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General Rules

Please follow DA’s general rules for behavior.

Be polite. Or at least reasonably civil towards fellow members and mods. If there is an issue with either, call a mod. Even if it's an issue with a moderator to begin with, tell another mod through note.

This is an RP group based off of the Tales games. Please do not incorporate elements from those games unless they’re stated to be in this group. This means other game’s Summon Spirits, Blastia, Fon, Martel, or anything of that sort. We are a fan created group, and will have our own plot elements, summon spirits, and items of which to use.

Be aware, you'll likely have to deal with blood and violence while in the group chat RPs or art. This is because there is a good amount of fighting, and some people like to get a bit descriptive.

Any disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Please use some common sense. Things like flaming, racism, sexism and so on will get you kicked with a warning.

Role Playing

Ask before joining someone in their RP. They may be in the middle of something.

Don't god mod or control others’ characters, even if the other person's doing it. Tell them, they may not be aware of it.

No Metagaming in the  is using information that you know out of character to your advantage, especially when your character cannot plausibly know the information on their own.

No smut in the group chat room. Take it to a private RP through notes, your own chat or instant messages.

Be aware of "in character" and "out of character" behavior. Just because someone's character is a jerk, doesn't always mean that member's a jerk. Just because their character doesn't want to be friends doesn't mean that person won't either.

Do not kill other people's NPCs or Characters without permission!

If members contact the mods about problems, we have the rights to contact you about it and ask for you to change things that are bothersome to the other members.

If the members ask you to stop something that you are doing, it probably means that your actions are bothering them in some way, so please be considerate. If you wish, note the mods and we can take care of the situation

Art Related

Lack of effort or "ability" to draw your character in the application sheet will not excuse you from having to draw. We understand that some of you may feel like you can't draw well. Some of you won't want to put your own drawing on the sheet for one reason or another. However, unless you are incapable (not unwilling) to put up your own work, you will be responsible for making your own work.

No art theft. This means tracing, using and referencing other peoples paintings, brushes, sketches, designs and stock without their permission. If you are unclear rather what your doing is against these rules or not, feel free to ask!

All artwork submitted must be Astoria related unless a meme says otherwise.

No pornographic or needlessly gory material as... well... we don't need to see it, really. Suggestive, nude and bloody images are okay as long as it's tasteful. Not sure? Go ahead and ask us!

You can only submit seven times a week. If you the need to submit more than this, note the group and we'll send a request to have them submitted. This number may increase or decrease in the future. Comics count as one work.

Try to stay active in submitting art.

Character Related

Please no Mary-Sues’ or the like, this is a character that is perfect with little to no flaws or balanced out personalities.

Don’t have your character be of royal lineage, or someone of high political power. It wouldn’t be fair to other members and would make the plot-lines too confusing with a multitude of princes or princesses running about. Also, do not have your character involved with the summon spirits. Sorry, we don’t have a summoner class. They will be important, and you will have the opportunity to interact with them, but that will come in due time.

As this is a fan-created ‘Tales of’ game, please do not have your character related to characters in canon games. They will not be in the group, and it wouldn’t make all that much sense.

On that note though, do not have things that would not be a part of a ‘Tales of’ universe. This means no undead characters, or were-wolves, or the like. If you have questions or are wondering if your character will fit, note the group and we can help you fit your desired OC into the group. We just want to keep everyone on the same levels, not hinder creativity.


Repeated breaking of any of the rules listed can earn you a warning, or a ban as well as removal from the group. This includes you, your character, your art work and anything you might've earned/done in the group.

Confused? Note the group with questions! We'll reply to you as soon as we can~! Just be mindful that we also have things to do outside of the group.

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