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Hoenn Sports Team logos

The third set is finally complete of my rather ambitious project I set for myself (which is even more ambitious for me cause of my track record of not completing some projects I start). In case you're wondering what this project is I talk of, I am currently creating logos based on a pokemon gym, the city it's in, and one of the pokemon used in the gym. I'm working my way through each region in the order of the games which is: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. I was hoping to have these done in time for the release of Pokemon X and Y, but with two regions to go and two days till the game is released it's not going to happen which is disappointing. I'm going to continue doing these logos though, and even expand it to include the gyms from X and Y.

For this set I ran into similar problems I had with the previous two sets I made. Workflow and design problems still appeared. Colour selection was also a problem. And now after looking at all the logos in this set, red an yellow were used quite a bit more than I would of liked. Ofcourse going by the rules I set for myself and using the colours of the pokemon in question led to this so it's not a problem. But I still don't like an overuse of one set of colours. It might be something I can rectify in future sets by planning out things a bit more. However I'm not going to hamper myself by choosing something that doesn't work over something that does.

The Dynamos and Aces were my favourite two to make out of all of these logos. They were a challenge to make and I like the result I got for them.

Overall I'm happy with these logos, but I think the colour selection is just going to continue to bug me when it shouldn't. It might be something I come back to after the project is done and have another crack at.

Once again I want to thank :iconalealiakitsune: for listening to my problems on the series and giving my great feedback about it. It is really appreciated :)

You can check out the logos individually here

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These are absolutely amazing :). If you could buy these like sports shirts i would definitely do it and catch ´em all, only thing i would have like to seen was a Lunatone aswell on the Mossdeep City logo