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My love for a Lovely Lady
Do you believe in True love?
Where you\'re willing to take any bad,
for all the good, that is to come?
Willing to sacifice any wants,
for the overall need, for the
joy you can get for just being there.
This is what i have for you,
not just Love, and caring...
But true love, for you
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Feeling your heart being pulled, and kept
and you are willing to let them keep it?
To dream of meeting again,
to the Need of seeing them again?
The joy of seeing each other, even for a second?
This is what i saw, when i was with you...
I can\'t get you out of my mind
and i do not want you to leave my dreams
Do you believe in Forever?
where you meet for 3 hours
and you know that is not long enough
Where you want to be with the,
day in and day out, not letting go
and not being let go
This is how long i want to be with you
This, and more, wraped in each other\'s arms
and not letting anything Past out love
I have no Right to ask you to stay,
And i know your reasons for goin
:icontalauna:talauna 0 1
Its my bag
It's my bag
Full of my thing\'s
the good and bad
I carry it around,
and it reminds me
everyone has one like this
I take everything I have,
and stowed it away,
everything can fit
my bag, small
portable, useful,
I never let it go
It's my bag
it fits me,
It match\'s me
this is, from
my bag, it
wants let out
come, ask of
my bag, ill
show you what\'s all there
my Bag,
my Ego,
my Memories,
My, Heart
My bag
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0
For you From me
Out upon, the loanly road
With the sun setting, tossing
A shadowly figure affront of me
I consider, I cry...
Why do I stop my self
Curled up in a ball, cold
Can I ever go back?
I shiver, I dream...
Oh, Dream, of what it
Would have been like, like to
Not miss, being with you
I sleep, oh, please
Doint let me wake...
Out upon, a forest trail,
Joyful song\'s cry out, around
Water falling from my closed eyes
I think, I hurt...
How much have I missed
Walking by my self, alone
How much have I left behind
I wonder, I weep
Oh, Pain, Please go away
Banish the noisy cry, that strike
Me deep, deeper then my
Heart, oh please
Am I the only one alone...
Out upon, a foggy path,
Rocks around me, Unforgiving
The world has turned into this
I feel, I worry
Have you followed me
are you a day behind, searching
do I imagine ghosts behind
I sit, I wait...
I wait, for you,
I made the mistakes...
Will you find it,
In your warm heart to forgive?
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0
Restraunt and Bussness by talauna Restraunt and Bussness :icontalauna:talauna 0 0 First Try-Parking Lot by talauna First Try-Parking Lot :icontalauna:talauna 0 0
Without Love
Away from you
Your eye\'s, Percing
though me, and
hurting me
Away from us
Out hearts, pumping
sweet blood, and
flowing hot
Always willing to Take,
what i am so willing,
to give without
a worry
Away from hate
Hateing without
reserve, never
holding back
Away from love
Loveing within
boundries, Always
comeing back
Never willing to Give
back what you have,
taken coldly without
a care
Away from Sadness
Sinking deep
Inside me,
covering me
Away from Joy
Shining out
of me,
Fleeing me
Now I\'m,
without, me
and without
:icontalauna:talauna 0 3
Out upon the midnight sea\'s
I float upon the tides of time
never directing the way i go
but always a place to Flow
Up on the daylight wind\'s
I fly up into the breeze of fate
Gust\'s buffering my wing\'s
trying to glide to my goal
As I reach my goal, a flash of light
oh so bright is this light
i try to turn, but Turn i not
Then the Darkness......
Out and in, The void of space
Roaming free at the end\'s of time
Seeking the Fruits of my goal
and then I see, on the Horizon...
Oh, so Wonderful, this is that is it
I have Found \"it\", and now im happy
Holding \"it \" close, and Embraceing \"it\"
Then I notice, More then a \"it\"... Her
We float in the dead of space
oh happy we have found
this is what we want, and
This is what we Found
Fighting Time, and Fate
We, Me and Her, will never give up
:icontalauna:talauna 0 1
Fumbleing my Way
Looking Around
With nothing to do
waiting for someone
just like you
Going about
Finding my own way
Trying to find
Traces of you
Many befriended
With them all taken
still im searching
just for you
