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Greetings and welcome to Pokémon: Tales of Tabira, a collaborative storytelling community.

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Team Valor: ToT Chapter 2- Mission 2 TrackersHours before the sun even rose above the horizon, Saru was out in an open field. This field was located further away from the cave he was currently staying in, and out of sight of any Pokemon that may wander into the area. There he was both working out and training, as he had done back in Fernfrond Village. He would be jumping and flipping through the air. Performing a series of punches and kicks against invisible opponents, and the wooden posts, for the next hour. When he was done with those, he would then move on to practicing all four of his moves that he would need in battle. Following that hour he would then start exercising. Doing push-ups, sit ups, chin-ups on the tree branch, and ending it with a jog around the clearing that he was in. After jogging 20 laps around the clearing, he stops and takes a breather. He sits down on the ground and starts to meditate, like Master Seymour had taught him. He stayed like that for another 30 min before feeling relieved and refreshed.Finished with his workout, he stood up, and made his way back to his cave. Just as the sun was now peeking over the horizon. He smiled lazily as the bright sunlight was stretching over the trees and heading in his direction. Before the sunlight even touched him, he turned and walked back into his cave to get freshen up for the day. ******About an hour and 15 minutes later Saru was walking the streets of Tabira. As he walked, he had out his little black book, and went over what Sammy had told him about the Riolu, Reef, the previous day. Writing and updating his info on the young, former, pirate. While also having a thought to go visit a particular place.‘Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Sammy is even open at this time of morning?’ he thought in question. ‘I'll go visit and find out.’Just as soon as he was about to make his way towards the cafe, he spotted a rather peculiar Pokemon making its way in his direction. The closer the Pokemon got towards him, the more Sarutobi could see that it was a Barbaracle, and it looked like it had an annoyance on its face. So, without fear, he waved to get the Pokemons attention. Hoping that whatever was agitating this Pokemon he would be able to help.The Pokemon in question looked over to see a little Chimchar, that wore a satchel on his left side and a band on his head. He stopped and watched as the fire type hurried over to him. Upon closer inspection of the band, the Barbaracle realized that it was a Detect Band the Chimchar was wearing. When the Chimchar came to a stop in front of him, the Barbaracle looked him over once.“Good morning, young Chimchar. Sorry, but I’m in a bit of a hurry,” the Barbaracle said.Saru reached into his satchel, and pulled out a pad and a feathered-quill that had a bit of ink at the tip. Saru patted his neck, pointed to his mouth, and shook his head. Once he got a nod of understanding from the Barbaracle, he wrote his response on the pad. Done, he turned the pad so that the taller Pokemon can see what he had written.It read: I can see that, sir. I’m new here, and had just become a member of the Keepers Guild. If you would tell me what is the problem that has you upset, I would be more than happy to solve it for you, if it’s within my capabilities that is.“The Keepers Guild, huh? As much as I would like to let you handle this, I can’t allow a newbie to do this kind of work we Trackers can handle,” the Barbaracle said and was about to leave, until he was stopped at how fast the Chimchar wrote in his pad. He noted how the boy seemed more concentrated doing this.Once again the Chimchar turned it to him. It read: Sir? You are a member of the Trackers Guild? I’m looking to become a member of the Trackers Guild as well. If you want, I can handle this problem for you. If I do this, will you put in a good word for me to the Trackers Guild?“Listen boy, I really don’t have the time for this-”Saru had written again, not wanting to write this in particular, but knew that if he didn’t, he may miss this opportunity. He showed the Barbaracle what he wrote, and it read: Sir, I am Sarutobi, from Fernfrond Village. Though I prefer it if you called me Saru instead, sir.After he had read it, the Barbaracle really looked the young fire type before him. Taking a moment to think, before saying, “Fernfrond Village you say? Haven’t had any of theirs come here in quite some time. So, you’re a warrior-in-training, still?” Saru shook his head no, and slightly, nervously wrote down: No sir. I… well… In the village we have ranks. In-training, Intermediate, Advanced, and Warrior. Because… certain teachers… wanted to push me harder than the others… I have the rank of Advanced… from the village. Though that’s not really important right now, sir. If you need help