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is somebody here a spriter? or rips sprites? i want to get the sprites of a game called ACS (Act Cadenza Strife) that has a lot of Tales of characters, and i tried with a program, but doesn't work, i only get empty files with nothing
If anyone intersted here these ones:
ToS - Playful in Palmacosta by 47ness
Namco Tales series: Genis Sage vs Rita Mordio by EliHedgie95
Tales: Genis giving cooking tips to Rita by KawaiiStorm
I want to do a tales of abyss roleplay. 

my oc Serena will either

A: Fall in love with Jade
B: Be a little sister to jade (about 7 years old)
C: Jade will be a foster father to Serena (she will find her at 6months old and raise her as his own)
I made a Sheena pic if anyone's interested

Sheena Fujibayashi by WrittenTale
let me just let out a howl of enjoyment for letting me join the group. im a big big fan of the pupper repede and collect just about everything i can of him. i am looking to get more, so if anyone has any cool puppy repede or adult repede items, merch, badges, plushies or such let me know! even official merch im looking for too.
Thanks for requesting my artwork!