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Kumo the Undefeatable by takuya36diablo Kumo the Undefeatable by takuya36diablo
Another old drawing, recently colored. I believe I put 2 of these kumo ocs in my gallery already. Yep.… I don't have all of the information for 3 of the 5 ocs, so I'll update this the moment I get to go on leave. Starting from the bottom to the top:

Name: Enei Korigawa a.k.a. E (the girl in purple)        DOB: May 16th

Age: 17         Rank: Chuunin

Village: Kumogakure/Cloud Village

Likes: Kickboxing, working on her precision, crushes on Kubai [Koo•buy] and Mambu [Mom•boo], and she loves designing.

Dislikes: Guys flirting with her or bothersome guys period, not being able to come up with new designs, being screwed over or taken advantage of, being injured, and people interfering with her fights.

Personality: Flirty around Kubai and Mambu, eager to train, she's self-reliant, impatient when it comes to fighting, and she spazzes out when she thinks about or sees new designs.

Info: (It's kind of obvious now, but...) She's had a crush on Kubai and Mambu since they were in the ninja academy. She lacks the ability to manipulate chakra (including the nature and shape of the chakra), but she is able to use the most basic of chakra use. Such as channeling chakra and applying it to her eyes, hands, feet, and any other body part she wishes. She is known for her powerful kicks, chakra embedded attacks,kickboxing skills, and using high speed taijutsu to quickly finish off her enemies. Enei also has the ability to channel her chakra into her eyes to increase the range of her vision, making her a decent tracking ninja. She lives with her uncle and hates going on missions lower than C-ranked missions. She believes them to be a waste of her time and she feels like it could be time she could use to think of new designs or train.

Name: To-Ran Togagiro (The huge fella in the brown hoodie)            DOB: Oct. 14th

Age: 18            Rank: Jonin

Village: Kumogakure/Cloud Village

Like: Children, being useful, listening rather than talking, people with a 'never give up' personality, playing ninja kickball with his brother (Kubai), being on land, and his brother and mother.

Dislikes: Cookies, hates feeling useless, infiltration missions (due to his size), using his full strength, swimming, getting lost, and breaking stuff.

Personality: To-Ran is usually calm and collective unless his friends are in dire need of help. To-Ran, the helpful, protective, quiet giant gives off a good vibe, yet he becomes easily irritated when he is on an unstable surface or when he gets lost.

Info: Both To-Ran and Kubai went through a traumatic experience when they were younger. His father (Kubai's step father) was intent on killing their mother. To-ran, always being physically stronger than his peers, pulled his father from their mom. His father turned his attention to To-Ran and began beating on him. Kubai, reacting to save To-Ran and their mother, lunged towards his stepfather. When he was finished, he realized he had beaten his stepfather's face to a bloody pulp. To-Ran was still unconscious, so he has no memory of anything that happened beyond his father hitting him, but he became aware that his brother, Kubai, began acting different. After the incident, the 2 of them became inseparable.

To-Ran is known for his giant stature and abnormal physical abilities, but is also known for his unwillingness to use them. He's a great listener, but he's normally slow to answer other people's questions. Most people are shocked to find To-Ran is not as aggressive as they thought a guy his size would be. He and Kubai are almost always together, so when Kubai goes on one of his rampages, To-Ran is always there to restrain him.

Name: Kubai (The guy with the spear)           DOB: N/A

Age: 19                Rank: Jonin

Village: Kumogakure/Cloud Village

I don't remember much of his info without the notebook. Just that his weapon of choice is a spear and one of his dislikes is the color red, which can easily cause him to spiral out of control and rampage at just the mere sight of it. The length of the rampage can vary from 2 secs to several hours depending on the situation.

Name: Mambu (The guy lunging forward with red lightning)            DOB: N/A

Age: 16 Rank: Chuunin

Village: Kumogakure/Cloud Village

I don't recall any of his bio. Just that he had an accident and was equipped with an armored, lightning-channeling prosthetic arm. He is a lively and energetic fellow that normally finds himself in troublesome situations due to the fact that he cannot sit still to save his life.

Name: Heiden Saidoyoshi (The white haired guy on the tower)            DOB: Dec. 12th

Age: 18            Rank: Jonin

Village: Kumogakure/Cloud Village

Like: Being prepared, fried pickles, reading, collecting eloquent things, and traveling. 

Dislikes: Germs, bland or tasteless things, when people ignore plans, spending money, and morgues and graveyards.

Personality: Heiden can be considered a pretty bland and dull, but an intelligent guy. He is a great decision maker and he's not too shabby at strategizing in the moment.

Info: At the age of 12, Heiden lost both parents and his sister when the cloud village was invaded. Though the invasion was brief and quickly resolved, it was long enough to change Heiden's life forever. As a result of this experience and the brutality of the murder, he has a extreme dislike for morgues and graveyards. Heiden was taken in by the assistant of the current Raikage and was put through the ninja academy. Although he and Kubai don't really see eye to eye, Heiden considers Kubai and the rest of his peers to be valuable in his life. He excels in swordsmanship, summoning jutsus, and genjutsus. However, the key factor that led him to obtain the rank of jonin so quickly is his ability to assess a situation quickly and decide on a strategy, in which his teammates act on accordingly (well, normally).

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto OC's by Me
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