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The Agreement to Fair Treatment amongst the Three Intelligent Races and Neutralize Arms. Simply called "the treaty".

The treaty was signed some two hundred and one years ago by the first pope of Tor'Riar and the representatives of Estratus and Jak'rram. In short, they would stop forceful invasion of one another, retreat their armies and navies, free slaves, surrender the furs and bodies of the dead still in possession and discontinue attacking anyone from the other countries. The treaty acknowledges the intelligence of all three races and that, even if they look different and have differing cultures, there is no reason they should be at each others throats.

Any crimes that are committed against someone of differing species is treated as a crime against all three countries and those who commit such acts are to be tried accordingly in court. If two countries feel that another is not properly upholding the agreements of the treaty they have agreed to, the other two countries are allowed to intervene in the government and make any corrections seen as necessary.

Fugoi, Oussidar and Shaou Li are not upheld to this treaty. Shaou Li has outright refused to follow such a treaty, seeing it as a weak way to enforce peace among people destined to destroy each other. Oussidar and Fugoi are not upheld by the treaty, as they were formed after its signing. However they seem to have hate crime laws that act similarly to what's outlined in the treaty in an effort to keep the peace in their own lands.

Halflings are, more often than not, unprotected by the above laws. There are amendments that people attempt to add to fix this.

Up until a couple hundred years ago, humans, elves and beastmen lived separately in their own territories. The elves and the beastmen were fairly stationary while humans increased their numbers and sought out to further expand their cities and farming lands. The humans met the forest elves and, after ignoring their warnings, then traveled up into beastmen territory.

Once confronted with beastmen, tension raised and small fights started. The fighting escalated, both sides attempting to hunt each other like game and soon all out war was unleashed. The bloodshed was accompanied with enslavement of one another and the death of many innocents, including elven villages that happened to be in the way.

In order to protect themselves, the elves took part in the fighting, only bringing up the body count. This bloodbath lasted months more before catastrophe struck. Hundreds of elves, beastmen and humans were killed in seconds. Air thick with mana, it was clearly an elven attack.

Realizing the devastation they were causing and the only likely outcome to be brought from their fighting, representatives from each race gathered and attempted to come to a more peaceful solution. It was simple, really: the humans would keep all the land they fought for, and the elves and beastmen would keep theirs. The hunting and killing of either of the other two would be forbidden and would be treated as a crime against all three races.

The uneasy treaty lasted for several months until an elven priestess named Raziel was crowned as the holy empress of the theocratic empire of Tor'Riar. With the largely human nation under her command once her emperor died, the treaty was strengthened and hate violence had been punished more servery. She started to establish more churches, schools, libraries and orphanages in an attempt to help anyone who might need it.

Even with the accomplishments Raziel had made in her two hundred years as queen there are still those out there who question her intentions.

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