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Lightning God Zuma by takuya36diablo Lightning God Zuma by takuya36diablo
One of Zuma's strongest jutsus, the Shisumi Art: Lightning God Gaitou Jutsu.

Name: Zuma Shisumi            Age: 16                Rank: Chuunin

Village: Konoha/Konohagakure

Likes: Armor, exploding batteries, all sorts of electrical devices, sour foods and drinks, spending money on girls he likes, working on new fighting combinations, and working on his weaknesses.

Dislikes: Overeating, cats, stuck up girls, foggy days, dark forests, cheap and worn armor, having people repeat themselves, and practicing on skills he's already worked on.

Bio: As a genin, he made a pact with the Ace Falcon Squadron, a flock of shinobi falcons that rule the winds of the northern region. At his current rank, he has been able to summon 4 different types of falcons. When Zuma was younger, he was often picked on by 6 bullies. They would always tease him about how his ancestors migrated to Konoha and about he and his clan not belonging in Konoha. However, Zuma would never fight back, no matter how far they pushed him. He would simply turn around and go on with his business. Whenever he wanted to calm himself down or practice using his lightning, he would pull out a pouch of batteries. After overloading the batteries using his clan's lightning ability, he then threw them into the air to explode. As a result of exploding batteries for so long, it had become more of a hobby. It has also become a weapon he uses from time to time.

Clan: The Shisumi clan was founded when Sakayou, a cloud village ninja possessing powerful lightning jutsu, was falsely accused of killing a nobleman. He escaped capture, but hunter ninja were sent on a mission to capture, interrogate, then kill his fiancee. Sakayou was informed, by his closest friend, of the hunter ninjas' mission. Legend has it, in a desperate attempt to save his fiancee, he fled to the Temple of the Lightning God to ask the lightning god to lend lend him it's power. Converting his body to pure electricity, he began to soar through the lightning above the clouds. Sakayou arrived at the cabin before the hunter ninja were able to return to the village with his fiancee. After an effortless fight, the two of them fled to Konoha. Years passed, their clan grew, and so on.
Clan Ability: The Shisumi clan is known for their powerful lightning jutsu. Most of the shinobi of this clan have learned how to create their own original lightning jutsu. Their lightning based jutsu are stronger than that of the usual lightning based jutsu.

Naruto belongs to

Zuma and art belongs to Me
EmeraldHearts Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, that is amazing. D< ♥ Really nice job with the design there. Also, I find his dislike of stuck-up girls funny. xD

Aaand sorry I never usually comment, but I miss you~ :hug: Hi!
takuya36diablo Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Eme, I'm trying to get used to this tablet. lol Tried to put a little of myself in my main ocs. XP

Hey, it's understandable. We all have different things going on now, we just have to find our way back here every now and then. I missed you too. We had some awesome memories going on DA. :hug:
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