with something, I will take care of it, and you will put in a word for me into the Trackers Guild, yes?The Barbaracle looked thoughtful before responding. “Alright then, I’ll give you a chance. The name is Percy, and I am the Lead Rescuer of the Trackers Guild. Now then, the problem is that a Braixen, by the name Xavier, is blocking the road to Mosswood. This guy likes to challenge travelers to what he calls is “a duel of honor”. The truth is, that he’s a bandit, and he’ll use a move called Magic Room to disable item usage. Not only that, he’ll try to swipe them during the battle. Crafty, he is. “We, Trackers, are stretched pretty thin at this moment. Now, are you sure you’re up to this?” he received a confident nod from the youngling. “Then I’ll leave him to you then, young Sarutobi. There’s also the option of you trying to persuade him to leave. Annoying as Xavier is, his code of honor will make him back off after being defeated. So, I ask you to not kill the guy, okay?” He received another nod.“You do this, and report back to me, then I will put in a good word for you to join the Trackers Guild,” Percy agreed, to which Saru smiled.Bowing his head in thanks, Saru took off down the road, and headed back out of the village to deal with this problem. Passing by the buildings along the way, he didn’t notice a Machoke coming out from an alleyway nearby. The Machoke watched the young fire type run, with crossed arms over its chest.“This one seems to have some promise,” Percy said, as he now stood beside the Machoke.“Really?” A female's voice said that came from the Machoke. “You think a little brat like that will be able to handle Xavier?” she asks skeptical of Percy’s claim.“Well, I do plan to see for myself, Marble,” Percy said in amusement, and started walking in the direction Saru had gone. “Care to join me?”“Might as well. This was supposed to be our assignment to get rid of the fox-brat,” the now identified Marble said, as she now followed after Percy. ......From behind the bushes, Saru had witnessed how a pair of Sunflora Pokemon were assaulted by the bandit, Xavier. Taking their belongings, a bag full of berries and some supplies, after defeating them both in the “duel of honor”. He had taken note how the Magic Room works and how he uses his other moves.‘Hmm, let’s see here. Xavier knows Magic Room, Shock Wave, and Flame Charge. Hmm… only shown 3? He probably has a 4th move hidden. Which will make this a little more trickier,’ Saru thought, as he continued to watch.When the bandit turned the two grass types away, Saru nodded his head in resolution. Just as soon as he was sure the Braixen, who had left, was out of sight, did he motion for the two Sunflora’s over to his hiding spot. The two looked back to make sure they were not to be seen, and ran over to the cover of the trees and bushes. “Well, we did as you asked us to. He challenged us and we gave it our all,” one spoke in a hushed tone, rubbing his leafy shoulder. “He got the bag and all that it has in it. I hope that what you wanted to see was enough?” the other one asked, her voice sounding hopeful. Saru smiled and nodded gratefully to them. He reached into his bag and pulled out two bottles of green liquid. He uncorked them and handed them over to the two taller Pokemon. The two took a whiff of them and cringed at the smell. Both looked up and saw Saru writing in this pad and turned it around to show them what he had written. It read: Thank you both for doing your part. I’ll take it from here. You two head on back home and rest. By the time the sun is high in the sky, you’ll be able to cross Mosswood freely. Those two vials are natural ingredients used to make potions with. That heals your injuries and restores some of your health. Again, thank you both for your help.He smiled at them and wished them well, before he left through the foliage, after his target.The two Sunflora’s waved him farewell and luck, then they downed the green liquid. Both made grimaces on their faces, before feeling better. Their bodies no longer ached, and their burn marks were gone. Happily, they left the area as they were told, not knowing that they had been watched the whole time by 2 pairs of eyes. The eyes watched them head back to the path that would take them back to Tabira, then the eyes disappeared into the bushes and out of sight.Saru had tree hopped some ways along the path, and came to a stop when he saw the bandit walking along the path at a leisurely pace. Talking to himself about how easy it was to defeat the two Sunflora. As he watched the Braixen walk on, Saru hopped to the ground quietly, and set his satchel in the bush beside it. Concealing it so it won’t be taken. His only item at the moment was his Detect Band, but he wasn’t worried. He knows he can fight without its power aiding him in battle. With everything in order, he strolled out of the bushes, behind the bandit, and kicked a stone over until it hit Xavier in the back of his left leg. “Ow! What the-?” the