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I would that I could drink you;
The coolest, sweetest water,
so refreshing that it makes my
mouth seem only further
I wish that I could watch you;
Day and night, every breath
and step, every expression when
you think that no one is
I want to listen to you;
Every lie, every bland observation,
your questions, your speeches,
the private thoughts inside your
If only I could see you;
From head to toe, every eye-lash,
every gesture, each color in
your eyes, every scar, every blemish, every
I want that I should know you;
Every word, every whisper, every
sigh, each memory burried,
each thought repressed, each
and every regret that you have ever
I would that I could touch you;
Brush your heart with my lips,
your mind with my words;
That I could wipe away your tears
and open your eyes;
That I could share breath with you,
revive the life within you.
I wish that my tears would
bring you back to me, that
you would love me.
I wish that you could see
The closest thing to a love poem I've ever written, even though it's not a love poem. The title... well, I'm not really a stalker, and the person it's mainly about I couldn't possible stalk. It kinda spooked my spoken word class though, and made them think about stalkers. I have yet to get rid of all the cliches I used, so any help you might offer in pointing them out is greatly appreciated.

PS, the person this is about nobody would ever guess (except maybe my Kitty), and they would never guess that this is about them.
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