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Mikagaru Miamatzu of the Rock by takuya36diablo Mikagaru Miamatzu of the Rock by takuya36diablo
This is Mikagaru of the Rock, belonging to :iconchavias: . I should've put him on the pic with the other rock village ninjas I was working on, but I wasn't thinking straight at the time. I tried to get him as close as I could to a 16 yr. old appearance as I could, so here it is.

Here's a bit of info from his bio:
Name: Mikagaru Miamatzu
Age: looks 16
Birthday: October 1st
Gender: Male
Chakra Nature: Unknown (Secretly all elements, but mainly earth)

Country: Earth Country
Villiage: Hidden Rock Village (Missing Nin)
Rank: ???
Specialty: Random Close Range/Long Range-Combat, Earth Jutsu

0-none; 1-low; 2-medium; 3-high; 4-master; 5-legend
Genjutsu = 4
Ninjutsu = 5
Taijutsu = 3

(NOTE: I will be changing the story.)

History/Bio: A long time ago, the nine-tailed fox (NTF) attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. Little did Konaha know, the Red Kyuubi had a secret that has never been told. During the early stages of the human race, the tailed beast were created. The NTF was created to be the strongest out of the nine, but there was a malfuntion during it's creation. There was too much chakra packed into the Kyuubi, so it coughed up a second nine-tailed...a yellow NTF. Over the century, they always fought for the rank of the true NTF, and the Yellow Kyuubi won most of the time. The red NTF wanted the yellow's chakra, but he couldn't find a way, until he learned/created a new justu, The Forbbiden Sealing Jutsu. The Red NTF found out that if he could seal the yellow NTF inside him, he could use his chakra. Usually it would require a sacrafice, but he had the power to do so.

So he finally did seal the yellow NTF within him, but for some reason he couldn't channel the yellow's chakra, so he kept it a secret. Back the the attacking of the leaf village. The red NTF used so much chakra during that battle, that his chakra burned off the seal, releasing the yellow NTF but in a random location. It appeared a couple hundred miles outside the hidden rock village. It's goal was to destroy the red NTF, and he could feel the red Kyuubi's chakra, and he had to cross through the rock village to get to him. So he started heading towards it, leaving a path of destruction behind him, because that's his nature. Halfway towards the rock village, the red NTF had already been sealed.

The Hidden Rock's shinobi outside their village saw the yellow ntf coming and the destruction it caused. Desprate, they asked Konoha for help, knowing that they sealed the red kyuubi. Konoha declined, due to the great loss of shinobi, but they did give them the knowledge of the sealing jutsu. The rock village couldn't use a normal human though, because they knew the seal would break easily. They needed a newborn with not one, but two kekkei genkais. The village's clans with kekkei genkai weren't strong enough, so they asked Konoha for their Uchiha's DNA, but they declined, saying those clan's DNA is sacrete. The rock village were forced to steal their DNA. They got the Uchiha's DNA from unknown sources (possibly Itachi), and they had the Hyuuga's DNA since the very start of the clan.

So they used a forbidden justu to insert the DNA into an infant that was ready to be born, and a shinobi for a sacrafice. When the yellow NTF reached the rock village, they immidiately sealed the beast into a boy, and named him "Mikagaru". The boy became a genin by the age of seven and a Chunnin at nine. On one of his missions, he encountered a very powerful enemy, rumoured to be one of the Akatsuki. The enemy killed all of his teammates and sensei, and that enraged the boy causing the yellow NTF's chakra slipped through and drove away the enemy then collapsed. Within his body he encountered the Yellow Kyuubi (while unconsious). The yellow NTF talked to him and told him of his origin and meaning of existance. He wanted to destroy the Red Kyuubi. So implied that they team up and look for him, and Mikagaru agreed. But in order to do so, he had to leave his village, and so he did. He also said it would take a while to find him, so he would keep up Mikagaru's youth with his charkra. Over the years he learned lots of jutsu and learned what his kekkei genkai was and named it "Sharikugan". He searched throughout the continent on his own but still couldn't find it. To this very day, he looks for him...

Naruto by Kishimoto

Mikagaru Miamatzu by :iconchavias:

Art by me
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chikadee34 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist
neat perspective! :D
takuya36diablo Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks Chika! it doesn't look a little weird to you?
Chavias Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
Awesome! You really nailed it. Good Job man! I really need to change that bio, lol.
takuya36diablo Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Really, then I'm glad you like it. Thanks! :XD: What did you want to change?
Chavias Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
No problem man :). I wanted 2 drop the whole Yellow Nine Tailed Fox thing. I'm still working on his new background.
takuya36diablo Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, I gotcha. let me know what you change it to and I'll change this one. :thumbsup:
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