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This year’s TGS presentation was pretty sparing with new details, mostly including an interview with the Japanese VAs for the roles of Alphen and Shionne, but at the end, including a new trailer teasing a third character.

ArSyn27 by Gi1t

This is the only shot of them so far. The character is seemingly a little girl around the same age a Rita and the costume suggests a black mage or thief. They’re accompanied by this little owl creature.

ArSyn28 by Gi1t

No names were given and it was pretty clear they’re not yet ready to talk about the game that much. But they did have some new remarks on the story.

ArSyn24 by Gi1t

For one, Shionne can heal. All Renans are able to use Mana which in this world is referred to as ‘Astral Force’. Alphen’s big ass flame sword, called “Torchflame” in Japanese (meaning it might be named differently in English) does hurt him while he’s holding it, and though he can’t feel pain, Shionne still needs to patch him up from using it.

ArSyn26 by Gi1t

The trailer also shows off a lot more of the encounter on the train which seems to happen early in the game, before the main characters have their normal costumes.

ArSyn2 by Gi1t

But the most interesting detail was a shot of this area again… only with a difference.

ArSyn25 by Gi1t

It’s at night. It seems there WILL be some sort of Day/Night shifting in the game allowing you to see some, if not all areas of the game in both. No sure bet on how active it will be, but it’s definitely something I was hoping for and wished we’d gotten more often with previous games.


Before all this, Namco posted a number of blogs from the game’s director that also answered a number of questions people asked after the first trailer, so if you haven’t heard any of this information yet, here it is:

The Game is Not Open World- Tomizawa confirmed that while the areas in the game are large, both laterally and also vertically, the game’s progression will remain the same as past Tales games. It’s not going to be fully open-ended. Games made to have open-world structures are usually based heavily on the player making a lot, if not all of their own decisions and telling their own story, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a game as heavily scripted and character-based as Tales to use that design.

Battles are Encounter-Based- While Namco HAS done seamless encounters they didn’t just ‘go for it’ with this game. Apparently, after testing out gameplay they decided against using some type of seamless or in-world encounter system, so battles will be fought in their own spaces like many of the older games.

Namco Aims for a Worldwide Release- Namco has stated they’re aiming to release this in the East and the West as close together as possible and hopefully at the exact same time. News about the game will also be more evenly distributed.

Arise is a Standalone Title- They have also confirmed that Arise doesn’t take place in a world connected directly to any previous Tales world, so while they look a lot like them, Shionne isn’t Lailah nor is Alphen related to the Kresnik clan. This is all a new place. In addition the game isn’t being planned around having a sequel or prequel or anything of that nature either, so attention will be fully focused on this on game.

2D Elements Used in the Story- While no details have been shared, they did comment on the use of animated video, as in the Tales intro movies and also 2D storytelling, as per skits. They will be in the game, the only question is what new ideas they might have for them.

Arise will be on Steam- Despite using the Unreal Engine 4 there has been no mention of the Epic Games store at all. Trailers all show the Steam logo in the list of platforms, so the game is slated for release on Steam if you’re getting the PC version.

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