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Tales of Arcana 5E Race Guide - The Modern Age

The Modern Age is an important event in the history of Arcana, explored in the Tales of Arcana® 5E Race Guide (…) for sale on DriveThruRPG now!

In the modern age, adventurers seek to help others and prove their might in battle. However, humans and the nonmagical have come to resent those that differ from them. This adventuring party shows a merfolkelf, and card.

This scene was illustrated by Damien Mammoliti (
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But don't forget the retired kunoichi knitting on the porch. Bet you she can hit one of them with a thrown needle like a thrown spike.

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I'm trying to make out what the concern old lady is making with words but it's upside down.

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The first two words are "Make Arcana"

Which makes me think that its based on a certain former President's campaign slogan.

I'm guessing Granny is the kind of Granny that has ruined more than one Thanksgiving.

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Oof I bet. No wonder why the concern look.