisans, what with their craftsmanship (who do you think makes most of these wares, hmmm?) and mercantile expertise.

Allow me to extend my gratitude to the Artisans guild by allowing first rank members a one-time free gift from the available stock. Ah, but the free item must be a value of 3 Favor or less. Also, if an item requires specific Guild Reputation, I ask that you show proof of that guild’s trust before making your choice.

Oh, and before I forget, since  I realized the artistically inclined of you may be customizing your items... anything purchased from the General Store may be customized, even consumables. If you do decide to work your craft on a consumable, let me know and I’ll make note of it the next time I fulfill your special order. Buster and I aim to please. Thank you, and have a nice day!

If you customize an item that can be purchased from the General Store, it can still have the customized look even after you purchase it again.

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Ken-the-EagleHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a rather cool feature actually ^^
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CrazyCat1231Hobbyist General Artist
I've been dying to make my Meowth Plushie into its Alolan form! Ty!
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MidnightRose1918Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Dang This Is So Cool ouo