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Hauken Sirafuda Gif by takuya36diablo Hauken Sirafuda Gif by takuya36diablo
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Name: Hauken Sirafuda (Hawk·in, Sear·ruh·foo·duh)

Nickname: Hawk Eye of the Rock or Hawk.

Age: 23

Rank: He was originally a missing ninja for someone's comic, but I also made him the tsuchikage for my own purposes.) He is the tsuchikage in :iconkages-group:

Village: Iwagakure/Rock Village

Chakra Affinity: Earth, Wind, and Fire. Hey, that's the name of the rock band.

Likes: Practicing his aim, holding the title "The Rock's Best Sniper", trying to snipe the tsuchikage (it's a challenge to prove to himself that he's the world's best sniper), and chatting with whomever he considers to be his comrades.

Dislikes: Close-range fighters, having a hectic schedule, anyone trying to stop him before he reaches his goal, arguing, old people (he hates how they always looked bummed out and he says they suck his youth away), and he hates ninja trying to ambush him.

Quotes: "I have you in my sights", "I got you now", and "why do I get stuck with the boring crap?".

Info: Hauken prefers to use long range strategies rather than close combat. This allows him to have some fun with his sniping skills. He snaps on anyone that insults his goal of killing the tsuchikage and becoming the best sniper. He would waste no time to kill that person. He's extremely good at calculating the distance to his target and he has never missed a target. He's very capable of sniping while running and is also really good at predicting the enemy's movements. Once the enemy is close enough to dodge the bullets, he uses his hidden missiles and jutsus to quickly dispose of them. It is really difficult to ambush him, but he often allows the enemy to get close enough for him to use an explosive. He normally uses animals as targets.

Hauken Sirafuda (c) me

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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January 9, 2011
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