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If ye're trying and failing then ye're not tryin' hard enough"
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Sora's Inn by TalesOfLumin Sora's Inn :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 0
Mature content
Chapter 1: The First :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 0 0
Tallin felt the warm wind blowing in from over the Teren Wastes on her face as she looked out over the Dusk District of the Tarn Slums. Her district, she thought, the first of many to be hers. Fist Novack, the fabled leader of Advent, was losing control. He was starting to ease his iron grip, he was starting to lose the people and with them, he was losing Tarn. "Teach me all your tricks that I may use them against you, Fist." Tallin chided. He puts too much faith, blind faith, in his prized Seer, she thought to herself. A smirk started to form on Tallin's face. Everything was starting to fall into place. The Seer, Black Alice, had set all this up, unknowingly.
"It will work out all the better for me if your predictions come true, Alice. I will be first in line to claim this sleeping power you preach about." Tallin promised as she gave one last sweeping look over the Dusk District then jumped from her perch atop a ruined shelter into the alleyway below. It was time to set
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Sora's Inn Lineart by TalesOfLumin Sora's Inn Lineart :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 0 0 Tarn Slums by TalesOfLumin Tarn Slums :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 3 1
The Tarn Slums
Tarn, the Capital city of the industrious Prall people, located on the Southwestern tip of Teren. It is built around the base of the only real landmark visible for many, many miles, Cinder Hill. Cinder Hill is a round and flat topped mountain, now almost completely covered by the ever expanding Tarn. The city proper is surrounded by a large brick and clay wall snaking around its perimeter, interrupted only by the three main city gates to the north, south and east. The Tarn Wall was built by the Prallian Mining Company when it first opened its doors almost half a century ago as a gesture of goodwill to the Prall living in Tarn. In recent years the wall has provided less and less security to the Tarn residents, as the seemingly constantly expanding Slums Districts have spread well beyond the Tarn Wall, reaching slowly across the newly barren wasteland of Teren. The City of Tarn started off as a centre of trade and industry in Lumin, a bustling metropolis, a mechanical and technological f
:icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 1
"How I miss the innocence I once possessed. I've heard naught but Gale's sinister whispers, fueling my revenge, since that fateful day those many years ago."
83rd Year - Yulano's Passing
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Lumin Love by TalesOfLumin Lumin Love :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 4 0
Mature content
Fist :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 2 0
Tarn needs change
"Is this the life the Prall people wished for? Is this the life they would have chosen, given the choice? Probably not. There is a small part of every Prall that lives in Tarn that hopes, wishes, for a better Tarn, a better life. Teren is not what it used to be, Tarn is not what it used to be. Noru remembers when there was more than just the dust and stone, more than just the blistering heat, more than just the crime and corruption."
"Noru remembers."
"Noru remembers the life the Prall had before the mining started. The life the Teren had before the mining started. Noru pictured that life, imagined what Teren could look like once more. That was what Noru was creating, working tirelessly alongside a team of researchers in the Prallian Mining Company. Noru was given a task. Noru was working for the greater good, working for the betterment of Noru's entire race. The Lumite had the potential to change the face of Teren, change it for the better. It had the potential to save the Prallian
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Blog banner complete by TalesOfLumin Blog banner complete :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 0 Blog banner concept by TalesOfLumin Blog banner concept :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 0 Plains Of Yaren sample by TalesOfLumin Plains Of Yaren sample :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 0
The Plains Of Yaren
The flowing Plains Of Yaren, named so by the Order Of Yulano for being the birthplace of the fabled Yaren Yulano, founder of the Order itself, a more serene place cannot be found in all of Lumin. Bordered by the misty Elari Fenn to the north, home of the small framed and grey skinned Elari. The tall cliffs overlooking the Fenn see no more than a white swirl dotted by the weeping treetops of the Fenn willows. To the south of the plains, Cove. Inhabited mostly by humans, the tall, fair skinned and dark haired Covian seafarers being the most prominent among them. Rolling dunes, beaches and palm trees make up most of Cove, with the chilling sea breeze blowing in from across the Foaming Shores.
Long grass of gold and green rolls out as far as the eye can see on the Plains Of Yaren, interrupted only by the grasslands gentle rises and dips. In the west of the plains, Yulano Peak, the tall and imposing mountain, the site of the long ago deserted village of the same name. The mountain is the mo
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Rihn by TalesOfLumin Rihn :icontalesoflumin:TalesOfLumin 1 9


Starcraft Terran Medic by VonSchlippe Starcraft Terran Medic :iconvonschlippe:VonSchlippe 4,343 550 SYMBIOSIS by chesterocampo
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SYMBIOSIS :iconchesterocampo:chesterocampo 2,520 170
Korabli by SnowSkadi Korabli :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 1,700 0 Descent by eWKn Descent :iconewkn:eWKn 1,138 68 SYNC: Fox and the Butterfly by TysonTan SYNC: Fox and the Butterfly :icontysontan:TysonTan 5,936 233 Summoner Library by asuka111 Summoner Library :iconasuka111:asuka111 29,039 1,302 like my red cape by Peter-Ortiz like my red cape :iconpeter-ortiz:Peter-Ortiz 1,820 133 The Cost of Betrayal by Peter-Ortiz The Cost of Betrayal :iconpeter-ortiz:Peter-Ortiz 943 40 Bad Company by Peter-Ortiz Bad Company :iconpeter-ortiz:Peter-Ortiz 1,824 90 Batgirl 12 by Artgerm Batgirl 12 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 27,340 1,705 Military girl WIP by dinmoney Military girl WIP :icondinmoney:dinmoney 517 35 Military girl by dinmoney Military girl :icondinmoney:dinmoney 1,374 105 Marlow by dinmoney Marlow :icondinmoney:dinmoney 83 9 Sands by SnowSkadi Sands :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 8,209 0 Hell by SnowSkadi Hell :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 5,199 0 There you are by elsevilla There you are :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 1,882 96


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Tales Of Lumin
Artist | Photography
South Africa
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From the flowing grasslands of Yaren to the deep Everglow Forest, there is always adventure to be found in the world of Lumin! Come with us as we explore the life of Delly, a young girl from the quiet little village Dew as she embarks on a long and winding journey to discover.. well, you will just have to wait and see : )

- Childrens books -

The Tales Of Lumin books are aimed at younger readers, the age range is yet to be announced. The first book in the series has already been written and the art is for the book is currently being worked on. We will be updating the page regulary with more information regarding the book series. We will not be stopping after the first book, an entire series is being planned and is in the works.

- Unnamed book series for older readers -

We are working on an as of yet unnamed book series for older readers. This series will also be based in the World of Lumin, with all its intriguing inhabitants and exotic locations. We are currently in the planning stage and will release more information over the coming weeks.

- Childrens computer games -

The Tales Of Lumin computer game is currently being worked on, it is being developed in RPG-Maker VX and will tie in with the release of the first book. The game will be for a similiar age group as the book series and will follow the plot of the books. (With many extras) The game will be free to download and might even be distributed with the first book, free of charge. Sadly, we are not uploading any screenshots or information about the game to DevART, feel free to check the game out on our Facebook Fanpage or Blog!

- More coming soon -

Current Residence: South Africa
Operating System: Windows 7
We have been pretty illusive of late here at Tales of Lumin, haven't we? We are still here though, still working hard at making our dreams a reality. In the coming days we are planning on releasing something big for all the fans out there, we appreciate all the support, every single view helps!

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Thank you all!
The appreciative Tales Of Lumin Team.

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