Braixen stopped and turned around to find a Chimchar walking down the path he was on. With what appeared to be a notepad and a feathered quill in paws. The thing was, the Chimchar was heading in the opposite direction he was going. “Hmm, that’s odd. I’m sure I would have seen him passing me…he must have come out of the woods,” He muttered to himself, before a smirk graced his face. Saru continued to walk down the path, looking at his surroundings with a smile, until his way was suddenly blocked by the fire type bandit. Saru jumped back in fright and looked up scared at the unexpected visitor. A Braixen with a black hat and gloves. He was carrying a stick and a brown bag with him. “Greetings, young child. I am Xavier, Gentleman Thief, and today’s your lucky day my young friend,” Xavier said with a bit of flair for his entrance like a performer. Saru just blinked at this, a bit confused, though internally debating whether or not to laugh at this guy.“Well, what is your name, boy? Come, come now, it is rude to not introduce oneself to another. Surely, your parents have taught you manners now,” he said haughtily at the Chimchar. Saru stood up, touched his throat and shook his head no. “What’s this? You can’t speak?” the Braixen asked and received a nod. “Very well, you use that quill and paper to write, and introduce yourself then.”Saru nodded like a good little boy and immediately wrote in his notebook. Since Xavier was close up he was able to read what Saru wrote. When the Chimp Pokemon was done and turned it to where the FireFox could read it. My name is Saru, sir.“Ah, Saru, it is then,” Xavier said, before clearing his throat and saying, “Now then, I will need for you to relinquish your belongings before I let you pass here.” He said, adjusting his gloved paws. He looked back up to see Saru writing again and read what the younger fire type had written. I’m sorry to have to disappoint you, Mr. Xavier, but I have nothing on me to give. I only have my headband and these. The little fire type indicated his band and the quill and notepad. He saw how Xavier looked less pleased at seeing Saru was without anything of value on him.“Well, I suppose they will have to do. Now, young Saru, hand them over and you won’t get hurt,” Xavier commanded, in a displeased fashion. He watched as Saru wrote again and showed him the notepad.Sorry again, but if I give you these things, how will I be able to communicate. This headband is also mine. I can’t just give it to you. I’m sorry, but my answer is no. He watched as Xavier was becoming annoyed, before the fox smiled deviously.“Alright then, boy. If you will not hand them over nicely, then we shall have a ‘Duel of Honor’!” he shouted, and made a grand gesture of spreading out his arms and flames from his stick, in paw, shot out little flames and exploded into the air making popping and cracking sounds like fireworks. “It is really quite simple. We shall have a battle. The loser of the battle will hand over his belongings to the winner. In this case, I win, I get your headband and writing supplies. And, if by some miracle you win, then I shall-”During his talk, Saru was writing again, and then showed Xavier when the fox had stopped talking.Xavier, the Gentleman Thief. I, Sarutobi of Fernfrond Village, hereby accept your challenge, “Duel of Honor”. I am also from the Keepers Guild of Tabira. Should I lose, I will, without complaint, hand over the belongings I currently have on me. Should I prevail over you, then not only will you hand over the bag of fruit and berries you took from the Sunflora’s, but you will leave this road to Mosswood and never return here again. Do we have an agreement?He watched as the fox’s face ran through so many emotions. The most prominent ones were shock and curiosity. “From Ferfrond Village? Never fought anyone from that place before,” he muttered, then grinned. “Very well, I agree to the terms. What say you?”Saru nodded and set his pad and quill off to the side of the road, and returned to his position. Tightening his headband, and doing some quick stretches.Xavier watched him for a moment, then he too, put the bag of berries beside Saru’s things and returned to his position. Which was 10ft. from the younger fire type.When Saru was done, he faced the fox. Both eyed each other. Xavier fully confident he would be able to handle this little upstart who claims he’s from the Warriors Village. While Saru mentally made sure he would be ready for this battle, and to keep an eye out for the 4th move he didn’t know of.Both were silent. It was quiet all around them. Even the figures hiding in the forest beyond the two fire types notice, were quiet. Barely the gentle breeze of the wind was heard. Then suddenly, there was a snap of a tree branch sounding through the area. The two then started their battle.Saru quickly jumped into the air, avoiding the Shock Wave that was sent at him. When he landed, he found himself inside a transparent box. Along with the smirking Braixen.