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Quests, side quests and "chain" quests will be put here for reference until further notice.

:star:Story Quest #4: The After Effect:star:
[This took longer to scrape together than we expected, but it is finally here and the story is quick on it's way once again!]

“Attention, San Roberto Citizens and Guests! Please! Stay calm!” Over the blaze of Burning city blocks, a booming voice echoes. It gradually travels with it's owner down a wreaked street, once festive and alive. “Attention, San Roberto Citizens and Guests! Calmly report to the local Peers for safety! I Repeat: Report to local Peers for Safety and further instruction!” This voice is heard all through out the city.

Whether or not you obey it, guards everywhere are spreading word for those who are lost to the instructions.
[Bahadur]: “Half the city is in Ruin, and if we fail to contain the fires and clear the streets, many more will be lost! I shouldn't be here....but, with the Mass of the Royal guard gone tracking the “Black Invaders”; and the rest set to work escorting their Majesties home to safety, very few of us are left to help the gravely underhanded City Guards.
All across the mid point of the city, Check points have been aligned to fight back the fires. Each one is taking Volunteers to help put them out. Search parties are scouring remains and untouched streets, looking for survivors. If you find anyone, escort them to Lisa at the Citizen Aid check point at the Piers. Be careful.”

The farther from the fires you traverse, the more organized things will become. But the more crowed as well. Side way streets are entirely crowded with Medical bays, Shelters, Soups kitchens, and Post boards for people to find family and friends. One busy woman in particular is constantly wondering from one medical tent to another, taking in volunteers left and right with wounded and injured.

[Lisa]: “We can always use an extra steady hand from the 'Priest Community', but anyone who can tie a knot is just as useful.
As you venture out into the city, be warned, there are still dangers about. From the corpses of the monsters, springs forth crystalline structures in various shades of blue. They still contain traces of magical energies, which we believe could have been the cause of the mutations in the various fauna about.
We have been collecting them for testing, so if you procure samples to me, it would help us determine where these originated from... I have my theories... due to the color of the crystals and the abilities it granted their victims... but we need to be sure before we determine a countermeasure. Be sure not to touch them though, we do not know their effects on humanoid creatures...”

The “Strong of Heart” are sent with Lead Guards to collect the unfortunate souls lost to the attack, and to put down the few remaining Monsters still straggling along the streets. Casualties are surprisingly few, but the few monsters still alive look sickly and ill with disease. Some of their corpses, only hours old, look as if they had lain for weeks; Decayed and deteriorating into dust, they leave behind the crystals once embedded in their skulls. The Royal Guard have surveyed these creatures and ordered they be left untouched until further notice, no matter the circumstance.

Some people just never listen, though...

Task: Draw or write about your Character helping out in two or more ways as a volunteer. For extra credit, include an extra submission detailing the collection of crystals for Lisa.
Rewards: 30exp/15gp
Deadline: January 27th
Extra: Attend RP Event  for mini boss fight and exclusive story fodder~! [Date To Be Announced]

:star:Holiday event! :Fall Harvest Feast:star:

It's that time of the year. Time to gather those squash, those veggies and those grains and eat them... with other people! Come on down, bring some food and wear your fall wear best! There's nothing like eating with the people you love~

Task:  Be anywhere! Anywhere you please! Dress your OC in cute or silly clothes (preferably in fall colors) and have them bring their own dish to the meal! At the end of this event there will be a Fall Harvest Queen and King chosen from those who participated! Collaborations get double points!

Deadline: November 30th

Quest #3.5 RP Event: Leading Us On.

There seems to be a little more to this monster attack than what was previously thought! And now, it's time to start finding out what.

Task: Participate in the RP Event happening from Friday to Tuesday, 3PM to 9 PM (US mountain time). Just for showing up and sticking around, you can earn 5 exp points for each day you attend! Earn another 5 for every day you participate. Attend all five days, and earn a bonus of 10 exp. That's a possible whole 60 exp! Be sure to provide some sort of proof that you were there during the event, just in case we miss you at attendance.

Deadline: Tuesday, Oct 9th

PS: Sorry for the mix up, guys. We hope to have things like this better planned out in the future.

:star:Quest #3: The End of Peace(Story quest):star:

After weeks, the festival is finally winding down. The mayor thanks everyone for coming out and the closing ceremony is currently underway. Everything goes well...

Until a bear tries mauling the Mayor.

Twisted monsters have made their way into town, along with men in black uniforms weilding crossbows! They're making a wreck of the place, attacking innocents and setting the place on fire!

Where's a hero when you need one?
Tales of Astoria: Twisted Wolf by Kosumosu Tales of Astoria: Twisted Filifolia by Kosumosu Tales of Astoria: Twisted Rabbit by Kosumosu Tales of Astoria: Twisted Frog by Kosumosu Tales of Astoria: Twisted Bear by Kosumosu
Gunmen to be added later in the week...

Task: What do you do? It doesn't matter what, just know eventually, you'll have to deal with either the uniformed men, the monsters... or both.

Deadline: October 13th

:star:Quest #2: The Celebration of Peace...(Story quest):star:

It's been over two hundred years since the treaty amongst the three peoples was made. In hopes of promoting further peace among the lands, a festival is held in Tor'Riar. Humans, Elves and Beastmen alike are encouraged to come and take part in the festivities in the port town of San Roberto. There's dancing, games, contests, food, fortune telling, costumed people running around town and even a man who deep fries everything you hand him! Color and light bring new life to a normally quiet town.

Though not all is fun and games. Any attempt at starting unneeded violence will be dealt with by the local guards, armed with anti-magic weapons and protected by the highest grade armor that isn't military issue. It's unwise to pick fights with these men and women...

Other than that, fun's to be had all around! It's just a matter of where to start. You've got all day after all.

Task: What does your character do during the festival? Do they go at all? How does your character have fun while there? Does your character meet anyone?

We want all of you to come into chat and hang out! Please~?

Art references for those who want them:
Condita by Kosumosu sketch the city by SilvyRuu
Yeah, we reused old pics. We honestly haven't had time to draw a lot of new art for you guys. D:

Deadline: August 30th EXTENDED to Sept 6th
Note: The map has been updated and arte ladders linked in the description of the class submissions! Go look em over again while we... get things situated.

:star:Quest #1: It's all about you!(Side quest):star:

Throughout history, there have been many changes. Wars have torn civilizations apart, killed countless people and have wrecked the land. The world was once shaken to it's core. But out of that chaos has risen the greatest, most powerful people in history! God-like beings who put a stop to the chaos and brought about a peace that would last generations.

Those great few were once normal people, though. Once upon a time they were men and women, boys and girls who struggled through their own hardships and trials.

Greatness is something one works for, after all. It's crafted from the dead, hard ground and formed into something more. Something everything longs for.

But this isn't about greatness, is it? It's not about the wars fought, the blood spilled or the state of the world.

What is this about?


Task: All great stories gotta start somewhere. Tell us about your character. Who are they? Where did they come from? What was their past like? Include as much or as little information as you'd like.

This quest can be combined with other quests.

Deadline: None. This goes on forever.

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For the fall festival quest, does anyone want to do a collab? I haven't really done them before ^_^;;;