Still searching
with heart too full
full of love
Waiting for you
And here you are
and like before
here with me
but not for me
But maybe you are?
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0
Footmans War
Footman\'s war
I See it
Before me
A swarm of them
A hoard of Axes
Spear\'s and swords
I feel it
Around me
A eratic Emotion
a Liquid Fear
of Death and loss
I taste it
in the air
the Tension Riseing
a thick accent
a War brewing
I hear it
A calm breeze
across the land
the rustle of banners
and groaning of leather
The Commander
Forward he Shouts
The Plan Set\'s amotion
This unit or that
confounding to a extream
and a wonder in the works
But all that matters
to this Lowly Footman
is To cut, Slash, and Stab,
and Stay alive
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0
Out I go
For one
That i need
Here I am
And All i Find
Is No one
For The Want
Out I go
For someone
That I need
Here i am
and all i have
Is my hands
Empty of Warmth
Out i go
For Someone
Where are they?
Here i am
And all i Want
and nouthing
to show for it
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0
Fun Love
Fun Love
A kiss, so sweet
upon the lip\'s
ahh, the sugery
Lip\'s, so moist
they are, So wet
A lick, so tantizing
upon the neck
ohh, the sleak
neck, so tickish
it is, so fun
A moan, a kiss
a groan, a lick
The fun of love
A squeeze, so needed
upon the chest,
ohh, the perky
chest, so round
they are, so fun
A caress, so loved,
upon the mound,
ahh, the slippery
mound, so wonderful
it is, So wet
A gasp, a squeeze
a purr, a caress
Love is fun
:icontalauna:talauna 0 1
Phear My Puppy by talauna Phear My Puppy :icontalauna:talauna 4 5
Bounce Bounce
there i go
off the wall
down the hall
Bounce Bounce
where i go?
for the mail
to the mail
Bounce Bounce
here i go!
in the water
splashy water!
Bounce Bounce
there he go
follow follow!
around the falls
Bounce Bounce
where he go
Search search!
the trail we go!
Bounce Bounce
here he is
here we are
and there we go!
:icontalauna:talauna 0 2
I can tell
this is
going to be...
why cant i
say what's
is comeing to me?
i fell the
buring cold
strike me deeply
why cant i
feel what's
the deep hurt inside?
i am coated
in frozen
feeling, so cold...
why can i
say that
i am alone?
i feel my
skin freezing
from the tears
why can i
fell the
fushing like a tide
oh so cold
the ice, always there
always apart
of me and
from me
:icontalauna:talauna 0 2
Hidden in the ice
Hidden in the ice
Where am i now?
All this white
All this cold
All this Hidding
Memory floods
So painful
So powerful
So sweet
it's wonderful
it's wrong
Why am i here?
Deep into darkness
Deep into ice
Deep into sorrow
Memory fades
Going back
Going away
Going, Fleeing
The Blinding pain
The Clencling cold
What is hidden?
Away in Memory's
Away in past
Away in future
Memory flashes
Like a flame
Like a feavor
Like a feeling
A hidden flame
A hidden lust
What is this?
all is melting
all is pooling
all is seeping
Memory Returnes
There happy
There bright
There wonderful
Please Help me
Please Burn the ice
Please let me free
Please Love ME!
:icontalauna:talauna 0 3
Watch it
Touch it
Taste it
Oh so
Joyful Snow
Let it
:icontalauna:talauna 0 0


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Michael D Parker Jr
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Canton, Ohio, Usa
Favourite genre of music: Rock/techno
Favourite style of art: Line Art
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
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Shell of choice: Kernal
Wallpaper of choice: CatGirls
Favourite cartoon character: Valkyre's of any type
Personal Quote: Give a coin to the headman, Jest to the crowd, And fall with a smile
One thing i hate about summer, too damn hot and notuing to do...

wait that's 3 thing's.. blah  umm... two...

DOINT mind me, close to kneeling over and dieing...

i shall be back with a poem or ... well a poem hopefully....


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Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire deviant life, that there's something wrong with the story. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

Take: The Red Pill
Take: The Blue Pill

Fella Point Right spyed, nobody has ever done this before.
Ninja Point Right I know. That's why it's going to work.

Do not try and bend the spoon ...
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