“Now that we are in my Magic Room, your band won’t work now,” he said. “I knew from looking at it that it had to be an item tool. Though I have no idea what its effects are, I’m pretty sure it will now be of little use to you. Now then..”With a wave of his stick, he fired another Shock Wave at Saru, who countered with his Flamethrower. The two attacks met in midair and caused an explosion of dust and dirt to fly in all directions. Forcing both combatants to try and cover their faces.After a few seconds, Xavier covered his body in flames, and charged at where he thought his young opponent was. Only, when he passed through the smoke and came out the other side, did he not see Saru in sight. Coming out of the Flame Charge, and landing on the ground, he looked around for the Chimp Pokemon.Had he turned around and looked down, he would have noticed the hole in the ground. Before he knew it, he was suddenly sent into the air! “Aaaaarrrrrgh!!!” And came crashing back down to the earth. Landing painfully on his back. He lifted his head up and spotted Saru just coming out of the ground. Seeing his silent opponent having used Dig, he tried to get up but only made it to his knees. His stick 5ft from him, and he wasn’t fast enough to reclaim it, as Saru had quickly closed the distance between them, and attacked Xavier with his paws. Using his Fury Swipes, Saru proceeded to scratch and claw at Xavier’s face and chest. Knocking off his hat in the process. As he continued to attack, while pushing the older Pokemon back, he did notice how angry Xavier was becoming. So, after his final swipe, he grabbed hold of the fox’s shoulders, headbutted him, and pulled Xavier towards him. Falling backwards, he threw the fox bandit over him and watched him land on the ground near his stick.Xavier quickly recovered to grab his weapon and was thoroughly angry. “THAT IS IT, YOU TROUBLESOME, LITTLE URCHIN! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!” he shouted, and made a jabbing motion with his stick at Saru.Saru was surprised at seeing pillars of fire shooting out of the ground, from the Braixen to him. Once the pillar stopped 5ft from him, it split off and more pillars of fire surrounded him. Like a bolt of lightning, he realized too late, what this move was.‘Fire Pledge! So that was his final move,’ he thought to himself. He then looked up to the sky, and closed his eyes.Xavier was looking pleased, and pulled his arm back to make the final pillar erupt inside the pillars of fire. He swung his arm in an arc to finish this battle… Saru turned his head from looking at the sky, opening his eyes, and looking at Xavier… ......In the forest, off to the side of the path, two figures were watching the battle between the two fire types from the get go. They were Percy and Marble.“Not bad. The boy has a good head on his shoulders. And he’s quick to use the intel he gained on his opponent, from earlier, to his advantage,” Percy said, having seen the Chimchar talking to the Sunflora earlier and having convinced them to help him out in seeing Xavier’s moves. He was impressed so far.“And he’s been leading Xavier this whole time. Whereas, Xavier thought that he was in control of the battle. I’ll admit the boy does seem like he knows what he’s doing,” Marble remarked a little blandly, with her arms crossed. Having witnessed the boy attacking the fox with Fury Swipes, she wanted to see what else he could do.Percy nodded, but blinked in shock when he saw Saru throwing Xavier near his stick. “What does that little fool think he’s doing?” Marble said, unfolding her arms and watched as Xavier now trapped the youth in pillars of fire. “Cripes! He’s gonna use Fire Pledge on the little idiot! That’s it, let’s get down there and-”Just as soon as she was about to go charging in to stop Xavier, she was halted by Percy. Who placed his left claw on the female Machoke’s arm. “Stop, Marble! Look!” Percy pointed back to the battle.They both witnessed the Magic Room finally dissipating and watched Saru turn around to face the fox. When he opened his eyes, the two Tracker Pokemon gave a silent gasp at what they were seeing. Saru’s eyes were glowing green... ......Blades of grass shot out of the ground, around Xavier’s feet, and were climbing his body fast. Before Xavier could finish his final move, he was halted by the strong grass that was trying to encase him.“Wha- What is this?!” he shouted, trying to get the grass off of him. His stick had been removed, and he was being dragged to the ground, by the vines that now were sprouting out of the ground fast, and binding him. Without his stick, the pillars of fire surrounding Saru, dispersed into little winks of flames and then nothingness. Saru was still standing in the same spot. Eyes still glowing green, he moved his right hand, palm facing the ground, in a downward motion. This caused the vines to pull Xavier to the ground and completely tie him there. No matter how much he struggled, the fox couldn’t break free.Saru walked over to the now bound fire type and looked at him with his eyes still glowing. Xavier stopped struggling and looked up at his younger opponent.