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The World of Astoria by Kosumosu Astoria Political Map by Kosumosu

Name: Tor'Riar(Toh-Ree-ahr) (purple)
Climate(s):(far west) Semiarid to Oceanic to Highlands to Humid Subtropical; (central) Highlands to Subarctic to Arid to Semiarid to Mediterranean to Humid Subtropical to Humid Continental; (far east) Arid to Semiarid to Oceanic to Humid Continental
Government: Totalitarian Theocracy
Economy: Socialism, imports and exports largely amongst itself on the various continents
Magitech Level: High, used in military, communication, transportation, and is generally accessible to citizens ranging from larger cities to smaller cities, there are areas where it is lower, but those are very remote.
Food Staples: Potatoes, wheat
Population Ethnicity: High humans, Low elves, Beastmen rare.

Country Attitude:
Until the rule of the Holy Queen Raziel, the relation between most every other country was tense and uneasy with heavy emphasis on boarder control due to distrust in it's neighbors. The government has since taken a more relaxed and even friendly approach to handling it's relationships with other countries going as far as offering medical services and natural resources without trade.

The citizens, having been so spread out and exposed to the remains of the people their emperor's driven out, seem to have no idea as to why the beastmen and elven folk have such negative views on them. Some try to 'make amends' by following their queen's example and offer hospitality... with little success.

History (according to the country):
Several hundred years ago, it's said that humans were the pray of beastmen and the pests of elves. They struggled to survive in a world where they couldn't simply muscle or cast their worries away. With some time, humans grew in population and started forming complex tools and building more elaborate and strong buildings to protect themselves and their kin. For generations they continued to build and grow, making a small kingdom for themselves. That kingdom soon grew overpopulated, and they sought out new lands to build cities on and further their reach over the land.

Eventually they had a reunion with the beastmen, their former hunters. When refusing to let the beastmen simply eat them, they ignited a fight that would turn into war between the humans and beastmen. The fight escalated and spread into the elven lands, enraging the elves and bringing their best casters into the fight.

There's no clear documentation of what happened, but it's said an elven spell had grown out of the caster's control and engulfed everyone on the battlefield.

The king of the human lands insisted upon a representative of each race to come forth so they can seek a peaceful solution. With the meetings that followed a treaty between human, elf and beastman kind was written up and peace was restored...

Name:Estratus(Eh-strah-tuhs) (green)
Climate(s): Tropical wet and dry to Humid Continental
Economy: Socialism, closed in as well, self sustaining with very few imports and exports
Magitech Level:Low. Magic is still used in a more raw form, druidish tendencies and turning away from advanced technology.
Food Staples: Maize
Population Ethnicity:Elves high, Beastmen sparse, Humans Rare

Country Attitude:
Though not openly hostile, Estratus does not communicate often with the other countries unless discussing the little trade it has or possible infringements on the treaty.

The citizens seem to be reluctant towards strangers in general, including other elves, until their intentions are made clear. Anyone who seem to be counter-productive to their beliefs and lifestyle are usually escorted passed the country boundaries. Those wishing to live a more nature-connected lifestyle away from larger cities tend to be more accepted and adopted by one tribe or another.

History (according to the country):
Seeming to be the native lands of the elves, many tribes remained there and formed a unified government to represent their many peoples in the eyes of the world. The parliament is comprised of these village chiefs and their elders, who come together when needed to discuss things regarding laws, land and local trade.

Name:Shaou Li(Shou-lee) (red)
Climate(s):Ranging from semiarid to humid subtropical
Government:Totalitarian Oligarchy
Economy:Socialism, very closed in, self sustaining, few imports and exports, and only in highly regulated ports
Magitech Level:Medium high, largely centered in major cities and at the borders. Also advanced military. Some noticeable leaps ahead of other cultures, while behind in others, working on their technology apart from the other countries.
Food Staples:Rice
Population Ethnicity:Elves high, Humans rare, Beastmen rare

Country Attitude:
Poor relations with just about every other country, openly hostile towards Tor'riar and Oussidar (largely human countries). Tends to threaten war towards the two if unwanted humans attempt to cross it's boarders.

Elves are treated as 'first class citizens', owning more houses, businesses and land than any of the other races, who are treated poorly and given the crumbs, forced to live in the slums and off of poor quality food and water.

