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Sinnoh Sports Team logos

The fourth set is finally complete of my rather ambitious project I set for myself (which is even more ambitious for me cause of my track record of not completing some projects I start). In case you're wondering what this project is I talk of, I am currently creating logos based on a pokemon gym, the city it's in, and one of the pokemon used in the gym. I'm working my way through each region in the order of the games which is: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. I was hoping to have these done in time for the release of Pokemon X and Y, but that didn't happen. I'm going to continue doing these logos though, and even expand it to include the gyms from X and Y. 

I had a tough time and a fun time doing these logos. Some of them hit the mark, some need a revision. As it is any revisions I have planned won't be happening till after I'm finished with each region. 

The Roses and the Crashers were my favourite two to make out of all of these logos. The Roses were a challenge that I set myself but trying some different things I hadn't before, while the Crashers just seemed to work real easy. These two different reasons are why I like them both. 

Once again I want to thank :iconalealiakitsune: for listening to my problems on the series and giving my great feedback about it. It is really appreciated :)

You can check out the logos individually here

Logo design done in Illustrator
All characters and names belong to Nintendo
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My favourite city is Canalave but my favourite pokemon is Luxray. Hmm... Who do I choose?