“This is Grass Knot, eh? sighs Fine. It would seem that I have lost,” he said in a defeated tone, and let his head rest on the ground. “So, this is what it is like to fight someone from Fernfrond Village, huh? The Village of Warriors.” He then started to chuckle, which caused Saru to blink in confusion. “Alright, I will honor our agreement. I shall leave this road. I will not return here to battle any of the travelers. I am a mon of my word,” he said with a satisfied look.Saru nodded, and waved his right hand, from his chest to outward over Xavier. The gesture caused Grass Knot to start untying itself from the trapped Braixen. When done, Xavier retrieved his stick and looked over at the Chimchar, whose eyes were no longer glowing. “I shall leave now, but know this,” he said, gaining Saru’s attention. “I have never lost to a child from the Warriors Village, until this morning. So, I shall leave here with this defeat, but I shall not allow this to remain.” This made Saru raise an eyebrow.“I shall return one day, and when I do… I shall challenge you to another “Duel of Honor”! Only next time, it will be me fighting for my honor. I have been beaten by a real warrior. I will not let that go. So, next time we meet, it will be a rematch!” he shouts aloud.Takes off his hat, takes an exaggerated bow, and stood back up, smirking at the shocked look on the kids face. Places his hat back onto his head, and walks off into the woods. Leaving the area, and a flabbergasted Saru behind.Saru blinked rapidly, then smacked his forehead with the palm of his right hand. ‘Augh! This is not what I wanted. Not another rival! Anything, but another rival!’ he thought, depressingly. He had a number of kids his age and older who made it a big deal to become his rival(s) back in the village.Just because he was better than them at their training, and because he earned the attention of his least favorite instructor, Fracture. Knowing there was nothing he could do, he sighed and walked back to where he hid his satchel, after collecting the bag of fruit and berries that belonged to the Sunflora, and his pad and quill. ......He had just pulled out his satchel from the bush when suddenly, he turned around and went into a defensive stance. He looked around with his eyes until he saw two figures coming out from behind the trees. He immediately recognized the Barbaracle, but didn’t know the Machoke that was with him.“Well, kid, I have to admit. You had me worried there for a moment when you allowed the fox to get his paws back on his stick and trap you like that. Impressive use of your moves there too,” Percy said, sounding proud of what he witnessed.Saru smiled at the compliment.“As promised, you got rid of Xavier, then consider yourself as a member of the Trackers Guild. This will be the first time we’ve had a someone from Fernfrond Village come to Tabira to join the guilds. I will report this to Vander when he returns. He’s the Leader of the Trackers, and is out at the moment. So, at this point, you will report to me until he returns.” Percy said, to which Saru nodded and saluted Percy.“Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but I will say this, boy. You got damn lucky. You would have been seriously injured or dead, if you hadn’t used that Grass Knot of yours to catch him like that,” Marble stated, having to say that, believing that he shouldn’t have had to wait to do that. “By the way, the names Marble.”Saru looked at her, then started writing on his pad. Then he showed it to the two adults.I did it to see what his last move was, Ms. Marble. If I didn’t, he would have caught me off guard with it, and not the other way around. I knew that the Magic Room was about to end soon, that’s why I threw him to his stick. To prolong the battle for just a few more moments. It was a risk, but I knew I could do it. And to let you know, the Magic Room was blocking a good deal of the sunlight. The Grass Knot I used, required lots of sunlight for it to work. Magic room’s presence was making it harder to use my grass move. So, I waited for Magic Room to disappear.They read it, and blinked at the Chimchar, in surprise. Who stared back at them and smiled innocently.“Well, I need no further convincing. Sarutobi, welcome to the Trackers Guild,” Percy glanced at Marble, who nodded back to him. “I will take these back to the Sunflora, as I’m sure you must be tired after that battle with Xavier. You rest up before heading back to Tabira.”Saru nodded, and handed the bag of fruits and berries over to the Barbaracle. The two adults nodded to each other. Percy left, and Marble remained looking at Saru.“Saru, right?” she asked, and was given a nod. “I have a proposition for you. I would like to see more of what you can do. In a group with other new recruits. Interested?”Saru looked up at her in thought, before giving her his answer....