History (according to the country):
The country was founded by elves who refused to accept the peace that the human country tried to force on the others. Seeing the other elves and beastmen's cooperation as weakness, the elves in Shaou Li built a wall to protect the land that was theirs and built their own country, declaring independence within the first decade. Any beastmen or humans that were brought in were either slaves already owned among the elves or were hired for manual labor.

Name:Oussidar(Oh-see-dahr) (yellow)
Climate(s):Subarctic to Highlands to Semiarid
Government:Democratic Republic
Economy:Capitalism, some imports of natural resources, a lot of exports of manufactured products
Magitech Level:High, used in transportation, communication, from the larger cities to some of the remote ones. Ordinary citizens have relative access to technology.
Food Staples:Wheat, potatoes
Population Ethnicity:Humans high, Elves medium, Beastmen sparse

Country Attitude:
Seems resentful toward Tor'Riar and Shaou Li and indifferent to most others. They openly trade with the Fugoi Islands, Jak'rram and Estratus.

The humans there tend to treat beastmen and elves as something almost wondrous to be seen, seeming more curious than hateful or uneasy. Though in general, the newer human citizens don't seem to treat the elf and beastman population much different, the older humans sometimes grow hostile and biter, though aren't sure why.

History (according to the country):
Once a land of exiles, criminals and rouges from Tor'Riar, the citizens of Oussidar had decided that they had enough of the Pope's treatment of their people and declared war against the holy land. Soon after hearing this, the pope reconsidered and offered to write up a treaty and give the land it's independence. Though their government and constitution wasn't official until after their separation, they'd had their own system set up for years in order to keep the peace amongst it's citizens.

Name: Jak'rram(Zhak-krahm) (gold)
Climate(s):Subarctic to Highlands to Semiarid, south continent is Tropical wet
Government:Monarchy and Republic
Economy: Capitalism, primarily to teal and yellow
Magitech Level: Medium Low, used in the capitol to a minor extent with infrastructure
Food Staples: Wheat, Maize
Population Ethnicity: Beastmen High, Humans sparse, Elves rare

Country Attitude:
Overall, the government is uneasy yet civil with Tor'Riar and Shaou Li. It seems very open and friendly with Fugoi and Oussidar, favoring the former as if it were an extended part of Jak'rram. No extensive contact with Estratus has been made.

One of the few places where beastmen are in majority, they make sure to keep the few humans and elves there in line. The few hate crimes done by any citizen is dealt with in the most severe way the law allows, for fear that the treaty would be in danger of being broken. There's little said about what actually happens to the perpetrators of hate crimes, but it's stricken enough fear in all citizens to encourage them to live peacefully.

History (according to the country):
Originally land native to just beastmen, the tribes all had to learn to cope with the new humans and elves that had settled after the war ended. With some time, the beastmen  were able to find a balance with the humans and elves by including them as representatives in the newly forming government along with the beastmen chief men and the grand chief who acted as king. Though overall the rights of elves and humans didn't come anywhere near those of beastmen for nearly a hundred years, they'd come a long way. Though there are rumors that the chiefs men are afraid of an uprising amongst the minority.

Name:Fugoi(Fuu-goee) Islands (teal)
Climate(s):Tropical Wet to Oceanic climate
Government:Monarchy and Republic, leaders are representatives from different tribes that meet together to pass laws
Economy:Capitalism, trade amongst the islands, and primarily to gold and yellow
Magitech Level:Low, possibly used in communications between islands and boats, but otherwise low
Food Staples:Cassava, Banana
Population Ethnicity:Beastmen High, Elves low, Humans Rare

Country Attitude:
Even though they lack the military backing of the others, the government is very straightforward about its opinions and the necessities needed to be met for it's citizens. They are confident of their national security as the many rocks and islands in their country would confuse and wreck anyone who was unfamiliar with the land. Though they tend to favor Jak'rram and Oussidar in trade and open communication.

Much like Jak'rram, the beastmen tend to make sure that the elves and humans don't try to override them. Unlike Jak'rram, the overall atmosphere is more relaxed and the three races willingly cooperate to gather fish, fresh water and other natural resources. When not working towards survival they tend to leave one another alone, adopting the saying, "live and let live".

History (according to the country):
The once uninhabited lands were colonized and settled on by beastmen who were driven out of their homes closer to the coastline of what is currently Eastern Tor'Riar. Many of those who were forced this way did not survive, either having drowned at sea, suffered from disease or were malnourished and dehydrated. Much of the population was built up in this way. Eventually the population among the islands was large enough to consider itself its own nation and declared independence several decades after the treaty was signed.

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