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We encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. We look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. To ensure this level of quality, we have judges who consider all these things, and let only the pieces they deem up to snuff through to the gallery. The purpose of this is to push our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and to provide our readers with high quality literature to read.

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We are a selective literature group; not all submissions make it through, and we ask you to be understanding of this. A declined piece is not a bad piece; it's just not what the judges perceive to be exceptional.

While we welcome open dialogue, harassment or abuse of admins will not be tolerated.
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Gila River Blues
So, we can depose this,
now that the clouds have gone.
They spread out like smoke clears the lawn.
I never really knew you,
but I feel I had .
If not for the things we did,
then the things we’d never have.
The water’s come up, now,
and it covers every inch of land.
It comes up to my knees,
because I’m too afraid to stand.
What will I see there, behind the fence,
which rises like the broken hand
of righteousness?
I’ve got to away from here;
this is not what I’m left.
But like two mourning doves,
we’ve come back to stand
in the silence of what we’d had.
The soil is settled and the wood reclaimed,
but the memory will remain
for another century or so.
Even the river dries,
and loses every trace of itself,
but what the river did remains
in your bones, in your way.
:iconch-ch-cherry:Ch-Ch-Cherry 1 1
~ It's cold where the soldier sleeps ~
It's cold where the soldier sleeps,
this unknown man can finally rest.
No one will know the secret he keeps!
No one can hear the maiden who weeps,
nor the raging fire that burns in her breast.
It's cold where the soldier sleeps!
Brave as a lion, towards the enemy he leaps;
amongst his comrades he was the best.
No one will know the secret he keeps!
No one is there to see the wind that sweeps
these dying roses left to adorn his crest.
It's cold where the soldier sleeps!
Deep within his bones a familiar fear creeps;
one small mistake that ended his quest.
No one will know the secret he keeps!
His spirit roams around uncharted deeps,
there the Shadow awaits his new guest.
It's cold where the soldier sleeps;
no one will know the secret he keeps.
:iconpeppercookie:Peppercookie 2 1
I forgot how to swim
 blue whales sleep outside my window,
Waiting for me to come Home.
But I've outgrown mermaid fins,
   realized oceans
Have been feeling more like anchors.
I can see you in the Dock of my driveway
But please don't cast the line.
 The sharks won't sleep,
a tsunami is coming,
and my insurance doesn't cover Floods
It's raining.
And for once the storm can't calm me.
Thunder sounds a lot like your Heartbeat
and my pillow doesn't block out the sound.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 12 2
Beneath the injury,
the infection,
there was joy
that was.
I have spent so much time
preoccupied with the tragedy
that created this wound,
that I forgot
the glorious time before...
the landscape,
the company,
the adventure.
I want to remember.
I want to stop
picking this scab
so it will heal.
Yes, it will leave a scar,
a remembrance of what
I survived and loved.
:iconcerealnovels:cerealnovels 5 6
I Never Knew His Smile
I Never Knew His Smile
I never knew his smile,
His laugh or even the colour of his eyes,
But I’d like to think he would have smiled more often than I do.
That he would have laughed at grandpa’s nonsense jokes –
The ones we’ve all heard at every family gathering
For the last thirty years,
The ones we think are lame and boring and beg him not to tell in company –
I think he would have laughed at those;
Even if just so grandpa didn’t feel bad or stupid,
Or unloved –
Because God forbid anyone ever feel unloved like mummy did all her life;
I love you mommy,
With all my little heart that beat inside you until the day it stopped –
He would never have felt unloved,
My little angel boy.
Never have ever felt like I have all my life –
Like one wrong word would cause mommy to stop loving him,
Or that he had to do extraordinary feats to earn the love that oozes from my soul
Just for him and him alone –
Because I know
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 9
the monster in this one was you
It starts at my Grandmother's house.
at a Wedding a forced proposal
The groom with shady intentions and an eye for notes in minor.
and I can't stop the music from being played.
I look to the backyard
and see you among the Guests.
You're older now with newer eyes,
but very much alive.
this is where the screaming starts
You see me
 and the sun rises in your smile.
you run towards me; I fall to my knees,
  reaching out to hold You
I wake up.
Arms aching,
from the emptiness where you were supposed to Be.
                                  i swear it was like losing you all over again
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 11 5
I Can't
I Can't
I just can't
I can't breath
I can't think
I'm suffocating
Being Crushed
By Your expectations
By Your opinions
I can't
I just can't anymore
I can't stay with you
Not anymore
I have someone who wants me
Who loves me fore me
Now I can
Now I can be me.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 4 2
Bang Bang Bang
A complex beat in my head
Fills my life with color
As I listen to the music
A sweat hum
As strings fill the air
Romantic for me
Annoying to others
Walking, never alone
As I listen to music
Other voices in my head
Telling their stories as a song
A simple beat
Words from the heart
From a computer
And my voice and mind.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 4 2
My worries melt in your smile
My worries they are many
My worries grow
As I'm with more people
More bodies around me
But you are different
With your smooth words
Your kind eyes
You smile wider than ever
They seem to melt
These worries of mine
As your smile takes them
And set me free
:iconjundshard:JundShard 4 6
To the mists of time
I am forgotten again
None to remember
Who or what I am or did
Forgotten to time again
:iconjundshard:JundShard 6 5
Forbidden Love
We cannot be together
So says society
So says some family
So says old 'friends'
We can be together
So says us
So says nature
So says our true friends
We cannot be together
It is sin
It isn't natural
Its just plain wrong
We can be together
It is love
It is natural
It is perfectly right
Our forbidden love
Is hard every day
But we make it
As our love
The pair of two men
Becomes accepted.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 5 10
That's Not Confidence
they have to tell you
about how great they are
tossing your thoughts askew
That’s not confidence
they’ll never throw
a compliment your way
it’s such a hard blow
That’s not confidence
they can’t stand
to see you smile
your happiness is banned
That’s not confidence
they love to make
you feel guilty of you
tight throats will ache
That’s not confidence
yet you’re brave enough
to survive the narcissism
even when it’s tough
That’s confidence
:iconafterloon:Afterloon 2 4
Witching Hour ~ Free-For-All Poetry Contest
Diamond-like dust in the night sky were glinting and gleaming.
Coyotes and foxes in the woods were yowling and howling.
Twas the time of witching hour,
Its eerie ambience made people cower.
Down the ill-lit silent street, I swiftly walked.
Anxiety kicked in as if I were stalked.
A rustle from the woods caught my attention.
Suddenly, it went up to eleven- the tension...!
In the woods was a pair of glowing green eyes.
Two haunting emerald orbs that had me hypnotised.
It simply stood there, gaze fixated on me.
The voice in my head screamed at me to flee!
But for some ominous reason,
My feet, to their owner, committed treason-
They wouldn’t freakin’ budge!
They wouldn’t move even if I give them a nudge!
Those eyes... had me mesmerised...
I was completely immobilised.
Out of fascination or was it fear?
It wouldn’t matter as it was coming near...!
My heart felt trapped in my chest- oh, I was absolutely petrified!
Tears ran down my cheeks as
:iconthatlovelylady:ThatLovelyLady 2 4
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The deadline is August 1st, 2018. Please see the accompanying journal to your right for more details.

Our New Group Contest is OFFICIALLY Underway! 

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