Frequently Pondered Questions (Astoria's FAQ)

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How many characters can we have?
Two for now.

How many NPCs?
You can have as many NPCs as you want as long as you remember that NPCs should not always be the focus of your work.

Can my OC or NPC be royal?
Sorry, no. We can probably deal with characters being of nobility, though.

How often does the group open up to new members?
After our first opening, we'll continue to be open unless something devastating happens to all three mods at once.

Can Bird type Beastmen/Halflings fly?
Bird type Beastmen cannot fly, but they can glide very short distances. This would be because of typical bird-like characteristics like bone density, as birds have hallow, light-weight bones, and plumage.

Halflings /could/ glide as well, inherent characteristics permitting. Such as if they inherited their beast-parents hallow bones and plumes, sure, they /could/ glide a short distance, though probably not much father than their full blooded counterpart.

What are quests? How do they work?

Quests are group wide "tasks" members can choose to do. Some will revolve around Astoria's story, while others will allow members to focus on individual storyline and conflict. Others, still, can focus on Astoria NPCs, history and so on.

To complete a quest, members simply have to make art to complete the tasks listed in the quest information. The quests with deadlines will give double the amount of points compared to memes or "daily life" submissions. For example: if the drawing you made for a timed quest would usually get about 30 EXP, you end up getting 60 for completing it on time.

Deadlines passing do not mean that the quest is no longer available, though. Once a deadline has passed for a quest, members are still welcome to participate and submit their work for the regular amount they'd earn.

Quests with no deadline do not offer double the EXP and will be fewer in number. These can still be used as a chance to earn some extra EXP, so be sure to take advantage of as many as you can. The journal we use to archive quests can be found here:…

Why bother with levels?

We were thinking that the highest leveled characters in Astoria would get a more direct influence on the plot later on... That, and this is a game based RP group.

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