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Asari frigates by Taleeze Asari frigates by Taleeze
Two asari frigates exercising manoeuvres in some planetary orbit.

The standard asari vessels derive from this shape with more or less top and lower structures added. The centre of the hull is dominated by the trademark asari tube shape engine arrangement. I made this picture for :iconagentshybunny: 's asari wiki project.

XPS model by nach77
BlueKosh Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
I like the shape of these craft, and the colours.
But what are those black/bronze bands? If it were the DA I'd think that would be windows, but on a Frigate? Assuming the size is roughly equivalent to the Normandy...
Also, I just don't buy that the hole/tube is the engine. Not if the Asari have the same kind of eezo core propulsion system as everyone else. If form follows function, what would be the function of it? I suppose it could be their shuttle bay. It does look very stylish though.
Do these have weapons?
Taleeze Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
The bands are some weird "lights", not windows. It is a feature that comes on many vessels in ME, even the Normandy has such areas. don't know what that really is, ask an asari ship engineer, haha.

as for the drive. Remember how the Normandy is built? It has thrusters and the core is just that thing inside. it has nothing to do with the thrusters, it's a different piece. Like  the "Event Horizon" design really (where Bioware took this from tbh) that tube is a two way thruster, some energy field tube, creating plasma jets to accelerate or decelerate the craft. It indeed is an engine feature.

It is armed, yes, typical GARDIAN equipment alongside missile launchers and torpedo tubes, built into the wings. 
Browncoat1969 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
If I remember correctly the "lights" are basically large radiator panels used to discharge heat from the ship.
I always figured the tube housed hangars and docking stations for smaller ships similar to the flight pods on a Battlestar from BSG, keeping all of that inside the armored hull would certainly make sense on a warship.
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