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Read Me! I'm Important!

This is a "Tales of-" based rp group! We are currently getting things set up and underway. If you want, please watch us! We hope to have updates and things coming regularly.

Rules | FAQ | Points System | History | World | Races & Classes | Quests | Chatroom

We are now Closed until further notice.

Though before you make your character and hit that join button, there are a few things you're going to need to do first.

:star-empty:To start off, you'll want to be certain you've read all of the Journals for all the proper information to join.
:bulletwhite:The Rules
:bulletblue:The World
World History
:bulletblack:Classes and Races
(classes and races are located in both the concept gallery and Journals.)
It's important you read them, because you don't want to get in trouble or look foolish when you've joined.

:star-half:After all that, complete your Character Sheet entirely and be sure to link it in your join request so the moderators can double check it.

:star:When you've been accepted, submit your character sheet to it's appropriate Country gallery folder. Afterwards, feel free to jump into any events or quests open to you and be well on your way to your destiny as a hero or villain!

If you have questions about something we haven't covered yet, or that you're confused about, don't be afraid to send a note to Admins or drop a comment on one of the journals. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible so you can get back to making your character.

Want to have a place to talk about things Astoria related?
Come chat with us in Astoria's Official ChatRoom!

Don't know anything about Tales? Want artistic inspiration?
There's a wiki and a gallery for that.

Reading Material:
:bulletwhite:Tales of the Abyss
:bulletblue:Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Eternia
If you have more Tales manga that you can share, let us know and we'll post them here!


:Welcome to Astoria: by Ligos-Dedalius-Kris :Welcome to Astoria: :iconligos-dedalius-kris:Ligos-Dedalius-Kris 7 9 Quartet 2 by szetopierz Quartet 2 :iconszetopierz:szetopierz 6 17 Quartet by szetopierz Quartet :iconszetopierz:szetopierz 5 19 City of Azeria by TylerEdlinArt City of Azeria :icontyleredlinart:TylerEdlinArt 3,747 109 Commission - Kosumosu by mistera-saki Commission - Kosumosu :iconmistera-saki:mistera-saki 4 0



Yo. It's MJ. You know. YoukoMJ . The Co-founder of this group.

It's been years. Literally. No one is probably reading this post, which is entirely understandable. If you see this and hold no interest in the group anymore, that's cool. You can leave. If you're even on DA anymore. Let's face it, this site isn't doing as well as it could be.

But if you are here, and you are curious, I'd like to announce that I am officially revamping things.

I'm not a speedy worker, though. I'm very slow, at my best, and needlessly rushed at my worst. I can honestly say that because of my impatience this place crashed and burned the first time around. I couldn't have regretted that more if I could. I'm sorry, guys. I let you down...

I'm not sure who still holds interest in this place. It's sad to say, but this place and it's predecessor are rightly dead.

That said, I'm in the back, writing and reorganizing things as needed. It'll take a while. A long while. But it's happening. I have a little unofficial help on the side. I have a few ideas, and the old ideas and quests from before.

I also want to try and make Astoria it's own thing. With blackjack. And hookers. (No, no, we're still PG-13.) It wouldn't be hard, honestly, it'd just be time consuming. A lot of what we did deviated from the source material, and lots of what we had planned were original ideas of our own creation.

How much of these ideas will be kept? .... I'm not sure. I'll have to ask around.

In the meantime... I guess I'll keep you updated? I'll try and keep these bi-weekly at best. Back end stuff needs to be settled first, however, so nothing will be visible until well into the finalization of conceptualization. Which is to say, there will be no new written information and no new art for a long, long while.

If you're still here and you still want to see where this could go: Thank you. I'll do right by you this time.


UPDATE (5/1):

  • Reorganized conflicting figures and groups. Updated group homepage. Reviewed old information, for the most part.
  • Going to contact Silver(contacted) and Kosu(contacted). Going to see what needs to be revamped or what needs to be remade from scratch.
    • CONTACTED BOTH! WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS! ... Casually. Because life happens. (Welcome back, guys!)
  • Probably close joining until we're actually ready for members. Make separate update blog post? IDK.
    • Joining closed until admin-level stuff is re-evaluated, updated and streamlined for ease of use.
  • Review leveling system. Rewrite and abridge classes. ... N-... New spells? Would that be too bold?
    • Yeah, it's probably too bold. Let's hold that off for after world building.

UPDATE (5/2):

  • DA keeps getting rid of stuff I had saved??? So I'm going to move some of my more typing intense stuff to a google doc til Sil and Kosu are ready to look things over. It wasn't much but it was still VERY annoying to lose. Attempted to rework EXP ladder. Need to rewrite species details. Reevaluating grading system for writing, comics and illustrations to include more opportunity to earn EXP, more lax grading with writing and more details and restrictions with comic grading.
    • EXP Grades reworked for Comics, Illustrations and Writing. Gonna shove at Kosu and Sil later so they can pick it apart. Also added more excuses to give bonus EXP.
    • I finished this damn thing at 3:30AM, proving that I have no life. None.
    • (5/14): Approved? For the most part. Going to revise later.
  • I'm so tired, I keep forgetting everything else I was going to include, this is terrible guys, sorry.
  • More local conflicts to include about: halflings, population, resources, relations. Time to get a little dark here. Just a little.
  • Review and modify rules as needed, both for member behavior and art submissions.

UPDATE (5/14):

  • WHOO-HOOOOOOOOO, FIGURING OUT THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! ... For six thousand years, apparently. (WIP)
    • figuring out elementals and spirits' hierarchy
    • Element types? And Stuff? Yeah!!! Could be 4, could be 12, we don't fucking know.
      • Note to self: write out Aspect stuff to help figure out Element stuff
  • I reformatted the blog stuff... because wow, I didn't realize I could do this before. GDI.
  • Character stats roughed out, point pool, roughed out.
  • Combat system concept in the works.
  • Tumblr, DA, Discord... decisions to be made at a later time.

More Journal Entries


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