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Joki Kemuri of the Blaze by takuya36diablo Joki Kemuri of the Blaze by takuya36diablo
Okay guys, I drew these a while ago and luckily I was able to color them before the computer went crazy. So I figured I would go ahead and submit them. I'm finally putting up the fully colored versions and their profiles, so you can read them if you're interested. Oh yeah, the blaze village emblem is in the background.


Name: Jōki Kemuri (Jōki means steam and kemuri means smoke. I like how they sound together.)

Age: 13

DOB: January 6th

Rank: Genin

Village: Honoogakure/Blaze Hidden in the Village

Likes: The hotsprings, helping her family at their seafood restaurant, tea, smoking (at age 16), her 4 messenger lobsters, sit-ups, and she takes pride in the tattoos each of her team members received.

Dislikes: People asking her why she smokes (age 16), feeling fat, cold water, having to go out and buy ingredients for her parents (a young girl always challenges her to a duel while she fetches the ingredients), people mimicing her, she hates going against ninja with a lightning nature, clone jutsus, and busy days at family restaurant.

Special Weapon: 2 curved serrated blades.

Profile: Jōki is the daughter of a restaurant owner and a renowned kunoichi of the blaze village. Bearing her motherís genes, she has immunity to the poisoning and side effects of most chemicals, pollutants, or any other harmful substances. This ability causes her problems at times considering she may be one of the few shinobi capable of entering certain areas or taking on certain tasks. Both she and her mother are the only people outside of the Terranouda clan that exhibit these traits. Being well-informed in the depth of her immunity, Jōki developed her very own chakra release. Using her innate ability to combine her fire and water chakra, Jōki created steam release, haze release (designed to distort the enemyís vision and slow their movements), and smoke release (a more fatal version of her haze release, created with the help of her cigarettes). She begins smoking at the age of 16, claiming it helps her relax when bored, but she would normally smoke when she was alone and would quickly put it out when approached by her teammates. However, this lead to the idea of boosting the effects of her haze release with the cigarettes, resulting in the creation of her smoke release. If she isnít helping her father with their seafood restaurant, she could be found near the river or near the ocean, swimming with her messenger lobsters. She is known for her offensive language when angered and she takes pride in the tattoos her and her teammates got to symbolize their everlasting friendship.

-------Quick Notes-------
:bulletred:I decided to develope this village to the fullest. Referred to as the Village Hidden in the Blaze, Blaze Village, or Honoogakure and is lead by the Furēkage. The village's millitary strength is one to be reckoned with and lies safely between several wastelands and volcanoes.

:bulletred:This village specializes in weapon crafting and fire and earth style jutsus. Hijouken is a jutsu taught to and used by most ninja in this village. This jutsu intensifies the core temperature of the user, channeling the heat to the surface of their skin. The heat becomes so intense that the user is engulfed in flames. This can be used for defensive or offensive purposes.

:bulletred:The Blaze Village has a limitless supply of Vernadite, an extremely durable mineral that is almost impossible to break under normal circumstances. (Not a real mineral)

:bulletred:Blaze ninja have a strong resistance to fire style jutsus and hijouken can be used to completely deflect fire.

:bulletred:The blaze village assigns 4 ninja to each squad.

My Blazing Spirit Wallpaper [link]

Her teammates [link] [link]

Naruto belongs Masashi Kishimoto

Jōki and art belongs to me
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