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[FANMADE] Sonic Skyline Page 01

I hope this is okay to post, but I drew a fanmade version of the amazing Drawloverlala's: AU Sonic Skyline! :D

Aww Man! As soon as I saw the designs and the comic she did and the story written by  WickedlyElphie, I instantly fell in love with this Universe!! xD It's so awesome! lol.

I wanna atleast draw up to the end of chapter 1.5! lol

If you want to check out the story it's here:…

And Drawloverlala's art and descriptions for it are here:…

It's soo good! (I should probably stop being a fanboy right now... xD)

I kinda want to talk about this page a bit before I end things. Since the beginning tells a backstory, I wanted to show Sonic doing his thing before the flashback, so this page is used as the first page. (If you look at Drawloverlala's comic, I sort of went backwards lol.) 

Also, I really wanted to make this look as real comicbook-like as I could, so I added the title of the chapter and the credits underneath it. xD

Drawing this was sooo much fun!! 

EDIT: I changed the coloring to make it more like the other pages and fixed the writter to writer! :D

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Can I dub this for my YT I will credit and leave link to your art

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Great work. Is there a way to download the full comic by any chance? I'd love to read this on the go.

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Wow ~! This is amazing!

may I ask you some questions:

1) how did you make the comic ?

2) what program or app did you use ?

3) how did you make the pages looks so pretty & colorful ?

the reason why I’m asking is because I want to make a sonic comic of my own & i‘m new at it .... I really look up to your comic / art style so I was wondering if I could ask, since you seem to have more experience in all this .

sorry if I sound rude ....

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so skyline sonic and run on air?
If I may ask, can I upload this comic to my channel? 
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Is this comic still going? Where can you read it?
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can I translate your comics?
MegaMauricio's avatar
SonikkuEkkusu's avatar
I'm surprised there's no animation for this.
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totally gonna turn this into a future comic drama :) with your permission of course
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Ok, what is Sonic skyline? I get its a fan made thing, but WHAT is it?
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That. Is. Adorable.
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Mind if me and my Friends make a Dub out of this? We'll give you credit!

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Sure! just be sure to give credit to wickedlyelphie (the writer) and Drawloverlala (the Creator)! :)
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I'll make sure to tell SuperShadicX250 when I send the Comic to her/him!
By the way, you 3 make a great team! The artwork is so adorable, the story is interesting, and I can't wait to see this along with her version of the story be fully done!
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DAMN there is a Sonic Skyline comic and I never heard of it?

cool style X3
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This looks like something out of the Archie comics because of how well drawn and coloured it is! Shiny La la in love 
Tale-Dude's avatar
Really? Wow! Thanks :D
DredgeTH's avatar
This looks truly magnificent... just wow.
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Keep it up, Tale!
TimeturnerJasmy's avatar
Aaaah thanks so much for doing this! I'm in love with this AU and I can't believe someone is making a comic!:dummy:
ULTRA-Z0NE15's avatar
Omg,yes!thank you!!
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