Personal Art and Stories
PKMN:Tales of Tabira-Chapter 8: The Ruins by trainer-mana
Memes and Non-canon
ASKS ARE OPEN (August, 2020) by trainer-mana
After a long time of silence and no updates whatsoever, the time has come to formally close Tales of Tabira. In all honesty it should have been done earlier, because aside from the Magical Secrets journal, there has been no real updates to the group for a full year and a half. Our lead artists have already either left the group or stepped down for the sake of their own projects. The programmer for the Tome isn't even here anymore, and none of us know the code necessary to maintain that. Put simply, the closure of the group does have something to do with a lack of staff, but...
Many of you have noticed we are active on Discord, but not in the ToT Discord server. The truth is, this is largely because we've moved on to other things, whether it be other projects or real life factors such as work and school getting in the way to a point that we simply don't have the free time or the resources to continue working on a project as large-scale as ToT. We're now even at a point where the domain registration for the website has expired, leaving all of our journals and front page elements with broken images. Some of you have kept hope that we'll come back with a new chapter in spite of these odds.
The fact that the signs of decay have grown to become this visible has been eating away at my heart for some time. I don't want to just leave Tabira in an eternal lull while things continue to digitally rot. For that, I feel like I owe every single member of the group an apology. You guys deserve better than that.
I'm thankful some of you were hopeful to the very end, I really am. It shows me how much you guys cared about the work we did and the world we built. In an era where we felt RP groups of this style were a dying breed, we got way more attention and activity than we ever expected. We had plenty of people telling stories and even making their own tasks to keep things going in spite of lulls between chapters. Even giving the group a chance and telling your own stories alongside us is more than we could ever have asked for! We would love to keep ToT going on forever if we could, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end (even if I personally don't believe that).
So where do we go from here? Well, the characters and stories you made are yours. There's no reason you can't continue using them, creating new stories with them; or heck, even expanding the world of Tabira on your own. We made Tabira to be as open-ended as possible, so in my opinion, there's no reason to let it die along with the group.
So: for archival purposes, for people who are simply curious about how much planning went into ToT, or who want to know more things about the world that we never got to release... here is the Tales of Tabira Google Drive folder. Inside you'll find a wealth of documents ranging from lore to journal drafts, and even concepts dating to before the name "Tales of Tabira" was even a thing. It's something from all of us, now for everyone.
If you're still interested in RP groups, our former lead artist Apple has created their own Pokémon RP group, Stories Of Sierde. I'm deeming it the official spiritual successor to Tales of Tabira, and I hope the best for everyone who becomes a part of it.
Again, I'm sorry it took this long to admit what we all knew was coming. I attribute even this to the minimal amount of time any of us have for the group nowadays. If anything, I hope the new decade is treating you all well and I wish you all the best in what you're doing. I know ToT may have even helped some of you get into drawing or writing; please do continue to pursue your passions!
Thank you all for everything.
- Milly
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I see. Thanks for clearing that up.
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I believe this should be fine; it's a necessary assumption given that the group's other characters (mine included, for sure!) are available for use in continuing stories.
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