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Ai-kei Terranouda of the Blaze by takuya36diablo Ai-kei Terranouda of the Blaze by takuya36diablo
Okay guys, I drew these a while ago and luckily I was able to color them before the computer went crazy. So I figured I would go ahead and submit them. I'm finally putting up the fully colored versions and their profiles, so you can read them if you're interested. Oh yeah, the blaze village emblem is in the background.


Name: Ai-kei Terranouda

Nickname: Alpha

Age: 17

DOB:December 13th

Rank: Genin

Village: Honoogakure/Blaze Hidden in the Village

Likes: Sabotage missions, discovering fierce and new members of the Terranouda clan (subterranean clan) to make pacts with, his older brothers, silence, his kekkei genkai, looking at the village's orange glow at night, maintaining his clan, and eating vegetation and vernadite.

Dislikes: Being awake in the day, cold places, his color blindness, weak enemies, stuff with a lot of sugar, and seeing his reflection after sunrise (after sunrise, his skin becomes pale).

Profile: Ai-kei is only able to see certain colors, due to his color blindness and is 1 of the few clan members lucky enough to be gifted with a higher intelligence than the rest. He knows exactly how powerful his clan is and is determined to control their rage and keep them out of harm's way, using his abilities. He has the ability to summon his clan members to the battlefield. Ai-kei is also 1 of the few people that learned how to activate the clan's kekkei genkai, allowing him to see what the other clan members are seeing and to communicate with them telepathically. This helps him control his clan's actions and behavior. While on missions, he is able to see excellently in the dark. But during the day, he creates a corporeal clone to carry him around on its back, due to his low tolerance to sunlight (He is cocooned with any material they have on hand). If his team is fighting, his clone would disappear, waking him from his slumber and informing him of everything that has transpired. He also has a seal on the bottom of his foot that stores all of his rage and brute strength, lessening his clan features and traits and giving him a more human appearance.

Clan: The Terranouda clan consist of nocturnal, subterranean brutes that only come above ground to fight and hunt after the sun sets. They worship 2 gods, Dyota-kuta and Kyuto-dita, and are claimed to be the god of rage and wisdom. Upon sunset, these savages hunt in packs and often compete against one another to prove who amongst them is the strongest. Their bodies can breakdown most foreign substances and they have incredible strength, but lack intelligence. The average clan member has the behavior and intelligence of mere animals. There has only been a few of them that had average or beyond average intelligence. Those with a higher intelligence are normally born 30-50 years apart from one another and grow to be more independent than the others. The members gifted with higher intelligence eventually become the leaders of this clan and help manage the others' actions and behaviors. Members smart enough to figure it out, they are capable of activating their kekkei genkais. It gives the user the ability to see what the other clan members are seeing and the user can telepathically communicate with their fellow clan members. Members of the Terranouda clan appear several years younger than they actually are. When they hit 18 years of age, their bodies rapidly develop. When they turn 25 years old, their rapid development comes to a halt, slowing their aging process. Their cellular breakdown becomes 3 times slower than that of the average person. Although their aging process is significantly lowered, their ability to gain muscle mass is not faltered. Meaning as long as they eat vernadite and the vegetation in the caverns, they will continue to gain muscle.

-------Quick Notes-------
:bulletred:I decided to develope this village to the fullest. Referred to as the Village Hidden in the Blaze, Blaze Village, or Honoogakure and is lead by the Furēkage. The village's millitary strength is one to be reckoned with and lies safely between several wastelands and volcanoes.

:bulletred:This village specializes in weapon crafting and fire and earth style jutsus. Hijouken is a jutsu taught to and used by most ninja in this village. This jutsu intensifies the core temperature of the user, channeling the heat to the surface of their skin. The heat becomes so intense that the user is engulfed in flames. This can be used for defensive or offensive purposes.

:bulletred:The Blaze Village has a limitless supply of Vernadite, an extremely durable mineral that is almost impossible to break under normal circumstances. (Not a real mineral)

:bulletred:Blaze ninja have a strong resistance to fire style jutsus and hijouken can be used to completely deflect fire.

:bulletred:The blaze village assigns 4 ninja to each squad.

My Blazing Spirit Wallpaper [link]

His teammates [link] [link]

Naruto belongs Masashi Kishimoto

Ai-kei and art belongs to me
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